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Hi, all. TC Blue here again, with a follow-up to last month’s “I’m all scared of RT” post. grins

As it turns out, my jangling nerves, of which I wrote at length, were entirely unjustified. I honestly have no idea what I was so worried about.

RT is a crazy, crazy ride. There’s no denying that! But it’s the good kind of crazy, or it was for me.

It all started with frustration, as my flights were both delayed (and can I just say thanks, Virgin America, for flying me from DC to Las Vegas through San Francisco? WTF, VA? W. T. Actual. F.). But I did eventually make it to Vegas, and to the hotel.

RT was held at the Rio All-Suites hotel this year, and while it was a very nice venue, the convention space was about twelve miles from the part of the hotel where the rooms were. Or maybe it just felt like it. LOL

In any case, it was a bit of a walk, which no doubt did me good. My one quibble was that, as with most large venues in Vegas, the Rio has a rather large casino. And casinos in Las Vegas allow smoking. Some, like the Paris hotel and casino, have amazing ventilation systems, so you only smell smoke when you’re sitting within a few feet of someone who is actively partaking. The Rio is not one of these. (I quit smoking in January, and spending time in a place full of it made me want a cigarette SO MUCH! I may even have smoked a few during the week I was there, but now I’m back home and off the tobacco again, so there’s that grins).

In any case… I arrived Monday and met with several of my author friends and their spouses. On Tuesday we organized our swag and such ahead of the event we were throwing on Wednesday, and on Wednesday… Well, let’s just say Wednesday was busy-busy for all of us. We were like a very small, very frenetic swarm of bees.

The event we were conducting for RT was the Paranormal Carnivale, and it was amazing! There was myself, Julia Talbot, Kiernan Kelly, B.A. Tortuga, Andrew Grey, KC Burn, Sean Michael, Carrie Ann Ryan, CA Szarek, and the always entertaining Damon Suede. Andrew was our Master of Ceremonies for the entire event while the rest of us ran games and such for prizes. We had face painting, a cock-ring-toss (the inflatable ring looked like a giant ring-o-dildos!), a matching game, tarot readings, five card draw, an eyeball orbit game, suck-and-blow, a cornhole game (throwing bean bags through holes in a board), and pin the tail on the werewolf! And people came. Oh, yes, people came to Carnivale!

There were prizes for games, and prize drawings throughout, and one lucky participant won a Kindle Fire!

I think it’s fair to say that if the people attending the Carnivale had even half as much fun as I did while running my game, they all left smiling… and clutching their prizes, whether small or large, because everybody won something!

Another event that turned out to be incredibly fun was Damon Suede’s Cinema Craptastique. For those who aren’t familiar, this is a Mystery Science Theater-style screening of a carefully selected movie. This time, it was “Abducted,” the Taylor Lautner masterpiece about a young man who was never actually abducted (and that’s the least of the logic-fails that were made clear during the screening). It. Was. HILARIOUS! If you ever have the opportunity to attend an convention at which Cinema Craptastique is an event, GO TO IT! Even if it means staying up extra late for you, you won’t regret it! And there were prizes. Many, many prizes, because the author community chipped in and offered up all sorts of fun things! Mine was a messenger bag made of rainbow leopard print, filled with all sorts of fun unicorn stuff. Because I’m just that classy. hee

And now, on to the important things. serious, not serious

I have to say that the food available at the many restaurants at the Rio was very good. The service was fairly good as well, though one of the places we ate didn’t seem to know what to do with parties larger than four, and there were twenty of us! But the food was amazing. There was only one instance of something being unpleasant to eat, and that was in a place we’d eaten many times, so it was an aberration. If anything, Vegas is a good place to go for food. I think I ate my weight in random meals, and that’s saying a lot. LOL

Sorry. I think I must be hungry. Back to RT stuff… There were loads of panels and such, some of which were in depth and with enough interaction to count as workshops. TONS of information was available, for those who took the time to attend, on subjects ranging from how to get started on writing your own books, to social media, to self publishing. There were opportunities to talk to agents, editors and publishers — not just for established authors, but for those aspiring to become published. And there were parties. Dear sweet Jeebus were there ever parties!

One of the main events at RT was the truly ginormous Book Fair, at which literally HUNDREDS of authors were signing books and postcards, bookmarks and bags, t-shirts and Kindle Covers. If it could be signed, someone there had it signed.

I met so many smart, funny, interesting people at the signing, as well as during the rest of my time in Vegas. And I even won a few bucks playing slots.

The Paranormal Carnivale was, as far as I’m concerned, a rousing success, and I had a great time at the book signing.

I never should have been so nervous, but that’s okay. Now I know better, and when next year rolls around (in Atlanta, I believe), I will go into RT with a grin and sense of anticipation (the good kind).

And maybe — just maybe — some of you guys will decide to give it a shot, as well. If you do, come find me. I always love meeting new (and not so new) friends. grins

There may have also been an instance of an author, who may or may not resemble me greatly, speeding around one of the atrium areas on a motorized scooter while cackling madly and calling for her flying monkeys. MMMMMmmmaybe. The photo I’ve included could conceivably stand as proof. O_o


~TC Blue

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