You can run, but I.N.E.T. will catch you… ~ Outside the Margins with Brenda Cothern

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*Note – this is a look into the future of Knight & Slade 🙂

“Son of a bitch, Slade!” Knight cursed when his partner bailed from their still moving truck before he even came to a full stop. His partner was halfway down the sidewalk in pursuit of their informant before the door to the truck had a chance to slam shut.

Knight flipped on the lights that would flash through the grill of the Silverado to let everyone know he was a cop. He hated using the flashing fucking lights and was sure Slade bailed just to force him to use the God damned things.

Cars moved out of his way slowly, too fucking slowly, while Knight tried to keep his partner in sight as he chased their informant down the sidewalk. Knight’s eyes never left the broad shoulders that flexed above his partner’s tight ass while he dodged pedestrians down the street. Because he was watching Slade so closely, Knight didn’t miss when his partner followed their confidential informant into an alley.

“Motherfucker!” Knight cursed again and gunned the truck though a narrow opening between two cars.

He took the turn at the end of the block hard enough to make the tires squeal. Another harsh turn put him on the street that the alley connected to and would cut off any escape their C.I. planned. Knight slammed on the brakes at the face of the alley. He ignored the screech of his tires and the white smoke that was filled with the stench of rubber as he jumped out of the cab.

By the time he rounded the front of the Silverado and entered the alley, Slade had their informant against the wall. Knight appreciated the sight of his partner’s large muscular body pinning the smaller man against the dirty bricks.

“Why the fuck do you run, Spike?”

Slade’s hissed question reached Knight’s ears as he approached. His partner was pressed so close to their informant that if they could have become one, they would have. Their C.I. grunted in response to the manhandling Slade was delivering.

“He can’t answer if you are crushing him to death,” Knight commented even though the sight of his partner crushing the smaller man was hot as hell.

“Oh really?” Slade glanced over his shoulder. “He knows better.” Slade pushed his body into Spike before roughly grasping the bleach-blonde spikes that gave the man his street name. “Don’t you?”

“I do, Officer Slade,” Spike hissed out in response to his hair being pulled.

Slade tightened his grip on the gelled locks in his fist and pressed his rapidly filling cock into the smaller man’s ass.

“So, why do you run, Spike?” Slade whispered close to the man’s ear.

“Habit?” Spike smirked with more arousal in his tone than fear.

“Habit,” Slade repeated because he wasn’t sure if he heard the narc correctly.

“Habit,” Knight confirmed what the man said with a grin. “What other habits do you have, I wonder.”

“I don’t know,” Slade replied to his partner’s comment. “Well, Spike, answer the man.” Slade pushed his groin hard into Spike’s ass.

“Lots,” Spike offered. “Good habits… the kind that make you feel good.”

“Really?” Knight asked and raised a brow at his partner to silently ask if this little twink was worth their effort for entertainment.

“C’mon, Officer Knight, call him off,” Spike pleaded and tried to look over his shoulder to make eye contact. When he failed, he spoke again, “I’ll tell you guys whatever you want to know. Just let me go.”

“Not happening,” Slade growled and gripped Spike’s blonde hair tighter in his fist.

Spike cried out in pain and Knight tried to ignore how the sound made his cock twitch. Just the sight of his partner’s 6’2” muscular body pressing the small 5’9” man into the dingy alley wall was enough to make him hard. The sound of the man’s pain from Slade’s harsh treatment was almost enough to make Knight cream his jeans. Knight adjusted himself and removed the handcuffs from the back of his belt.

“You’ll tell us everything regardless,” Knight said confidently and he stepped closer.

Slade barely shifted when his partner moved in to cuff Spike. They would get the information they sought and if they didn’t, at least they would have a good time. Either way, Slade was happy when he stepped out of the way to let Knight take over control of Spike.

“C’mon Officer Knight,” Spike sputtered after he was cuffed and yanked roughly away from the wall. “You know I’ll cooperate. There’s no need for the bracelets.” Spike tried to lift his arms to emphasize the handcuffs that were cutting into his wrists. Knight ignored Spike while he manhandled the man toward the Silverado. “You can’t arrest me,” Spike’s voice rose in panic. “I won’t survive jail. I’ll do anything… anything, but don’t arrest me.”

Spike was struggling against Knight’s hold when Slade laid a hand on his partner’s arm. Knight raised a questioning brow and Slade communicated silently. Knight knew what Slade said by the hungry look in his partner’s eyes and he wasn’t opposed to Slade’s silent idea. In fact, his hard cock twitched again in encouragement.

