Jox: Treasure Hunter, Bk 1 by Cray ~ Book Review by Queue

Jox-coverTitle: Jox: Treasure Hunter, Bk 1

Author: Cray

Publisher: Class Comics

Cover Artist: Cray

Rating: 4.0 of 5 Stars

Publication Date: 04/04/2016

Length: Short Story (<15K)

Genre: Action/Adventure, Erotica, Gay Fiction



Meet JOX, a sexy ginger-haired Elf with an appetite for action and adventure. He’s a hunter of rare, elusive treasures, and perhaps most importantly, he’s a voracious bottom. JOX is on a mission to uncover the precious riches hidden in the sacred Ruins of Annunaki.

But the ruins are a treacherous place, and they are not unguarded. Plundering them won’t be easy, and JOX will have to use every skill he possesses to get past the traps, locks and ancient mystical guards.

Impossibly hung, these two very insistent guards must determine if JOX is worthy of opening the fabled chest of the ruins of Annunaki. This may be one treasure that even JOX’s bouncy bubble butt can’t accommodate.

Wonderfully written and illustrated by CRAY (The Bromance #1, Stripshow: the Collection #3), this first JOX mini comic introduces us to an exciting new character who will transport us to far off realms in search of bewildering secrets, glittering jewels, and cum-drenched adventure.

My View:

Jox: Treasure Hunter is a short mini-comic about a ginger-haired elf searching for a valuable artifact. Like almost all products from Class Comics the writing and art is top-notch. My biggest complaint is that it wasn’t long enough and was more of a tease than a complete story.

It begins with Jox finding the ruins of Annunak. The key to getting inside is a cocklock, a phallic symbol Jox has to ride until he cums. Something he does willingly and happily.

He finds the treasure inside but it’s being guarded by two sexy golden men with pierced cocks.

Jox 2

“Stop there, elf! Only those who pass the test are worthy of the legendary treasure.”

It’s not a test of the pure of heart, however, it’s one of endurance. Which means, you guessed it, submitting sexually to the guards. There’s a very hot and well-drawn double penetration scene. Jox, of course, passes the test. He opens the treasure chest and in it he finds a tiny demon-like winged creature who says he can help Jox on his quests.

I’m assuming and hoping there will be more stories for Jox.

Jox is only available at the Class Comics website.

Jox 1 Jox 3


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I would like to thank the publisher for providing me with the eARC of this title in exchange for my honest opinion.

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