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Looking around us lately, we see a lot of people dying because of the selfishness of an individual. I won’t get into the details because we all know them, we all see them slashed across Twitter, Facebook, and the news. Instead, I want to bring just a tiny pinprick of light instead.
Meet Chase.


When I was a kid, we had a cute little terrier mixed mutt named Cubbie. He was 14 when he finally succumbed to cancer, but I’d had him all of my childhood. A sweet and protective little thing, he made me a dog lover. Here in Atlanta, I wanted a dog but wanted to get myself settled first before I took on responsibility for someone else. In the last six months with the help of the right depression medication and a wonderful guy who loves and supports me, I thought, well….maybe. Then, my cousin posted a link on Facebook to the dog she wanted, and when I clicked it – at the bottom was this picture:

It was love at first sight. I mean, how can you look at that adorable face and not want to take him out of whatever shelter or rescue he sat in, waiting for you. So, I emailed and they said Chase still sat waiting for someone to take him home. We arranged for an afternoon visit and the three of us (Shae, my roommate and Paul, my boyfriend) went to see him. Within ten minutes, and with one look on Paul’s face, I knew we had a dog.

On Monday, Deb the woman from the rescue, brought Chase to our apartment. Our little guy ran from room to room smelling everything. It was like a big doggy play land. I thought maybe he would get anxious when Deb left, but he considered it an adventure. As the days went by, he spent more and more time by my side. He lays under my desk while I work, and cuddles next to me on the couch while I read. At first, he barked at everything, but he’s settling in with us. I think he’s starting to realize that we aren’t going to pass him off to someone else—he’s part of our family now.

He took to Paul even better than he did to me. Paul has a low, calming voice and is much better at getting Chase to listen. It was actually pretty amazing. It took maybe fifteen minutes for him to fall in love with Chase and they’ve been two peas in a pod this weekend. I wish it were closer to March so we could all be together in the same apartment, but that will come soon enough.

It’s been an amazing bright spot for us, finding this little guy to love. He’s sweet and well-trained except for a few issues we’ll be working on with classes and specialized training. We’ll be signing the adoption papers this week and then Chase will be officially ours.
It’s a beautiful thing.

If you’d like to follow Chase’s progress, you can check out his blog at http://adventuresofchase.wordpress.com or on Instagram ChaseBarnaby0710.


JP Barnaby


~JP Barnaby


Title: Anthony
Author: JP Barnaby
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Publication Date: 06/27/2016
Cover Artist: AngstyG
Genre: Drama, Gay, Gay Fiction, Gay Romance, Romance


A Survivor Story

Aaron Downing worshiped his mother. She saved his life. She did everything for him. But Anthony Downing has a different perspective. He sees the woman who tossed him into a basement for eight long years and forgot he existed. When Anthony decides he’s done being invisible, he packs up and heads for Detroit to stay with his Internet friend Jay, but fate intervenes.

Brendan Mears lost everything the day the man with a gun came into his father’s store. Now, he’s tethered to a business he can’t manage and a brother who resents him.

Different in all the ways that matter, Anthony and Brendan struggle to overcome their psychological obstacles, until a crushing betrayal sends them running for cover and each other.


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About JP Barnaby

JP Barnaby, an award-winning gay romance novelist, is the author of over two dozen books, including Aaron and the Little Boy Lost Series. She recently moved from Chicago to Atlanta to appease her Camaro who didn’t like the blustery winters. JP specializes in recovery romance, but slips in a few erotic or comedic stories to spice things up. When she’s not hanging out with hot guys in leather, she binge watches superheroes and crime dramas on Netflix. A physics geek, she likes the science side of Sci-Fi, and wants to grow up to be Reed Richards.


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