“Anything?” Knight pulled hard on the cuffs in his grip. The movement caused the smaller man to stumble back into him.

“Anything, Officer Knight.” Spike looked over his shoulder at Knight before shifting his pleading gaze to Slade when the vice cop opened the back door of the truck.

“Get in,” Knight practically lifted Spike into the back seat before climbing in behind him.

Slade jumped into the driver’s seat and they weren’t even a full block away when Spike started pleading again.

“Please, Officer Knight, Officer Slade. I won’t survive in jail. You know what they do to guys like me. I don’t want to be the cell block bitch! Please!”

“Shut it, Spike,” Knight growled. “Another word and being the jailhouse whore will be the least of your worries.”

Twenty minutes later, they pulled up to a modest one-story home. Slade pulled the truck into the garage and lowered the door so that their neighbors wouldn’t catch a glimpse of their unethical behavior. Knight slipped out of the back seat and Slade was already waiting for him.

“What are we doing here?” Spike asked nervously. His eyes bounced back and forth between the two vice cops and he remained glued to the seat. “This isn’t the jail.”

“It isn’t?” Slade asked Knight and looked around the garage curiously.

“It isn’t,” Knight confirmed seriously. “Out with you, Spike”

“What are we doing here?” Spike asked again with a tinge of fear in his voice.

“Anything,” Knight grinned at his partner. “Ain’t that right, Slade?”

“Sounds about right to me.” Slade looked over Knight’s shoulder until he met Spike’s eyes. “Unless of course, you’d rather be taken down to the station?”

“No, no Officer Slade!” Spike sputtered and scooted toward Knight quickly to get out of the truck.

“Didn’t think so,” Slade smirked.

They didn’t pause on their way to the master bedroom and once there, Knight shoved Spike toward the bed. Slade’s tee shirt was already on the floor and Knight placed his sidearm next to his partner’s on the dresser.

“Umm,” Spike looked nervously at Slade when the cop tossed bundles of rope onto the bed.

“Second thoughts, Spike?” Knight’s tee shirt joined Slade’s on the floor and he unbuttoned his jeans.  Both cops stared at Spike and waited for his answer.

“No… no… just,” Spike licked his lips uncertainly before twisting sideways to indicate his cuffed wrists.

“Humph,” Slade grunted and removed the handcuffs.

“Strip,” Knight ordered and Slade gave Spike a nudge from behind to get him moving.

When Spike stood and hesitated, Slade growled, “Now, Spike.”

“Okay, okay!” Spike undressed quickly while casting panicky glances between the vice cops.

Once naked, Knight pushed Spike back until he had no choice but to sit on the bed. Slade steadied Spike by pulling the informant back to his chest while he knelt on the bed behind the man. When Spike tried to look over his shoulder at Slade, the cop fisted his spiked locks again.

“Don’t look at me,” Slade growled and ignored Spike’s hand that was now gripping his wrist. He ignored the sound of pain that escaped the C.I.’s lips, too. Slade maneuvered their informant’s head until Spike had a face full of Knight’s hard cock. “Open,” Slade ordered and tightened his grip. “Keep your hands down.”

“Good boy,” Slade said sarcastically when Spike let go of his wrist.

Knight ignored the groan that escaped Spike’s throat. He didn’t care if the sound was one of pain from his partner’s rough handling or one of pleasure when he pushed his cock between Spike’s lips.

“You even think of biting me…” Knight left his threat unfinished and pushed forward.

Slade pushed Spike’s head crudely onto his partner’s hard cock. He ignored the gagging noise that their C.I. made when he pulled him back and thrust him forward again.

Several thrusts later, Knight’s hand replaced Slade’s without even breaking his rhythm. Knight watched his partner as Slade secured Spike’s wrists in rope cuffs. Slade didn’t tie the rope ends off but once he was finished, Knight pulled Spike harshly off his cock. Drool covered Spike’s chin and he gasped for breath.

“Turn around and kneel,” Knight ordered and Spike quickly complied.

“My turn,” Slade grinned down into Spike’s flushed face before stuffing his cock into the informant’s mouth. Slade tangled his fingers into Spike’s hair right above the man’s ears. He used his grip like handles on Spike’s head as he slammed into the C.I.’s throat. More gagging noises followed from Slade’s rough treatment before a high pitched noise escaped around Slade’s cock.

“Take it,” Slade growled because he knew what had caused Spike to make the pain filled noise.

