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Title: Spring Fever
Author: Poppy Dennison
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Cover Artist: A.J. Corza
Genre: Contemporary


Holly Creek: Book Two

Jefferson Lee Davis, Holly Creek’s new Director of Publicity, is gearing up for the next big town event, the summer Rose Festival. The job is running smoothly, but the course of true love has hit a rocky patch. His hunky boyfriend, Sheriff Zane Yarbrough, is receiving mysterious phone calls he doesn’t want to discuss. While Jefferson Lee is blindsided by jealousy, the second shoe drops with the appearance of a handsome stranger in the small tight-knit community. Needing answers, Jefferson Lee enlists his best gal-pal Clover Crofton to help find out what secrets Zane is hiding. When they land themselves in more trouble than Jefferson Lee bargained for, he and Zane face the first big test of their relationship. Zane and Jefferson Lee must work through their trust issues if they’re going to make it as a couple, and Clover may just have a thing or two to learn herself.

Welcome to Holly Creek


Character Interview

What’s it like being the Sheriff of a small town like Holly Creek? Jefferson Lee sat down with his hunky boyfriend to find out just what it means to be a lawman in this town of quirky characters.

Jefferson Lee: I’m here today with Sheriff Zane Yarbrough to find out what a day looks like in the life of our town’s lawman.

Zane: You realize this is ridiculous, right? No one cares what I do.

Jefferson Lee: I care!

Zane: Yeah, well, that’s cause you’re…you.

Jefferson Lee: I think it’s interesting. So stop complaining and walk me through a typical day in the life of a local sheriff.

Zane: I’m not complaining. Don’t go gettin’ cranky on me.

Jefferson Lee: Did you not stop and get breakfast this morning? I told you to stop even though I had to go meet with the mayor and didn’t get to eat myself.

Zane: I ate. And Gracie sent you some fruit. I put it in the fridge.

Jefferson Lee: Oh, cool. I’ll go get it. Go ahead and start though. I’ll catch up.

Zane: Okay, so typical day. Well, it depends on where I’m working that day, I suppose. I work out of Holly Creek, which is the county seat, about 2/3 of the time. The rest is dividing between the other areas of the county. I do a lot of paperwork. Talk to folks. Really, Jefferson Lee, this is going to be one boring interview.

Jefferson Lee: Nuh huh. So tell me what type of crimes are prevalent in a small town?

Zane: You know we don’t have much crime here, other than folks talking too much.

Jefferson Lee: I know that, but our readers may not. Besides, gossip isn’t really a crime, and you should know that.

Zane: It should be.

Jefferson Lee: Considering Selma Jane is the worst offender.

Zane: You know she’s likely to read this, right?

Jefferson Lee: Uh, note to self, cut that last section. Do not offend the station secretary. Check. Now where were we? Right. Crime. What else?

Zane: Well, mostly I just worry about folks speeding. Seems silly when you think of all the serious crimes down in the city, but up here in the mountains, folks speeding can be really dangerous.

Jefferson Lee: Yes, I’m well aware of your stance on speeding. The speed limit is the limit, not the minimum.

Zane: Exactly. Other than that, it’s mostly just disturbances. You know.

Jefferson Lee: Like someone imbibing a little too much moonshine and singing in the town square.

Zane: Yeah. Like that.

Jefferson Lee: You really don’t like being interviewed, do you?

Zane: I told you I didn’t. I like to ask the questions.

Jefferson Lee: Okay, so ask me something, oh Sheriff of mine.

Zane: What really happened when you and Clover went out the other night?

Jefferson Lee: And on that note, that’s been Sheriff Zane here to tell you about life in Holly Creek. Nothing to tell here, folks. Nothing at all!


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About the Author


About the Author

PoppAuthorPicAdd two parts sass and one part sweet and you have Poppy Dennison to T—sweet tea that is. Raised by a gaggle of Southern women who love reading and have backbones of steel, Poppy was brought up to see the best in people but always speak her mind. Mix it all together, like Grandma’s famous cobbler, and you get a sassy, Southern lady with a quick wit and loads of charm, who will soften any blow with “Bless your heart.” Her books reflect her small town roots, are filled with all the comforts of home, and come with side dish of spicy, because that’s the way she likes it.
Find out more about Poppy here:
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