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One of the most momentous and important questions I’ve ever asked myself (and I ask it on a shockingly regular basis, as I suspect most authors do) is “What if?”

“What if that lane wasn’t blocked off, and someone driving in it were to be cut off by someone else, and that led to an altercation, and they hated each other?”

“What if that was the last pair of (insert designer name here) jeans on 90% off, and these two very different people both wanted it?”

“What if someone’s best friend/sibling/whatever were dying and this person could save them, but only by making them into something the original person was opposed to?”

“What if love at first sight was an actual thing (and yes, I know some people believe it is, and I’m on the fence, but still), and it happened at exactly the wrong time for both parties concerned?”

What If is the most exciting phrase in any language, because it opens up entire worlds of possibilities… and is usually followed (for authors, at least) by “so then…”

“So then the two fighting over who cut who off… end up together” is, for me, followed by “how.”

How did that happen? What changed between wanting to smack each other stupid(er) and wanting to smack naughty bits? Was it a slow progression? Did they angry-bang? Did that then become something more? HOW did it HAPPEN?

Did the people wanting the same jeans decide to share them? How would that work, and would they become friends or something more? And HOW?

Could the person whose loved one was saved through transformation of whatever sort learn to forgive the one who made it happen? Could they still feel the same about their loved one, even though said loved one wasn’t exactly the same? And if so… How?

How would the love at first sight victims deal with their circumstances? Would those circumstances even be changed, or would they — or only one of them, which might make for a better slice of drama — fight against even acknowledging that things had changed?

If this sounds complicated, welcome to my inner life. LOL


See, on the outside, I’m just some chick who lays relatively low and shares the occasional link on Facebook. Some girl who writes a book every now and then, and hopes people like them. I’m just a woman who recently moved herself and her 97 year old grandmother into an apartment together (from separate homes) and is trying to adjust to the new situation — and actually, that’s something that only my publishers and my very close friends knew until just now.

But on the inside…

Oh, on the inside, I’m constantly seeing and looking and thinking. Wondering “what if” and extrapolating “so then” and asking “how?”

“What if” are the most amazing words in the world, fraught with unlimited possibilities. In fact, two of my very good friends (BA Tortuga and Julia Talbot) have them on a wall at their home, and every time I see those words, they remind of just how enormous the possibilities are.

Fiction is the most unrestricted genre there could ever be, and romantic fiction sometimes takes it a step further.

Because romance is key to the human experience.

We all want to love and be loved in the ways we deserve (and by that I mean we all deserve to be loved long and strong and well, emotionally as well as physically). Gender is irrelevant. Sexuality is irrelevant. Age, race, creed… also irrelevant (though certain types of people would like to have us believe otherwise).

What I, and many other authors, want to do is make this clear to everyone who reads our work. And it all starts with one simple two word question, as far as I’m concerned.

“What if?”

~TC Blue

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