Partners of Prism Fiction ~ Jeff Adams partner to Will Knauss

Prism would like offer a warm welcome to Jeff Adams


What is your partner’s name?

Will Knauss

What is your partner’s role in the genre?

Will is an equal partner in J&W Books. He’s published m/m romance in the past in anthologies (his last was a decade ago). He’s working on new titles, including co-writing a series with me. We also co-host the weekly show “Jeff & Will’s Big Gay Fiction Podcast.” He’s my #1 beta reader and he’s great with keeping up on industry trends.

What did you first think of their involvement in the genre?

It’s great. He got into it with shorts and has since gone on to novellas and novels. I’m glad he took the plunge he wanted to take.

What do you think of their involvement now?

The ongoing involvement’s been great. We enjoy making plans for our business and what we’re doing together and separately. The podcast is great fun. We meet such amazing people, too.

Do the people in your life know about your partner’s involvement in the genre? If so, what do they think of it?

It’s not a secret. We both write under our real names. It’s all over our Facebook feeds–both what we’re doing and what we share about our friends. There’s a lot of support from our friends who aren’t authors.

What advice do you have for partners new to the genre/new to the authordom?

Embrace the fun! At its best, this genre is full of so much fun and it’d be a shame to miss out on that.

Brag about your partner, what are you most proud of them accomplishing in this difficult industry?

He keeps a such a good mindset. Granted, we listen to lot of podcast and read books to help guide us in our author careers so that helps. But he applies them well and he’s got a good work ethic so once he decides what he’s doing he’s pretty good at sticking with it. We both also try to filter out some of the noise that’s present in the industry to focus on what needs to be done.

What is your favorite part of their involvement in the LGBT genre?

It’s something we both enjoy. Jeff played hockey in the New York City Gay Hockey Association for more than a decade. I’m not sporty so that didn’t do much for me. With m/m romance, we both love it so it’s something we enjoy together.

What has their involvement in the genre brought to your life?

It’s brought us a lot of great friends and given us a business that we look at growing for many years to come as we both write, podcast as well as whatever we decide to take on next.

Has their involvement inspired your actions and/or changed your views?

We’ve been together for more than 20 years now, extending to before either of us was writing. So I can’t say being invovled in the genre has changed my views since I was reading the genre before we met.

Have you attended any genre-oriented events (Pride, GRL, book signings, etc) with your partner? If so, what did you think of them as an “outsider”?

We’ve gone to GRL for years now as well as Rainbow Book Fair along with other events, including New York City Pride. Since we read in the genre before we wrote, neither of us were oustiders at events like GRL.

What’s one thing you do to help support them when they’re in a rut or feeling down about their work?

I encourage him to take breaks when needed–whether it’s simply doing something in another project or stepping away entirely. Plus I listen, and since I write too, sometimes I can help him find his way out of the rut.

Rapid Fire Time:
Fire or Ice?: Fire
Tea, hot or iced?: Iced
Beach or Mountains? .: Mountains
Vodka or Tequila?: Vodka
Country or City?: City
Medium rare or well done?: Well done
Beatles or Stones?:
Dragon or Unicorn?: Unicorn
Tardis or DeLorean?: DeLorean
Boxers or Briefs: Briefs
Freddie Mercury or Adam Lambert?: that’s an impossible choice
Lucky Charms or Trix?: Lucky Charms
Porsche or Prius?: Prius

Thank you so much, Jeff Adams, for taking the time to talk with us today!

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