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Title: Lysistrata Cove
Author: Dena Hankins
Publisher: Bold Strokes Publishing
Cover Artist: Sheri
Genre: Action/Adventure, BDSM, Bisexual, Contemporary, Erotica, Fiction, Menage/Poly, Romance, Trans*
Release Date: 09/14/2016


Jack Azevedo captains his charter sailboat in the Caribbean. Life can’t get any better, especially once he discovers a mysterious uncharted island with a sugar-sand cove for his passengers to enjoy and an intriguing, if angry, inhabitant.

Superstar Eve La Sirena has an illicit plan to restore creative freedom to musicians worldwide…if she can keep an ocean between her public and her secrets. Jack’s arrival exposes her island retreat and jeopardizes years of work, but his sweet generosity whets her cruel appetites.

As a transmasculine gender explorer and BDSM bottom, Jack’s used to flouting convention, not the law. When Eve’s clandestine project draws three kinds of cops, everything he has is endangered. Will the maelstrom of emotion strip the civilized veneer from his piratical heart?

Two Types of Pirates, Three Kinds of Cops

Sailing doesn’t necessarily make someone a pirate. Plenty of rule- and law-abiding people sail. Competitive races, dawdling day-trips, or therapeutic jaunts…there’s more than one way to be on the water.

I don’t just visit the water, though. I live aboard my small sailboat with another human, at sail or at anchor as much as possible. I feel most free when tethered to the planet only by anchor and chain, secure in the natural law of buoyancy.

The name of my first boat, Sovereign Nation, may provide some insight into my watery worldview. My freedom is the hard-working kind, the kind with intimate knowledge of freedom’s other face—responsibility—and the absolute requirements for staying alive on the water.

The demanding ethic of living at sea highlighted for me the crucial questions of freedom and necessity, but I began my pirate-life before I ever went sailing. Lysistrata Cove is a story of two types of pirates, written by a third type. A pirate of the airwaves.

What could be freer than air? Well, vibrate that air with, say, a micro-radio transmitter, and there’s an entire governmental agency ready to tell you that you’re not allowed, you don’t belong, you haven’t paid.

Though Eve La Sirena, the bisexual femme superstar of Lysistrata Cove, doesn’t run a pirate radio station like the one a young DJ Mischievous used to broadcast on, she does similar service bringing music out from behind the glass wall of copyright.

Though Jack Azevedo, the captain-hero, has no intention of pirating anything at the book’s beginning, he takes the helm when he has no other choice, and he points that boat toward open ocean.

My queer kinky poly sexuality has sparked many an intense conversation, cost and netted me jobs, provided me safe harbor and thrust me into dangerous seas. I dodge the decency police, the grammar police, and the fashion police more often than the not one…not two…but three kinds of cops after Eve and Jack.

Still, there’s more than a little pirate in me. I’m betting there’s some in you too.


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About the Author


Captain Dena Hankins writes aboard her sailboat, preferably in a quiet anchorage. She spent eight years as a sex educator, soaking up the most stimulating stories of human sexuality, and is honored to provide some tales in return. She is a queer, poly, kinky, adventurous sailor with so much left to learn!

Being a military brat, wanderlust is deep in her, and she has been sailing since 1999, covering waters from Seattle to San Francisco, across to Hawaii, and from North Carolina to Maine. Whether traveling in the physical world or ranging far in her imagination, she is happiest accompanied by her partner since 1996, James Lane.

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