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Title: Magic Fell
Author: Andi Van
Publisher: Harmony Ink Press
Cover Artist: AngstyG
Genre: Young Adult
Release Date: 05/19/2016


Past and present are about to collide, and the world will never be the same.

Magic has been missing from the world for a millennium, and it’s needed now more than ever. It falls to young Tasis Kadara to revive the fabled Mages’ Guild of the Dragon’s Claw. But in a culture where arcane power is forbidden and practitioners are executed, Tasis will have to keep his own aptitude for magic secret. With nothing to direct them besides bizarre dreams and a mysterious cat, Tasis and his sister Zaree undertake a quest to discover the hidden island that was once home to the guild.

Kelwin Tiovolk departs his village following his mentor’s suggestion. As an elf wandering into human civilization, he’s in danger simply for being who he is. A brawl at an inn leads him straight into the path of the young man he’s been dreaming about, and he’s compelled to help Tasis and his sister any way he can. Together, the trio might have a chance of accomplishing their mission—or the attempt might kill them.

Magic Fell by Andi Van – Guest Post and Giveaway

Before I get started: Magic Fell isn’t a romance. It has a romantic sub-plot, but overall it’s a high fantasy adventure.




Still with me? Okay then.

You might already know the backstory behind this. A novel written on request from a beloved grandmother. A once-popular role playing forum set in a mages’ guild. If I were the type to make bad puns, I might say the combination was…magic.

Sorry. I’ll try not to do that again for the duration of the post.

Magic Fell is the first in a trilogy that centers on Tasis Kadara, his adopted sister Zaree, and their friend Kelwin. Oh, and the cat. K’yerin would happily tell you that he’s the most important character in the book.

I wanted to write some short pieces to share with you during this blog tour, but as this is the first book, it took me a while to figure out what I could write that wouldn’t involve spoilers. And then it hit me – why not write the very beginning?

In the prologue, you witness the end of the guild, a millennium before Tasis is even born. The leader of the guild at that point in time is a woman named Trivintaie, who washed up on the isle’s beach when she was a young woman. I thought it might be fun to write a few short pieces set before the prologue, starting from when Triv washes up, to give everyone a better feel for what exactly is lost when the guild is destroyed.

So read on, and I hope you enjoy. And don’t forget to enter the giveaway for a paperback or ebook copy of Magic Fell! I’ll be pulling winners on May 29th.


“How are you feeling?”

Triv looked over at her apprentice — her sister-by-heart and best friend, if she were honest — and sighed. “Mountainous.”

Josephina laughed and helped Triv sit up in the bed she’d been banished to, orders from their healer to stay off her feet still ringing in her head. “It won’t be much longer,” Josephina told her as she continued to place pillows in such a way so that Triv could recline more comfortably. “And then you’ll have your baby in your arms.”

Triv patted her distended stomach, grimacing as the child within kicked at her. “And not a moment too soon, though I’m nervous about the timing. There’s been rather a lot of unrest lately, if I’m to believe the news that comes in with the ship. Gyr said something about mutterings from Archai when he returned last.”

“You needn’t concern yourself with Archai,” Josephina said as she left off tucking pillows around Triv and wandered over to one of the room’s bookcases. After some perusal, she plucked a volume from the shelf and brought it back to the bed, taking a seat on the mattress next to Triv. “Let me read to you for a while. That should take your mind off of things.”

“You’re so good to me,” Triv said with a sigh, reaching out to take one of Josephina’s hands. “I wish I could love you the way you want me to.”

“Oh, Triv,” Josephina said with a chuckle. “You’re just not built that way. But it doesn’t matter. You may not love me the way I want you to, but you do love me the way I need you to. Does that make sense?”

Triv’s brow wrinkled in confusion, and she shook her head. “No, not really.”

“You may not love me romantically,” Josephina explained, giving Triv’s hand a squeeze, “but you love me unconditionally. You — and by extension, Corrin — would do anything for me. I never have to worry about someone having my back, because I know you’ll always be there. Just like I will for you.”

Triv gave her words some thought before nodding. “Okay, I guess that makes sense. But still…”

“Don’t dwell on it,” Josephina told her. “I’m fine. I will continue to be fine. And when the time comes, I’ll help you bring your baby into the world, and I’ll help you make sure she has the happy life she deserves.”


“I promise,” Josephina said with a nod. “Your baby will have a good life, and I’ll help you make sure of that.” She opened the book she’d selected, and offered Triv a grin. “Now how about I read you the story of Smirl the Stormbringer?”


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About the Author

Andi Van is a foul-mouthed troublemaker who lives near San Diego with a small fluffy thing named Koi, a baseball bat that’s forever being used for things other than baseball, and a fondness for rum and caffeine (though not necessarily together).

Andi is fluent in three languages (English, sarcasm, and profanity), and takes pride in a highly developed—if somewhat bizarre—sense of humor.

Twitter: @DefiantAndi

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