Partners of Prism Fiction ~ Mitch partner to Felice Stevens

Prism would like offer a warm welcome to Mitch


What is your partner’s name?

Felice Stevens

What is your partner’s role in the genre?


What did you first think of their involvement in the genre?

I thought it was fun; like hey sure go write that book. And then she did and a publisher signed her and people bought the book and it wasn’t so funny any more.

What do you think of their involvement now?

I’m incredibly proud. I see how hard she works and that she’s created a business from nothing in less than two years.

Do the people in your life know about your partner’s involvement in the genre? If so, what do they think of it?

No. We haven’t told any friends or family. I told some of my patients (I’m a dentist) and they are impressed.

What advice do you have for partners new to the genre/new to the authordom?

Listen to them when they are upset and need to vent. Support them if they are upset and congratulate them when they have a release.

Brag about your partner, what are you most proud of them accomplishing in this difficult industry?

Probably seeing her books on the shelves of that bookstore in L.A. The Ripped Bodice (Yes I had to ask her for the name) when she went for that signing and seeing readers come up to her.

Also when I saw her books were #1 and below 100 in the Amazon store. That’s what I remember. Its pretty crazy.

What is your favorite part of their involvement in the LGBT genre?

That she’s so happy doing it all; the writing, meeting readers and other authors. Its like a whole second life. And also and just as important is how dedicated she is to give time and money to the LGBTQ charities she’s involved with.

What has their involvement in the genre brought to your life?

We talk about things we can do to help now instead of merely bitching at the television news if we see things we don’t like. I think we think about ourselves less and think about others who really need help.

Has their involvement inspired your actions and/or changed your views?

I’ve realized that even though here in NYC we take LGBTQ rights for granted, elsewhere in the country, people don’t enjoy those same rights.

Have you attended any genre-oriented events (Pride, GRL, book signings, etc) with your partner? If so, what did you think of them as an “outsider”?

I went to RT with her this past May and I was shocked to see how many people are involved in the romance world. It was eye opening.

What’s one thing you do to help support them when they’re in a rut or feeling down about their work?

I buy her chocolate. And she says no and then eats some and gets mad at me because she doesn’t want to eat fattening stuff.

Rapid Fire Time:
Fire or Ice?: ice
Tea, hot or iced?: hot
Beach or Mountains? .: beach
Vodka or Tequila?: tequila
Country or City?: country
Medium rare or well done?: medium rare
Beatles or Stones?: Beatles
Dragon or Unicorn?: Unicorn
Tardis or DeLorean?: huh? no clue
Boxers or Briefs: both
Freddie Mercury or Adam Lambert?: Freddie
Lucky Charms or Trix?: Lucky Charms
Porsche or Prius?: Prius

Thank you so much, Mitch, for taking the time to talk with us today!

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