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There seems to be some interest in how the mind of a writer works, and that tickles me. I won’t tell you where, but it does. It tickles me. I imagine our minds work exactly, EXACTLY, like an accountant’s mind, or a politician’s, an insurance salesperson’s, or an IT help desk associate’s…only completely different.

And if you think you have fickle friends or relatives, just wait until you meet our muse. They whisper in our ear and we talk right back to them, only we do it verbally. Have you ever watched someone on the street, in the mall, in the airport, or anywhere else, and they’re having a conversation with themselves? I don’t mean they’re talking wirelessly on their phone either. I mean having a grrrr conversation with themselves and not caring that everybody can hear what they’re saying. That’s how fed up they are.

Chances are it’s an author. And we’re talking with our muse, who’s incidentally acting like a complete and total bitch, and raising our ire, which is why we’re talking out loud and not noticing. It’s not as uncommon as you think.

My muse is notorious for doing this to me in airports. I’ll sit down, put in my earphones, play some music, and type away. Then, just before I line up to board the plane, I put the laptop in standby mode. Why? Because I know better. Those extra seconds it takes to boot up could mean the difference between life and death to a character.

I’m fairly certain people next to me have heard me mutter “Seriously? NOW you come up with this? We’re just about to board the plane. You couldn’t wait two goddamn minutes until we’re in our seat???”

My husband tells me there are microphones all over airports and on planes that listen in to conversations. If so, I’m screwed and there will one day be a Greatest Hits compilation released to the National Enquirer detailing what a sick puppy I am to be talking to myself like I do.

So there’s that, but what I really wanted to mention in today’s post was my comfort zone of where I write. Yes, I write very well in airports. Can’t tell you why, but nothing soothes me more than popping down in a seat and going to town with a story. I get more done there than I do at home.

And for some reason, I write EXTREMELY well when I’m sitting next to Kiernan Kelly. We’ve done this a couple of years in a row at OutlantaCon where we’ll get ourselves a cocktail, sit down in the lobby, plug in, boot up, and just start writing. I love writing next to her! By the third cocktail, we’ve somehow managed to swap laptops and we’re writing each other’s story. It’s weird how that happens. Good cocktails, though.

I also enjoy writing next to J.P. Barnaby when she’s camped out on my couch. G. A. Hauser too, just not on the couch. She hasn’t visited the house yet, but perhaps one day. I imagine I’d write well with Eden Winters since we enjoy the same music. We’ll have to try that sometime.

So, does that solve any mysteries for you about how an author’s mind works? Or does it just raise more questions?

~Kage Alan

About Kage Alan

Non-award winning and utterly non-famous LGBT author Kage Alan lives in a suburb of Detroit, MI with his husband, who answers to “His Majesty,” and their fish and shrimp, who answer to “fish” or “shrimp.” He enjoys adding to his tiny Blu-Ray library, and fibbing about buying Blu-Rays on New Release Tuesday. Kage also lives in fear of His Majesty’s Hong Kong Grandmonster, who God apparently doesn’t want to spend time with.

His novels include A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to My Sexual Orientation, Andy Stevenson Vs. the Lord of the Loins, Gaylias: Operation Thunderspell, and Falling Awake. He also has short stories in Butt Pirates in Space, Butt Ninjas From Hell, Butt Babes in Boyland, Butt Riders on the Range, and Butt Villains on Vacation.

Website: www.KageAlan.com
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8 thoughts on “If You Come, He Will Write Next To You ~ Outside the Margins with Kage Alan

  1. Ok…so the next time I see someone arguing with the air and not wearing an earpiece, I will figure he or she is talking to a muse…but I will still cross the street, lol. Thanks for that insight into your character (0;

    • I don’t know if you’ve ever gone to a convention where there are other authors. If you do, go a day early and watch where they all hang out in the lobby, bring their laptops out, type, and talk to themselves. It’s a riot! I’m guilty of the same thing.

  2. I love writing next to you, too! What I need, though is for someone to invent a phone app that will take the thoughts in my head and transcribe it directly into Word while I’m sleeping. Then I can dedicate my waking hours to cocktails, and taking a photo of your face around to all the major theme parks and tourist attractions. 😛

  3. I talk to myself all the time…..but, trust me, the world isn’t ready for my musings. LOL Eh, usually it’s because there isn’t anyone else intelligent around. Of course, when I’m at work I don’t really expect to be surrounded with intelligence, or even common sense for that matter! I’m so ready to retire. Only 6 years 10 months to go…….

  4. Very interesting! We never know when our inspiration will hit. We have to have a laptop ready when it does. I know sometimes I drive and have nothing to write with. I am like sure now my inspiration will now I can’t do a blasted thing with it! Luckily, I can write before it leaves me.

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