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Welcome to the Prism Book Alliance Blog today! Freddy MacKay here, one of the contributors to Outside the Margins. For my part, I write flash fiction pieces for a story called On the Divide. These are not professionally edited but I do try to catch my mistakes. I hope you enjoy.


On the Divide – Part 26 by Freddy MacKay

Side Note Today’s entry is a little more graphic in nature.

They stumbled toward the door, the two of them laughing and shushing each other as they got closer to Cooper’s apartment. Heat radiated off Harlan, and when they pressed together Cooper felt a surge of excitement go through him. The touch burned through every layer of clothing straight the Cooper’s heart. His head buzzed from the high. He wanted more because it felt so good. Something he hadn’t been used to feeling in so long.

By the time they made it to the door both of them suffered from a case of wandering hands and clumsy touches. What would it be like to have Harlan under him? Moaning. Writhing. Needing Cooper?

Shitballs. Cooper’s cock definitely wanted to find out. He thought he did too.

Harlan pushed him hard against a door, knocking Cooper for loop and gasping. His head spun and his stomach clenched.

“Keys,” Harlan gasped between kisses.

“What?” Cooper shook himself. They were just getting a little excited. That was all.

“Your keys,” Harlan repeated.

“Oh, yeah, right.”


Cooper fumbled around his pockets before managing to pull his keys out. He turned, blinked, and tried to get the key in the lock. It took a couple tries, and Harlan kissing the back of his neck and pressing up against him really didn’t help matters, but the door finally swung open minutes, thought probably only seconds, later.

They tumbled inside, nearly falling to the floor, but Halran kept them upright. He herded Cooper toward the futon. Kisses and nips covered Cooper. Pleasure and a bit of pain mixed together in one confused lump.

“So you liked our date?” Harlan asked.

“Yes.” He had.

“Want me to take you out again?”

“I do.” Cooper thought he did at least.

“Good. Just let me take care of everything.”

“Uh, okay.” Something in those words dulled the embers burning inside Cooper.

“I will make sure you enjoy everything.”

They were talking about dates, right?

Harlan pressed against Cooper and tipped them over onto the futon. They landed hard, Harlan squashing Cooper. It hurt.

“You all right, Coop?”

“Uh, yes.”

Harlan sounded concerned, had lifted off Cooper, so that meant he didn’t purposefully knock Cooper for a loop. The fact Cooper’s stomach dropped out of the bottom was just him. Him and his stupid nerves.

They were having fun.

The kisses. The touches. Everywhere Harlan touched a sizzle, pop or spark lit Cooper up. He liked those so his head needed to shut the fuck up. Because the last thing he wanted was for his stupid head to intefer with something good. So he concentrated on the way Harlan’s beard felt against his face, the way their tongues pressed and dueled together. How good it felt to have someone holding him close. To want Cooper.

Those fervored hand movements were because of him. The way Harlan’s breath came out harsh and raspy. The press of Harlan’s groin into Cooper’s hip. He’d caused that reaction in Harlan.

Cooper was indeed wanted. Not worthless.

Harlan’s arm brushed over Cooper’s head, and he mumbled something against Cooper’s ear.

“What?” he responded, half-dazed.

“Where’s the—oh, wait, I got it.”


The futon collapsed, spreading out into a nice sized bed for them. Then the light beside them flicked on. Harlan sat back, smiling. He pulled his suspenders off then shucked his shirts. A heavy coat of fur covered his pecs and stomach.

“Oh.” Cooper chuckled, the little flutters in his stomach went haywire. Is that smile really for me? I want to touch too.

“Yes, oh.” Harlan kissed Cooper’s forehead. “Thought we should get a little more comfortable.”

“How nice of you.”


Cooper chuckled again, swallowing. He tried a smile, but then realized they were making out in the dark. Harlan probably couldn’t see squat.

“Now, where were we?” Harlan said. “Oh, right. This really needs to go.”

Suddenly Cooper was caught in his shirt, him trying to understand what was happening, Harlan laughing.

“Come on. Off. I want to feel your chest.”

“Uh, okay.” Cooper blinked and pushed up. The room wobbled as his shirt flung off.

A smiling Harlan met his gaze. “Oh, very nice. Very nice indeed.”

A firm hand went up and down Cooper’s torso. Hard then soft. Up then down. Swirling then sliding. Cooper wasn’t sure what to do with it all. He wasn’t used to someone sitting over him and just staring. Not since… No, no. His head would not go there.

“So you like?” Cooper asked, tryinf hard not to think about how the answer could crush him. How much he needed Harlan to say he did like how Cooper looked.

“I said I did.” Harlan leaned over Cooper and pressed a kiss against his mouth.