“Fuuuuck!” Knight moaned out and met his partner’s eyes. “He’s tight as hell.”

“I bet.” Slade laughed while he watched his partner work his way into the informant. “Don’t cum in him,” Slade ordered when it seemed Knight was getting close.

“Gah!” Knight muttered and quickly pulled out of Spike before he got off.

Slade rocked his hips back at the same time he pulled Spike’s mouth off his cock. He looked down at their small narc and grinned sadistically at the sight. Spike’s face was red and streaked with tears while his lips were swollen from their abuse. Spit made his chin shinny and dripped down onto the bed.

“Face up,” Slade spat out and shuffled to the side of the bed.

Spike did as he was told because his only other choice was jail. Both vice cops went to work with the rope ends that trailed from the cuffs Slade had applied. They secured Spike’s wrists to the eyebolts that were conveniently screwed into the headboard. Knight laughed when Spike gave an experimental tug.

“You’re not going anywhere until we are done with you,” Knight smirked down into Spike’s baby blue eyes.

“And we may never be done with this sweet ass,” Slade added when he moved between Spike’s legs. He grabbed Spike’s calves and pushed the C.I.’s legs up toward his shoulders at the same time he slammed into the man’s ass.

Another high pitched squeal escaped Spike’s mouth when Slade buried himself hilt deep with one thrust. The fuck was rough, harsh, and hard. Sweat ran in rivulets down Slade’s chest while his police badge, which hung from a chain around his neck, bounced against his chest. The sound of the badge slapping Slade’s skin was countering the slapping of his thighs against Spike’s ass.

“Close, Slade,” Knight warned with panted breath while he frantically stroked his cock next to Spike’s bent leg.

Slade grunted and lowered Spike’s leg that was closest to his partner. Almost simultaneously, as if Spike’s leg coming down was the signal they both had been waiting for, both vice cops came.

Knight decorated Spike’s chest with thick white streams of cum while Slade filled the man’s ass. Slade didn’t stay buried in their informant after they came. Instead, he dropped Spike’s other leg and collapsed onto the bed next to the bound man.

Harsh breaths filled the room as all three men fought to settle their beating hearts. A chuckle broke the silence while the men settled into post orgasmic mellowness.

“Shit that was awesome!”

“You kinky freak,” Knight laughed and raised up onto his elbow.

“I’m not the only one,” ‘Spike’ replied with another chuckle.

“No, you’re not,” Knight laughed his agreement and leaned forward to give his lover a gentle kiss.

“Speak for yourselves,” Slade smiled while he watched the men he loved kiss.

Knight broke the kiss and leaned over ‘Spike’ to kiss Slade. “Say what you will, Sir Slade, but we know differently,” Knight whispered against his partner’s lips when he pulled out of the kiss and gave him a wink.

Slade laughed because he knew his fellow Sir-in-training was right. “Alright, alright.” Slade leaned up on to an elbow when Knight retreated to his side of the bed.

“So, Matty,” Slade began and gave their boy a loving smile.

“Yes, Sir?”

“That was good,” Knight interrupted and caressed the side of Matty’s face to show his praise.

“Yes, it was,” Slade agreed before returning to his original train of thought. “Have you thought about your next role-playing fantasy?” Slade drew circles in Knight and Matty’s cum that was slowly drying on Matty’s chest and stomach.

“Yes, Sir.”


“I think we need to go camping,” Matty smiled and looked between Sir Slade and Sir Knight.

“Camping?” Slade confirmed.

“Yeah,” Matty replied and nodded his head.

“For?” Knight asked curiously.

“A man hunt.” Matty beamed.

Both Knight and Slade could feel their boy vibrating from just the idea. The grins that spread their lips matched Matty’s excitement.

“Camping,” Knight repeated and glanced at Slade.

“Camping it is,” Slade confirmed. “Make the arrangements for next weekend, Matty. Plan for a week. We’ll put in our time off requests today.”

Both vice cops untied their lover before getting dressed to return to work. Each Sir gave their boy one more soft kiss before heading toward the door.

“We’ll pick up your bike on our way home,” Knight called over his shoulder.

“Thank you, Sir.” Matty stretched and sat up on the bed. “I’ll have dinner waiting when you get home.”

“You always do,” Slade praised with a smile over his shoulder.

Matty smiled at the happiness he heard in his Sir’s voice. He was still smiling contently when he watched his vice cop lovers leave. There was plenty of time to make dinner, but right now, he had a camping trip to plan and he couldn’t start soon enough.


~Brenda Cothern

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