Myths Untold: Faery by Gus Li, Skye Hegyes, Brandon Witt, J. Scott Coatsworth ~ Book Review by PizzyGirl

Myths-Fairy-Antho_100dpiTitle: Myths Untold: Faery

Author: Gus Li, Skye Hegyes, Brandon Witt, J. Scott Coatsworth

Publisher: Wilde City

Cover Artist: Wilde City Press

Rating: 4.25 of 5 Stars

Publication Date: 04/13/2016

Length: Novel (~ 50K-100K)

Genre: Apocalyptic/dystopian, Fantasy, Gay, Paranormal, Science Fiction


Faeries are part of mythology the world over, past, present, and future. Called elves, brownies, the fae, and more, they evoke a sense of wonder and a little danger. Faery has its own rules, and humans enter at their peril. In this spirit, we bring you the first book in the Myths Untold anthology series—four stories from the land of the Fae: a homeless man in Cardiff and the luck that could destroy him; the trans man in future San Francisco who falls for an elf; the village boy who has always been a little different; and a faery prince whose birthright was stolen from him. Welcome to Faery.

My View:

I need to preface this review by saying I have little experience with any original faery stories. Oh I know all about the tricksters and the darkness and the questionable moralities, but I have always stuck to the happier, Disney versions of the tales. This anthology was not modelled after the stories I am used to.

The Pwcca and the Persian Boy by Gus Li    4*

This one started out a bit rough for me. The sentence structure and flow of the first several pages had me struggling to get into the story. In fact, I had to put this anthology down a few times before I just slogged through. However, once the story started to unfold and the action began, the flow picked up and the sentence structure evened out (or maybe my brain just woke up, who knows). I was finally able to get into the story and connect with the characters.

I really enjoyed the way the author kept me on my toes, always wanting to know what was happening next and who these characters were and what exactly Otherworld was. The world itself was visually stunning. The desolation was palpable and the setting only served to enhance the overall desperation in this story.  

What I thought was the most interesting of this story was Glyn’s personality. For all the desolation and despair around him, and in his own life, he was still so hopeful and optimistic. Even when he had nothing to support his view on life, he always tried to twist things so that he saw only the best outcome possible. His personality was so at odds with every other aspect of this story.

I am not sure how I feel overall about this story. It was definitely interesting and presented well, but the ending left me needed better resolution to some of the issues presented in the story.

The Other Side of the Chrysalis by Brandon Witt 4.5*

So……I don’t quite….ummm, I just….What I am supposed to say about this depressingly depressing story? I just don’t know!!!!! This story was beautifully written, beautifully described, and equally beautiful in its overwhelmingly depressing tone. Quay was just so broken and the world that allow him to break so easily was horrible. This whole story was a sad statement to the disgusting way Faery (as well as modern) culture upholds beauty before anything else and the way the pressures to be physically perfect take their toll on those seen as less than. God this story just ripped my heart out and the ending! Damn you Mr. Witt. Damn you! Fantastic but heartbreaking story.

Changeling by Skye Hegyes 4*

This was an interesting coming of age story about a boy who didn’t know he wasn’t a boy longing to fit in somewhere, anywhere. This was the story of wanting to be wanted and trying to find that one place in the world where you belong.

I enjoyed Tyler and Marsh’s story. It was not exactly happy and not very easy, but it was full of self discovery and the hopeful promise of more. I loved learning about Faery and its inhabitants. The thing that bugged me the most was that it ended right when I was promised a glimpse of Faery. After the descriptions and the great visuals, that thing I was so looking forward to was snatched away from me. I do hope it means there is a part 2 coming later.

Through the Veil by J. Scott Coatsworth 4.5*

What a fascinating combination of science fiction, dystopian society, and fantasy. This world was dark and dangerous and great! I am so glad this anthology ended on a happier note than it started.

I loved Colton, a man trapped in a woman’s body who was given a glimpse of perfection but chose to stay as he was. And Tris brought forth new ideas and possibilities. Their soul mate bond was instant and yet they did not simply jump into bed and live HEA. They had adventures, even if they were forced upon them.

This world was so interesting. The way the author combined contemporary structures, futuristic ideas, and magical elements was very creative and well done. This was by far my favorite world in this anthology. I want more. I want to know more about the flood. I want to know more about Faery. I want to know more about those people living below the radar waiting to rise up against the horrible government. I want to know more about this coming war.


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