Partners of Prism Fiction ~ Chris Carpenter partner to Brandilyn Carpenter

Prism would like offer a warm welcome to Chris Carpenter

What is your partner’s name?

Brandilyn Carpenter

What is your partner’s role in the genre?


What did you first think of their involvement in the genre?

I first thought it was a good way to use the “extra” time she might have. She loves to read and has had friends in the LGBTQ+ community since High School.

What do you think of their involvement now?

She has taken what was first going to be a hobby and turned it into an avenue to learn,make friend, and communicate with people around the world. It makes me happy she has accomplished what she has and I hope she feels like continuing for a very long time.

Do the people in your life know about your partner’s involvement in the genre? If so, what do they think of it?

Yes, and they generally do not have an issue. Not one has asked me if I mind that she is involved like she is with the community.

What advice do you have for partners new to the genre/new to the authordom?

If you love them, support them. Relationships are about giving and not taking.

Brag about your partner, what are you most proud of them accomplishing in this difficult industry?

I think its great that she was able to take small blog/review site and build it to the point it is being recognized in the industry and able to get interviews with some of the most popular authors in the genre.

What is your favorite part of their involvement in the LGBT genre?

My favorite part of her involvement is the this is not just a job to her. She truly believes in the cause of spreading awareness of not only the great authors in the genre, but the rights and treatment of people in the LGBTQ+ community as a whole. “Love is Love”, she likes to say.

What has their involvement in the genre brought to your life?

A very large book collection, hardcopy, electronic, and audio. I am still amazed she has read all those books.

Has their involvement inspired your actions and/or changed your views?

I have started becoming more aware of issues that involve or affect the community. Also, my philosophy has change a little. I did believe that what someone else does in their personal life does not affect me. Now, I believe that apathy is almost as harmful as hate.

Have you attended any genre-oriented events (Pride, GRL, book signings, etc) with your partner? If so, what did you think of them as an “outsider”?

I have not attended any events with her.

What’s one thing you do to help support them when they’re in a rut or feeling down about their work?

I try to ask questions about how the blog is going, but I mostly try to keep the kids focused on me so she can work it out the way she wants. I have found that space is the best help. Of course, sometimes a hug and kiss can be helpful.

Rapid Fire Time:
Fire or Ice?: Fire
Tea, hot or iced?: Iced
Beach or Mountains? .: Beach
Vodka or Tequila?: Tequila
Country or City?: Country
Medium rare or well done?: Medium rare
Beatles or Stones?: Beatles
Dragon or Unicorn?: Dragon
Tardis or DeLorean?: Tardis
Boxers or Briefs: Boxers
Freddie Mercury or Adam Lambert?: Freddie Mercury
Lucky Charms or Trix?: Lucky Charms
Porsche or Prius?: Porsche

Thank you so much, Chris Carpenter, for taking the time to talk with us today!

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  1. Thank you for the insightful interview. It’s so wonderful that you’re so supportive of Brandilyn. Also great advice to others who have partners supporting the LGBTQ community.

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