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Title: Lord of Hearth, Lord of Hollow
Author: Sera Kane
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Cover Artist: Paul Richmond
Genre: Fantasy


Culinary school is hard enough for Aimes Cully without mixing in an utterly underwhelming physical appearance—too small, too delicate, too red-haired, too freckled, too human—added with the inability to magically improve the food—still too human—and facing the too beautiful, too fae-looking Aleksi’s teases and taunts. When rumors surface that Aimes’s older brother’s success is a lie, Aimes is determined to prove them wrong and show that pure-blooded humans are the equal of anyone with mixed blood.

But things get worse after Aimes is caught in a faerie ring and transported to the fae hollow of Lord Keanewyeth Ordioral. As the attraction heats up, it becomes obvious that there’s something wrong in the magical home. A cursed creature appears, and everything becomes jumbled as the secrets of their lives collide into a painful concoction of Aimes’s past and Keanewyeth’s present. But if they can meld their talents, they might be able to save each other.

So how do you write about cooking when you don’t know how to cook?  You write about romance instead!  At least, that’s my tactic.  Hopefully the romance part is what you, dear readers, are here for, and not for my titillating cooking prowess.  Because, well, it’s not titillating at all, because I am very, very bad at it.

There are rumours that I once failed at boiling water.

These rumours are true.

It is an unfortunate truth that I have very little, nearly non-existent, interest in cooking.  I am fortunate, however, that my spouse does enjoy cooking.  Strange man that he is learning to make his own seasonings, trying new recipes, making something that others enjoy are all things he’s happy to put his time and energy into! It may not be my cup of tea, but I definitely get to enjoy the fruits of his passion.

And now you get to enjoy the fruits of mine!  Lord of Hearth, Lord of Hollow began its life as a short story submission for the cooking anthology.  My passion makes me quite verbose, however, and it ended up too long for the anthology.  Oops! However, Aimes and Keane—the main characters—used every word to find the closure they needed. In the process, they opened the door to a new world.

It’s a world of magic, knowledge, power, desire.  Men who know what they want and why they want it, but they cannot achieve their goals alone.  Together they have the resources and passion to overcome all obstacles and discover love in the process.

Thank you, dear travelers, for visiting me here at the Prism Book Alliance!  I hope you enjoy meeting Aimes and Keane and visiting their world!  Happy reading!


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About the Author

Sera Kane has loved the written word for essentially forever, in this particular case, somewhere in the range of thirty years or so.  She writes to share the fantastical things that go on in her mind on a daily basis.  Her secret-but-not-so-secret desire is to write pieces that are impossible to put down.  And, also, to kill off a beloved character.  She has not succeeded at either of these things, but be warned that she wants to!

She currently lives in southern California, but she’s been quite a few places in her day!  Her favourites include Washington– the state, not DC– Texas, and Japan.  Her house is filled by an exceedingly tall husband, a very swift son, a derpy German Shepherd, and a grumpy yet loving Shih-Tzu.  If she ever won the lottery, she’d have houses in all three of those places and breed Shepherds in at least one of them.

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Twitter: @serakaneworlds

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