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Hi, all. Me again. TC Blue, wandering in to say hi and share (perhaps overshare) about things, and stuff.

If you’ve ever met me in person, or read my bio, you know I used to be a chef. I still am, sort of, but I gave up the professional chef mantle a few years ago for a variety of reasons — one of which was my utter lack of fondness for 85 hour work weeks. Haha.

What you may not know, because not many do (it’s a guilty pleasure) is that I’m completely addicted to cooking competition shows. If it’s a contest with a prize and people are cooking, I’m in. (This wasn’t always the case, as I had no TV for 7 years or so. But now, as I live with an elderly relative, television is a must!)

My personal favorite is Masterchef Australia. Mainly because WOW. They take it very seriously, down under. So much so that the series (what we call seasons in the U.S.) have anywhere from 60 to 82 episodes EACH. This show seriously airs 5 nights a week in Australia! And the home cooks are amazing.

I’ve watched these contestants do things in limited time spans that most professional chefs would be hard pressed to accomplish, and it impresses the hell out of me. And the pastry challenges are both terrifying and breathtaking. (I worked in one restaurant where the pastry chef quit and they asked me to add that to my responsibilities until they hired another pastry chef. Five years later, guess who was still doing pastry in addition to her regular chef-ing duties? *hint: If you said ME, you’d be right. LOL)

Now, to be clear, I’ve watched the U.S. Masterchef, and Masterchef Canada, and while they’re both interesting and entertaining (to me), they’re not really focused on developing skill. Masterchef AU has episodes with a 45 or so minute “master class” at the end, in which the host/judge people from the show demo making various dishes and provide instruction to the contestants and viewers. It’s pretty cool.

I know, I know. I’m dorking out over a cooking contest. Because I’m a huge dork. grins And I know this type of show isn’t everyone’s cuppa, so apologies if I’ve bored you to death. grins

For those who aren’t rolling their eyes and moving on, full episodes of Masterchef Australia can be seen on YouTube. If you’re on the fence, maybe give it a shot. (I’s recommend starting with season 3 or 4, to be honest. It took them a little while to get the flow down.)

Thanks for hanging out, guys, and I’ll try to be more entertaining next time! smooch

~TC Blue

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