Five Thing Friday ~ Names of Pets


Each Friday, here at Prism Book Alliance® we will be tackling a very important topic… of sorts.  Five Thing Friday…  The topic will change each week, so be sure to check back.  We encourage you to comment with your own Five Things!

Topic: Names of Pets

We asked each of our reviewers to tell us about what are five pets you’ve had and their names?


Hamster – Trillian
hamster – Arthur
Kitten – Tawny
Kitten – Mouse
Fish (various)


My first five pets were:
Toby the black cat
Trixie the cocker spaniel border collie mix
Lee the escape artist hamster and his family
Andy the lab shepherd mix
Kyra the gray and white cat.


Lixir – Horse
Robbie – Border Collie
Mother Clucker – Chicken
Cyril – Lamb (He was borrowed)
Sasha – Bassett Hound


No longer with us:
Jasper, a gray cockatiel
Kitties Sophie, Bosco, Chelsey, Duchess, Daphne, and Missy
Brandy, the best Golden Retriever ever

Current fur babies:
Kasey, my precious Ragdoll cat
Champ, our British Lab


Oh dear. I’ve only had two – I’m out of this one. Lol


As a kid, I had a Saint Bernard named Sally. She was our nanny from the time I was six.
Then my first budgie, Tweety. She loved to sit on the E-string when me or my husband played the guitar, giving herself a good buzzing-through.
Our first cocker spaniel, Sherry, was also the first dog that was really MINE. She was never out of my hand’s reach from when I got home from work at night to the moment I left in the morning.
Our second cocker spaniel, Filou, was so poorly socialized he bit everything that moved, including me. Everybody told us not to bother, we’d never get a fear-biter to trust us. We proved them wrong.
And lastly, my little baby girl, Miss Emmie. Sunshine and smiles on four silky (and sometimes very dirty) paws.


Current household – 3 dogs, 2 cats, all rescues.

Weird Cat (cat, obviously)
Squeak (cat, she could only go ‘squeak’ when she first arrived)
Nubba (sheep dog born on Nubba Sheep Station – afraid of sheep)
Arnie (three-legged Akita)
Lady (aka The Mad Mop, the Demonic Despot. Dog, or possibly alien entity, still not sure)


A rabbit called scarface
A mouse called George
A dog called butch
A rabbit called stu
A cat called Fred


Lady, a Black Lab
Molly, a Black Lab
Orenda, a Yellow Lab
Chaplin, a black-and-white shorthair cat with the eponymous mustache
Karma, a ginger tabby shorthair


Beany – chinchilla
Captain – cockatiel
Budweiser – dog
Rylee – cat
Chad – newt


Herby the Hamster
Fish with no names
Big Ben the basset hound
Squirrel the rat terrier
Mittens the cat (currently the only pet who owns me)


Dog: Thumper
Dog: Koby
Cat: Panther
Cat: Spirit
Dog: Chase


A goldfish called Cinnamon
Two birds – Alaska and Sunny
A bunny named Grissom
Seashell, the mouse
A very imaginatively named angelfish – Angel


All these guys are over the rainbow bridge:
Gabryal the cat
Pepper the cat
Morgan the dog
Daxis the cat
Aqua the fish


My first family pet: Vichy (a Samoyed named Vichysoisse)
My first own dog: a crazy cocker spaniel named Gilda
Penny, a brown standard poodle
Paige, a little black and white runaway
Pete, a black standard poodle

So what are your Five Things???

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3 thoughts on “Five Thing Friday ~ Names of Pets

  1. My first cat was a gift and came with the name Sir Oliver Love. I now have a large cat population, due to strays I’ve rescued and feral cats I feed. Some of the more interesting names:

    King Leo the Large & Wooly (aka Leo)
    Mr. Stubbins
    One-Eyed Jack
    Dark Winky (our problem child–he’s diabetic, a spoiled mama’s boy, and last Monday he drowned my husband’s job-required cell phone)

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