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Title: Wolf in League (Wolf, Bk 3)
Author: A.F. Henley
Publisher: Less Than Three Press
Cover Artist:
Genre: Action/Adventure, Contemporary, Gay Romance, Paranormal, Urban Fantasy
Release Date: 10/12/2016


It’s been months since anyone at the Committee has had any contact from the O’Connell family or their pack members, and they are not happy. Suspicious of the activities that took place in D.C. and determined to find out what the wolves are up to, the Committee recruits one of their newest residents, Doctor Matthew Dietrich, to play the part of neighbor and infiltrate the family.

Matthew has always been a keep-to-himself kind of person. Though idealistic and optimistic, he prefers to work in solitude, at night, while he researches the findings that he hopes will one day change the world. When he’s approached by the executives of the Center, he has no idea why they’d choose him. And to say he is skeptical over the concept of men that can shift into wolves would be an understatement. Until he meets his new partner, the man that will play the part of his “husband” in the Committee’s scheme, Doctor Gavin Strauss.


A Tiny Teaser

Today’s post marks the mid-point of the Wolf, in League blog tour and giveaway, and I am honoured to be able to experience it with you here, at Prism Book Alliance. If you are new to the tour, please accept my thanks for stopping by and seeing what we’re up to – I hope you enjoy and plan to join us for more throughout. For those that have been with me from the get-go, welcome back! I hope you’ve been having a blast so far.

I’ve been doing my best to keep my comments/introductions short and sweet, but I would love to take a moment and tell you about the tour-wide giveaway. Just follow through to the end of the post to learn how you could win your very own signed, print copy of Wolf in League, a “crystal and silver” diamante Howling Wolf Pendant, and a $20 gift certificate to the Less Than Three Press book market.

And now, the teaser, and a re-introduction to one of Wolf’s original characters, Randy Connor…

Tiny Teaser: Post 7

Matthew watched Randy saunter down the road towards the house with an expression that he knew was resplendent in praise. Life was not fair… all the good ones really were married. Or shacked up, anyway.

When Randy paused at the foot of the driveway and lifted a hand in a silent hello, Matthew motioned him up without hesitation.

“Howdy, neighbor.” Matthew shut his laptop. “Out for a stroll?”

A smile lit Randy’s face and everything south of Matthew’s belly button went weak. It had been too long since Matthew had spent some time with another man and he was due. It was time to either get back into town and hit the bars or call up some of the more risqué websites Matthew knew of. While Matthew wasn’t all that into fly-by-night affairs, a person still needed some one-on-one time, and it wouldn’t be the first time Matthew had gone looking for a body to tide him over. It wasn’t ideal, but work and school hadn’t left him much in the way of free time to go searching for a hubby. He could live with that for the time being; it wasn’t like life was slipping past him. Not yet, anyway. He was young. There’d be time for true love and potential husbands later.

“Thought I’d do the respectable thing and stop by to say hello,” Randy said. He stood at the bottom of the porch stairs and made no effort to come any closer.

Matthew lifted out of the chair with an exaggerated effort, and tucked his laptop under his arm. “I was starting to think the house was empty over there.”

Randy didn’t reply with anything other than a chuckle and while disappointed, Matthew had to admit that he didn’t really think it was going to be that easy to get the man to talk. ‘Yeah, sorry about that, but we’ve got this vampire that we’re hiding’ wasn’t just going to fall out of Randy’s mouth. Unfortunate, but life was an entire string of unfortunate events.

“Can I offer you a coffee?” Matthew asked. “Or something more sociable? It’s not too early to offer you a beer, is it?”

Randy waved the suggestions away. “I’ll take you up on that another time, but thank you. I just wanted to see how you were doing. If you liked the house and everything was working all right for you. It used to be mine, you know.”

“I did not,” Matthew lied. “But that would make you R. Connor, wouldn’t it?”

“Randy,” he said. “The R actually stands for Randall, but I prefer Randy.”

“Perfectly acceptable name,” Matthew said. “I’m Matthew. With all the letters still intact.” He stepped down the stairs, but slowly; as though he were advancing on a wild animal. As genuine as Randy’s light, friendly expression seemed to be, Matthew wasn’t about to throw caution to the wind. He could only hope that Gavin was listening, or watching, at least, and that Gavin would be inspired to find a way to save him should things suddenly go awry. Not that Randy was a wolf or anything… but who knew what could have gone on in the last several months?

Wolf, in League Excerpt

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About the Author


Henley was born with a full-blown passion for run-on sentences, a zealous indulgence in all words descriptive, and the endearing tendency to overuse punctuation. Since the early years Henley has been an enthusiastic writer, from the first few I-love-my-dog stories to the current leap into erotica.

A self-professed Google genius, Henley lives for the hours spent digging through the Internet for ‘research purposes’ which, more often than not, lead seven thousand miles away from first intentions but bring Henley to new discoveries and ideas that, once seeded, tend to flourish.

Henley has been working with Less Than Three Press since 2012.



