Unbreak my Heart by K Lee Klien ~ Book Review by Karen

unbreak-my-heart-coverTitle: Unbreak my Heart

Author: K Lee Klien

Publisher: Dreamspinner Press

Cover Artist: Reese Dante

Rating: 4.50 of 5 Stars

Publication Date: 08/05/2016

Length: Long Novel (~ 100K+)

Genre: Western


Brett Taylor has been doing just fine living in his little world of grief and pain for the past three years—thank you very much. Losing someone special is life changing, and Brett doesn’t understand why everyone and their damn dog thinks they can get all up in his business about moving on. He’s accepted his job going from musician to rancher without relying on anyone else’s opinion, and he doesn’t need some city kid coming into his life to break the habits he’s been practicing—grief, isolation, and a whole lot of Jack Daniels.

JT Campbell was on a quest to escape his old life, and to figure out who he is and where he belonged as he moved from one meaningless job to the next. He wasn’t looking to save anyone, let alone a secretive, hotter-than-hell rancher who wore his heart on his sleeve. He likes working for Brett, but it’s been made perfectly clear that any relationship other than professional will never see the light of day.

But when JT’s lust turns to love, and he gives in to his desire to find out what makes Brett tick, will his patience and support result in Brett lowering the walls he’s built-up enough so JT can unbreak his heart?

My View:

This book was in my radar for ages, and I never got round to reading it, to angsty, too sad I’m not sure, but as it’s being rehoused at Dreamspinner it seemed like the perfect opportunity.

This book is quite long, and very Southern American, while I have never been to the Southern States of America (or anywhere else in the US in fact ) this book is totally how I imagine it. Warn hearted plain speaking people, family oriented who don’t give a jolt for what people think. I hope I’m not living in my own version of SouthernUSlandia here, but I’m sure that someone will put me right !

For me the books that really work on an emotional level capture the spirit not just of the protagonists, but of where the book is set.  So I especially prefer books where at least one of the characters has strong roots, as a child and young adult I moved around a lot and I have found that roots are important to me.

So Unbreak my Heart captured me from the beginning. Essentially a four handed story, with two of the characters Millie (Brett’s mum) and Ray ( Brett’s only friend and the foreman on the ranch)being strongly supportive, they are often foils to Brett and JT.  So a book of 300 pages, where the MC’s spend a lot of time in their own heads and don’t kiss until about 40% of the way in, and then take it slow after that – it doesn’t sound so special. It is

The warmth and love that Klein gives to her characters is special, they were not even close to being perfect, and yet they worked for each other. As Brett and JT got to know each other we do too, so that I was rooting for them, and I rarely feel like that. It’s an odd feeling actually, I know what I’m reading is a romance, so by definition there is going to be a happy ending. But it’s a rare book that makes me ‘want’ it.

There is quite a lot of angst in this book, especially from Brett, and I hate angst usually. It feels manufactured and mechanical in a lot of books, but here it felt totally real and authentic. Its been a long time since I rooted for a couple like I did for Brett and JT.

It’s not a perfect book, at times its too sentimental and JT is too understanding (or I am not understanding enough ?) but the feeling of place and the strong affection that Klien has for her characters makes this a re read for me.


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I would like to thank the publisher for providing me with the eARC of this title in exchange for my honest opinion.

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