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Prism Book Alliance® would like to thank Felice Stevens for stopping by today on the 2016 GRL Author Spotlight Tour. Please give them a warm welcome.

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Throughout the centuries, women have been told what to say, how to say it, what to wear and when to speak. We weren’t allowed to vote until the beginning of the last century and if we did work, started at the lowest rung and were paid less. We often lost ourselves in our books and read romance novels because we wanted that ultimate fantasy of a love that made it despite the odds. However, we were looked down upon for reading these books which were derided as low quality, and mommy porn.

Flash forward to the twenty-first century and women have decided to take control of what we want and how we want it. We read and write our romance and we make no apologies for it. Romance is an over one billion dollar industry and yet it still isn’t given the respect it deserves, mainly because, in my opinion, it is dominated by women both as readers and writers.

Women who love to read and write gay romance often also like to watch gay porn. When we say it we are often given the oddest looks, as though we said something dirty, or as if we were having sex with a stranger in public. I feel as though we are back in those days where what we like to do should be spoken of in hushed whispers as if we should be embarrassed to feel good about what we like to watch, do or feel. We can joke that we like to watch gay porn for “research” in an effort to justify why we have that subscription to Cockyboys or look at Tumblr or YouTube videos.

But the real reason is that we like to watch sexy, beautiful men, the way straight men like to watch sexy beautiful women. If it’s arousing, so what? We should own it and not be ashamed. We have been taught to be ashamed of our bodies if we don’t fit a “norm” of what society has determined for us, but now I’ll damned if we allow society to tell us how we should feel. This isn’t the Victorian ages. We should embrace what makes us feel good and be proud.

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  1. Hear hear! Great post! I know I’ve spent my LIFE apologizing for everything. Even I’m tired of hearing me say it! Madonna’s song What It Feels Like for a Girl is a lot of people’s life story. <3

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