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You know, it’s one thing writing stories, publishing them in books and having people read them. It’s an amazing feeling each time I do it and I am in love with that feeling. Knowing I’ve created something that people seem to want to read is an incredibly fulfilling feeling.

On the flip side of this is the fact I’ve gotten to meet and get to know so many amazing people. Without my writing, it would never have happened. Here’s just a few of these wonderful people or places who have themselves their own tales to tell. I’ve included links into their stories and endeavours too, because I believe they deserve a shout out for what they do, and also, you might find it as interesting.

Anders Rodskar – Anders was the founder of the old Queer Town Abbey website, and one that I loved browsing around. It was a wealth of information and news about the LGBTQ community-until the day it was hacked by homophobic individuals and he had to shut it down. Not being one to give up on his dream of having an e-zine, Anders started a new one- Divine Magazine. He and I had gotten chatting a while ago and when the chance came to partner with him as Editorial Manager in this wonderful online publication, I jumped at the chance. For nearly a year, we ran this together until regrettably, my writing commitments took over and I had to stand down. However, we remain good friends and I try help out whenever I’m asked.

Nicholas Downs– Nicholas and I met when I interviewed him for Divine Magazine. He was charming, talented and a real down to earth guy. He’s also exceptionally cute. (He’ll probably hate that description lol but it’s so true.) We chatted online, he read some of my books, I watched his movies. When he asked me to collaborate with him on writing a book we intend bringing to screen, it was another opportunity I jumped on. Sight Unseen is the project and we’re both very excited about it. I’m writing the book at the moment, we hope to publish it this year and then work on a screen play together to bring it to life. I think you’ll love Nate and Cody.


John Trevillian – he’s an award winning writer, Bard, Shaman and a Druid. Oh and soon to be a wizard. He’s also a very good friend.  I met John when I joined a writing circle back when I first started writing. It was held at his home, an incredible place called Talliston. This appears to have become somewhat of a second home to me, and has to be seen to be believed. I was fortunate to perform the service to marry John and his husband Marcus in a pagan ceremony in 2015, and that in itself was an incredible experience. John is the most single minded and driven individual I know and that’s saying something seeing as how I share the qualities.

Tracy Shayler and Kieran Stanbridge – I met Tracy through my books years ago and we clicked. We’ve kept in touch, met for dinner and social gatherings and through her I’ve met Kieran, who’s another remarkable individual. Together they formed a charity of which I’m a Board trustee and I’d never have gotten this opportunity had I never started writing and Tracy hadn’t read my books.

Santus Circus – I couldn’t resist this one. I mean, how many people get the chance to stay in a circus for a few days doing book research for a new novel I’m planning, a story called Living on Air. The owner of this wonderful circus, Ernest Santus, was more than happy for my husband and I to take over one his caravans and interview people and get to know the inner workings of what goes on behind the scenes. It was a mind blowing experience and one I’d recommend if you ever get the chance to stay in a circus.


Cromer Lighthouse – as part of my book research for Worth Keeping, I was granted access into this wonderful place during a routine maintenance visit. It is truly stunning, on the beautiful Norfolk coast and one of my research highlights.


I’ve done lots more and met other amazing people but these are some of the highlights. I believe all things happen for a reason during our life journey and we meet people along the way who come to influence our lives. Experiences enrich us, people inspire us and events make us who we are today. Grab onto experiences with both hands, go out and do those things you’ve always wanted to do. It’s rewarding, fulfilling and a whole lot of fun.

~Susan Mac Nicol

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