Beastly Businessmen and Guitar Gods by Asta Idonea ~ Book Review by PizzyGirl

Beasty Businessmen coverTitle: Beastly Businessmen and Guitar Gods

Author: Asta Idonea

Publisher: Wayward Ink Publishing

Cover Artist: 8th floor studio

Rating: 4 of 5 Stars

Publication Date: 03/18/2016

Length: Novel (~ 50K-100K)

Genre: Contemporary, Fantasy, Gay Romance


The modern age is devoid of magic.

Or is it?

How else could a stolen guitar or a lost shoe lead to love?

What but magic could spark romance at a workplace assessment?

Or turn a mean-spirited monster into a man?

Six fairytales and myths are given a contemporary MM twist in this collection of stories, proving that sometimes the mundane can be magical too.

When Theo’s landlord steals a prized guitar in lieu of rent owed, he informs Theo he will return the instrument on one condition: he wants a date with Theo’s twin sister.

LOVE’S CODE (Ariadne and Theseus)
Andre must pass the examination if he wants to keep his job.

However, he is distracted by his unspoken love for fellow programmer, Eren.

GUESSING GAMES (Rumplestiltskin)

Sasha told a little white lie in his job interview and it won him the role.

Only now he is faced with a pile of work he doesn’t know how to complete.

ASSIGNATIONS AND ULTIMATUMS (The Strange Elopement of Tinirau)

Hunter and Ross are in love, but Ross’ father keeps trying to set him up with undesirable, yet powerful, older men, the latest of whom happens to be Ross’ boss.

LOST AND FOUND (Cinderella)
Cillian is dreading the work masquerade ball, but once there he finds himself romanced by a dashing stranger, only to flee when he discovers the man’s identity.

A DEBT IS A DEBT (Beauty and the Beast)

Dunstan Griffin is not a man to let a debt slide, so when debtor Alfred Siskin offers the EA services of his son, Wynn, in lieu of payment, Dunstan accepts.

My View:

I love a good fairytale retelling. I love even more when they are not all fairytales I am familiar with. I had to look up several of these to get an idea of the original tale the author was twisting and in the process learned something new! I love when that happens.

All of these stories center around DunGriffinCorp, a financial institution, and its employees. While each story was unique, they were all connected.


For those of you who don’t know, this is the legend of the time Thor pretended to be a woman to get his stolen hammer back. In this rendition, Theo was a musician whose guitar was taken as collateral by his landlord until Theo could pay his rent, or persuade his twin sister to spend the evening with his landlord. I am sure you can imagine how this one played out. I will warn you that there was surprise, though many of you may see it coming.

This one was fun and surprisingly sweet. I found myself laughing quite often as well as ‘awwing’ over the cute bits. I wish it would have been longer but overall I enjoyed this short snippet.

LOVE’S CODE (Ariadne and Theseus)

This was the story of how Eren(Ariadne) secretly helped Andre(Theseus) pass his job performance test aptly named ‘The Cretan Labyrinth’ and defeat the Minotaur. It was a very creative way of weaving a twist on a legend into a modern idea while also very clearly displaying the actual legend within the test itself. It was another short tale, but it was cute and entertaining. The romance was very rushed though I supposed it was in the original legend as well.

GUESSING GAMES (Rumplestiltskin)

What does a person do when he lies on his job application and can’t actually perform his required tasks? Why, he makes a deal with his very own Rumplestiltskin to do the work for him in return for “spending one evening together doing anything he asks.” There is absolutely no way that could go wrong, right?

Well in the end, the wager proceeds just as the original tale but with a bit more of an erotic twist. Again this short story was mischievous and fun. I enjoyed reading it.

ASSIGNATIONS AND ULTIMATUMS (The Strange Elopement of Tinirau)

I had to look this one up. It was…strange and after reading it, I was unsure of exactly how the original could be twisted into a modern gay tale.

The author did a good job of following the path of the original tale and executing the same strange vibe. This one was definitely odd for me. I was glad the author took liberties with this story and the ending was not as tragic. In the end, I don’t really know if I can say I enjoyed this one, but I can definitely say it made me think and I learned a new folk tale from a new culture.

LOST AND FOUND (Cinderella)

How does Prince Charming find his Cinderfella, when Cinder would rather not be found? This was a fun twist of the Cinderella story using boss/employee interactions as the prince/cinderella setup and company’s fraternization policy as the evil stepmother. It was short so the romance itself was rushed, but this story was cute and a bit sappy. I enjoyed it.  

A DEBT IS A DEBT (Beauty and the Beast)

The final tale in this collection wrapped things up nicely by introducing the beastly CEO of DunGriffinCorp and chronicling how one young admin assistance brought out the real man behind the beast. I struggled a bit with the magnitude of the beast’s transformation because this story was too short to support enough growth to make it believable. On the other had, I still enjoyed this story and was very happy with the way it was presented.


I’ll wrap this review up by saying I loved the idea of a collection of fairy tales and myths twisted and interwoven so well. These stories were well done and I had a great time reading them. My only real complaint was that they were not longer. I would have loved each story to be a fully realized novella, but alas it was not my decision, LOL.


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I would like to thank the publisher for providing me with the eARC of this title in exchange for my honest opinion.

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