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Title: All the King’s Men
Author: Alex Powell
Publisher: Less Than Three Press
Cover Artist: Natasha Snow
Genre: Cyberpunk
Release Date: 07/27/2016


Fox is a mindnet hacker, and works for the mysterious man known only as King. He spends his time uncovering dangerous secrets and releasing them to the public.

But those who cause trouble are bound to attract it, and despite their precautions King is taken prisoner by an unknown government. And if Fox is going to save him, he’s going to need help—help that comes from the very last place he expected to find it.

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If you’ve been following along, then you know that Fox is a hacker, and that he uncovers government secrets to release them to the general public. He works with a group of hackers, and the leader, King, is taken prisoner by an unknown government and loses all his memories in the process. Now, the quest is on to recover the memories and rescue King. Standing in their way are government agents, one of whom is the mysterious Seven.

One of the themes I touch on in this novel is that of government oppression. In this novel, Seven and his group of fellow hackers, uncover government secrets and releases them to the public. They do this not because they hate governements, but because they think that the public deserves to know the truth about what their governments are up to.

Seven is an agent that works for one of these governments, and who is trying to stop Fox and his companions from rescuing King. However, there is more the Seven than meets the eye, and he might very well be one of the ones whom the government is oppressing in the first place.

Here’s an excerpt from the novel about how Seven meets King:


“I’m not sure you understand,” Seven said stiffly. “You are our prisoner.”

“This doesn’t look like a prison.”

“Try to get out then.”

His domain had no doors or windows at the moment, and Seven waited for the King to do something to demonstrate his abilities. The King simply looked around the room for a moment and then got heavily to his feet to investigate. Seven had blocked off the rest of his domain, leaving behind just the one room they were in already.

“How did we get in?” asked the King, tapping his knuckles on the wall. “Was this built around us? I suppose the two of us are walled in.”

The King didn’t seem to find this news alarming in the least, and he sat back down on the couch. Seven couldn’t believe that he wasn’t trying to escape. He was the leader of a group of expert MindHacks that was content to stay in a MindWalled room that he no doubt had the means to

escape. It made no sense to Seven, but maybe the King had a strategy.

It didn’t matter. Seven was only watching him until his interrogators arrived, and then they would find all the information they needed.

“Do you have a name?”


“That’s not a name. That’s a number. What’s your name?”

Seven blinked at him uncomprehendingly. He was Seven; that was all there was to it. He was the only one from his group to make agent, so the rest of them, One to Ten, had been terminated, whatever that meant. He worked with Twelve and Seventeen, who were both a year his junior, which was somewhat close.

“Is my name also a number, then?” The King folded his thick fingers together as they waited.

“They call you the King,” Seven said, tilting his head inquiringly to the side. “This is a most unusual deception. You know who you are, don’t you?”

The King shrugged blithely and said, “No.”

Seven frowned, but he hadn’t been authorized to enter the King’s domain by himself. Then again, at the time those orders were issued, the King hadn’t been awake, and they couldn’t possibly know how strange he was being.

His thoughts were interrupted by a knock, and Seven immediately got up to answer the door.



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About the Author


Alex Powell is an avid writer and reader of sci-fi and fantasy, but on occasion branches into other genres to keep things interesting. Alex is a genderqueer writer from the wilds of northern Canada who loves exploring other peoples and cultures. Alex is a recent graduate of UNBC with a BA in English, and as a result has an unhealthy obsession with Victorian Gothic literature. Alex has been writing from an early age, but is happy to keep learning to improve on their writing skills. Feedback and comments as well as any questions are appreciated! You can reach Alex at and at their website

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  1. I don’t think I’ve ready much Cyberpunk but I do love a good technological or spy-like read… This sounds very different but very good! Love the excerpt. Will definately add this to my TBR!

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