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28 thoughts on “A.F. Henley on Wolf in League (Wolf, Bk 3) ~ Guest Blog Rafflecopter Giveaway

  1. “Perfectly acceptable name,” Matthew said. “I’m Matthew. With all the letters still intact.” Really, Matthew? Really? *face palms* R-e-a-l-l-y?! XD

    I did about the same amount of facepalming with Matthew as I did with Randy, hindsight observation. 🙂

    Matthew’s a bit of a goofball (opinion garnered from the part directly after this… in case anybody was reading this comment outside of Henley), if I may say so, a wee bit like the Randy we know from Book #1. I honestly think there are a lot of similarities between Matthew and Randy, but the differences can be seen from the influence that is their mothers. I thought that was a very neat way of drawing out their differences considering both are in professions that society marks high-paid careers.

    And your numbers are hilarious. Thank you for sharing. <3

    • Thank you! 😀

      I have to admit that I really enjoyed writing Matthew. And getting to write Randy again, of course. But to be honest, where I didn’t really like Randy in the beginning, I was head over heels with Matthew right away.

      Always enjoy reading your comments! Thank you for coming along for the ride. <3

  2. All these little teasers make me want to read the book. Every one I read makes the story more appealing. Thank you, Henley!

  3. You know I knew a guy who was very insistent that you call him “David” not “Dave” or “Davey” or “D-Dogg” his name was “David” and that was it. My personality told me he was being ridiculous, but it’s his name he can insist all he wants I’m still going to call him “that guy” just like I do with everyone else. And when asked if I had a preference for my name (I mean what’s short for “Jack”? Really?) I said “Whatever” and from that day on lost all respect in his eyes. It was the first time I’d met such a very demanding personality like that.

    My inability to recall names has made them unimportant to me. With some small exceptions. But I’ll pretty much answer to anything from a friend.

    Poor Matthew, at least we know he’ll be getting himself something nice later. Assuming you’re not hiding anything from me. xD

    • *gasps* Me hide something? Frosty! I resemble that remark! 😉

      Names can be weird. In some cases it can really warp or sharpen other people’s perspectives of you. You notice it most strongly in the case of “ruined” names (Adolph) but even the simple names — David, Matthew, Richard — they seem to carry a certain preconceived notion about the person even before you meet them. Maybe your friend wanted to look smart? David sounds like a pretty smart name to me. XD

      Thanks again for stopping by to read and comment. Always a pleasure. <3

  4. A great teaser I like the way Matthew comes across as a little unsure of himself and awkward and I’m really intrigued to find out more about him and of course Gavin.

    • Thank you! I hope you love them when/if you get a chance to meet them more completely. 😀

      Best of luck with the giveaway and thank you for all your support with the tour! <3

    • You’re very welcome, and thank you so much for reading and commenting! Good luck with the giveaway! <3

      (I hope there isn't three of these messages when all is said and done. For some reason the reply function isn't liking me very much right now. XD)

    • Thank you! Although to be honest, there was a slight shift in posting days and I completely zoned on updating that portion of the write-up. The tour is almost over! :O

      Still, I am very glad to see you here. Thank you for reading and commenting! And good luck right back to you for the giveaway! <3

  5. I’m weird about names too. I won’t shorten someone’s name unless I know they’re ok with it. When I was choosing a name for my kid, I wanted it to be something that couldn’t be made into a nickname. Little did I know that she would transition in he & choose an entirely different name. One that also can’t be shortened into a nickname! Thanks for the post & excerpt.

    • Congratulations to both of you!

      Naming a child is so hard! I mean, the cute ones (Apple, Blue, Skye) are adorable, but I often wonder if they grew up hating it? Kids can be such jerks sometimes, and I can only imagine what they come up with some of the more interesting names!

      You might like this… I have a friend whose mother used to refuse to put her son through if we called and asked for him by anything other than his full name. She’d just say, “sorry, there’s nobody here by that name,” and hang up the phone. XD

      Good luck with the giveaway and thanks for taking part in the tour! <3

  6. Our dear Randy appears to be a little tense? Is this not just a friendly neighbourly hello? I mean he listens much and offers very little information in return. 😉

    Wonderful excerpt, buddy, and great to see Randy again! 😀 He has grown since Book One, inside as well as he outside aura. I like that very much! 😀


  7. Congrats on your new book. It sounds great. I love gay urban fantasy and paranormal, and the book blurb and excerpt made it a tbr.
    Purple Reader – TheWrote [at] aol [dot] com

    • Thanks, Serena! It was great. A lot of work but so much positive feedback and interaction with you all that every bit of work was worth it!

      Thank you very much for stopping in to read and comment, and best of luck with the giveaway! <3

  8. As he was going down the steps I kept saying: Please, don’t let Randy sense Gavin listening and break what ever link Matthew and Randy are having at the moment. I’ll have to read the rest to find our, huh? Love it so far!
    taina1959 @ yahoo.com

    • *laughs* It would be great if you did! But I thank you so much for reading what you’ve done so far. 😀

      Best of luck with the giveaway, and thank you very much for taking part! <3

  9. Thank you again for a great teaser! You have left enough unsaid that I know for sure that I will be reading this book in the near future! Thank you!

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