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Title: Blind Date
Author: Kay Doherty
Publisher: NineStar Press
Cover Artist: Natasha Snow
Genre: Contemporary, Gay, Gay Romance
Release Date: 08/29/2016


Dekker Callan is content with his life though he knows something is missing. Wanting the kind of love his friends share with their partners, Dekker is talked into taking part in a modeling and dating show as part of a fundraiser. He immediately falls in love with the anonymous, sexy voice on the other side of the wall, but fate has a surprise in store–his mystery man isn’t single.

Slade Gannon wasn’t supposed to take part in the dating show. That spot was for his roommate, Phil, who becomes ill and asks Slade to take his place. Slade has just recently gone through a breakup with his cheating boyfriend, George. Shocked and pleased when he wins the interest of handsome Dekker Callan, before he can go on the obligatory blind date, his ex asks for a second chance. Believing Dekker can’t possibly be as good on the inside as he looks on the outside, Slade agrees.

Dekker and Slade hit it off immediately, drawn to each other despite Slade being involved with someone else. They finally get their opportunity to be together when Slade finds out his boyfriend is still cheating, but just as they seem to discover the happiness they’ve been waiting for, George throws them one last hurdle—and this one may prove to be insurmountable.

Behind Blind Date

I’ve been asked to explain what inspired me to write Blind Date, my first published novel. It all started with this question:

If your character took part in a game show, what type would it be?

This was a writing prompt that came across my phone one day, and my first thought was “What an intriguing idea!” There are so many game shows out there that having one of my men take part in one of them seemed like a lot of fun. Since I write MM romances, I thought back on all the popular dating shows that aired back in the 1980s. The two men I was planning on introducing weren’t the types for the more modern reality-based bachelor/ette shows. They were, however, the types of men who could be convinced to take part in a Love Connection game show.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with Love Connection, this was a show where a man or woman would sit on one side of a barrier with the host of the show, while on the other side of the barrier sat three contestants who were competing against each other to win a date with them by asking and answering questions. They’d never met, and they’d not seen each other prior to taking the stage. It was a great idea—anxiety, excitement, and mystery were built into the design. I didn’t follow the concept for Love Connection to the letter; I created my own version.

I put Dekker in the position of bachelor and had a blast as he showed me how he went about choosing a man based on nothing but the man’s words. It turned out that it wasn’t just Slade’s answers Dekker found attractive, but the sound of his voice. Focusing more on Dekker and Slade’s personalities, rather than solely on their looks, was far more rewarding to write. These aren’t simply two men who see each other from across the room and are drawn together based on physical appearance—while both men are handsome, finding the other physically attractive becomes a bonus. Love is so much better when you like who a person is as well as how they look.

Blind Date is a fun book for a lot of reasons. Dekker and Slade meet each other in an unorthodox way and move on through the story to have adventurous dates mixed with sexually charged encounters. Neither of them makes it through the book unscathed: Dekker suffers physical injuries while Slade has to find a way to move past emotional scars. The novel begins with a dating game and ends with a surprise that only solidifies for Dekker that Slade is the ultimate prize.


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About the Author

Kay lives in Colorado with her husband and their animal children. Family is important to her so there are weekly visits to her parents and frequent text messages with her brothers. She has a severe addiction to coffee and Mexican food. She loves to read and write and can easily become consumed by it for hours, much to the dismay of the husband and dogs. On occasion she can be convinced to venture out into world of the living.

Email: kaydohertyauthor@gmail.com
Twitter: @kdohertyauthor
Pinterest: @KDohertyAuthor


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  1. Before anything else, thanks for stopping vy Miss Kay.

    I’ve read a lot of MM novels but I’ve never seen a blurb like this one. This is such a fresh concept for me. Unconventional and it sounds very exciting. I’ve always enjoyed watching those blind dates program where a woman gets to choose among three men. You don’t know what you’re actually getting into. You only rely on instincts and what you feel inside. <3

    The blurb strongly evoke my interest on reading this book. This is actually impressive for a debut novel. I hope Kay will have a lot of stories to write.

    Hope you had a great time here. ^_^

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