The warmth flowed through him and Cooper took it. He settled back against the futon. Part of him floated, not quite feeling tied down to the situation. He kind of enjoyed how free he felt, but another smaller part of his had alarms blaring. It was like he’d float away if Harlan wasn’t there to weigh him down.

“Do you wax?”

“What? Uh, no. Just don’t grow chest hair all that well.”

“Hmmm.” Harlan’s head dipped. He moved Cooper’s arm up and pressed his face into Cooper’s armpit, smelling deep.

So he was one of those guys. Cooper could work with that. Probably.
“You smell good.”

“I smell sweaty.”

“Like I said, good.”

Cooper chuckled again, pressing down the butterflies in his stomach, the ones rapidly moving to his chest.

Harlan licked up Cooper’s armpit, inhaling deep again. He squirmed but let Harlan do as he pleased. Laughing when Harlan dove in his other pit. He kisses and laved, the hairs soaked with his salvia. It squished in an interesting way.

“You don’t like?” Harlan said, holding himself above Cooper.

“No, it’s fine. Not my thing, but if you’re enjoying it, it’s good.”

“Not your thing?”

“It’s okay if you want to do it,” Cooper said quickly. “I want you to enjoy yourself.”

“You should be having fun too, Coop.”

“I like pleasing my partner. I enjoy what they enjoy.” Of course that’s what got him in trouble with Tabitha—but no, he really did prefer what his partner liked.

Harlan stared at him for a minute. Long enough for Cooper to wonder if he said something wrong. He went back through the conversation in his head. Nope. Harlan should’ve been happy with his answer. Cooper hadn’t met anyone who wasn’t.

“If you’re sure,” Harlan said.

“Yes. You want me to lick yours?”

Harlan’s eyebrows shot up. “Would you even like it?”

“Don’t know until I try.”

Cooper pulled Harlan down and stuck his head in Harlan’s pit. He pressed his tongue against the skin. There was a definite taste. Nothing special for Cooper but the moan… Oh, yes, he liked Harlan’s moan.

“More.” Harlan’s hips jerked against Cooper. “Yes.”

Cooper laughed. The fog of unsease lifting. He could do this. He could let himself feel again.

“Oooh, man.”

“You going to come from just your pits?”

“Shut up!”

Cooper flinched but followed the movement down.

Harlan’s hips snapped against Cooper again. The bulge in his pants pressed hard against Cooper’s crotch.

“Get up here!” Harlan pulled at Cooper, rearranging them so their cocks pressed against each other through their pants. “Aw, fuck.”

Harlan pulled Cooper’s arms up and held his wrists down, kissing Cooper hard as they ground together. His moans filled Cooper’s ears. He used his weight to press against Cooper, pinning him—trapping me—down on the futon.

“Oh, yeah.” Harlan licked down Cooper’s neck. “Goin’ to take such good care of you.”

The breaths in the room came harder.

“You’re going to love what I do to you. Aren’t you?”

The room spun. Heat exploding out.

“Going to beg for me.”

No, it wasn’t Cooper’s head exploding. He tugged against Harlan’s hold. He just needed a little room. Not much. Just… He just didn’t like how fast this was spinning.

Harlan chuckled, licking Cooper’s jaw. “Going to love you hard, Coop. Just like you deserve.”

The words echoed inside Cooper’s chest, like a scream bouncing forever within a chasm so deep anyone would ge tlost. Tabitha’s face flashed in front of his eyes, startling him. Bile rose in Cooper’s throat. No. This is Harlan. Not Tabitha. Harlan wanted them to both enjoy tonight.

“You want that?” Harlan’s words jerked Cooper back to the aprtment. “Want to be underneath me, fucked out of—”

“Ugh!” Cooper tugged against Harlan’s grip.

“Yeah.” Harlan kissed down Cooper’s neck to his chest, nipping then soothing with his tongue. “Going to take good care of you, Coop. Going to make you feel so good.”


The words rang in his ears, lights flased against his eyes. A soft voice laughed somewhere close by.


The weight on top of him lessened. “Coop?”

“Get the fuck off me!” Cooper yanked his arms, and they slipped from their prison-hold. He pushed up, knocking the weight back.

Cooper sat up, breathing hard. Desperate to get the room to stop moving. He rubbed his face, hard.



“What!” He turned on Harlan, yelling. “What!”

Harlan was sitting back on his heels, hands held out, watching Cooper. Like that he didn’t seem so threatening. But it was the question he asked that knocked Cooper on his ass.

“You sure you haven’t been raped?”

~Freddy MacKay


Title: Flight
Author: Queer Sci Fi
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