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Hi, all, and thanks for stopping by today for (still more) rambling. I’m very good at rambling. It may or may not be part of my charm, though which one depends entirely on whether you find it amusing or annoying (or a combination of the two), right? grins

For the entirety of my writing career, I’ve worked with publishers. I like working with publishers. It’s easier, to be honest, and I’m not generally the sort who likes to deal with the ins and outs of the business end of things. I prefer to write the story and set it free, following the seemingly endless rounds of edits and the ever-lovely cover art forms. (I HATE cover art forms. With a passion. Just saying.)

Sometimes, however, life likes to sneak up on me and smack me on the ass without notice. Without even buying me a drink first! And in the last several months, life has been doing some ass-slapping. OH, yes, it has!

So the upshot of this is that I’ve embarked on a trip into the scary land known as self-publishing. (I still get shivers down my spine, just thinking about it. It’s intimidating!)

Now, I had no idea how much was involved, or how many things had to happen in order to release (or re-release) a book. I’m still feeling my way through the various dark rooms, hands held out to warn me of impending doom. Haha?

Cover art. Editing. Formatting. ISBN numbers. Oh, my!

Fortunately, I have many friends in the writing community who have been incredibly helpful by giving me information and advice, and I can’t ever thank them enough. It’s slow going, but I’m hoping to have a couple of my older books available by the end of the year, so that’s exciting. And nerve-wracking, but still exciting.

Part of the excitement is being able to go back and re-edit stories I wrote a long time ago, back when I was still figuring out my own “writing voice.” Plus, being able to make things flow better, and even add scenes that should have been in there, while cutting of shortening those that might be too long or don’t really add anything to the story. So, yeah. That’s exciting!

New covers make me happy, too. As a self-publishing author, I have a bit more autonomy with regards to my book covers. I’m not really good at explaining what I’m picturing, but I do get there eventually, and it’s great that I’m on my own timeline (and that of the artists, of course).

My first self-published release is most likely going to be a book I wrote back in 2009 (I think), called Matchmen, Ltd. I’m having fun with the re-edits, mainly because it’s a series of three novellas in one volume, so I get to play with a whole slew of characters. After that, I think I’ll be putting out my newest book, Black of Night, which came out early this year.

The new covers are gorgeous! (I’ll share them here a bit closer to release date. hee)

Even with all the help and advice from my friends, this whole thing has me decidedly off balance. But I suppose that can be a good thing. Every now and again, shaking things up can open a whole new view, and I think this might be the case, here.

I like change, in general. This isn’t a change I was particularly hoping for, but I’m choosing to see it as an adventure. MY adventure… in self-publishing.

Universe help me, this could go SO wrong. Or so very, very right.

I suppose we’ll have to just wait and see. grins

Thanks for taking the time to read this, guys. Much appreciated.

Tune in next month — same Bat time, blah-blah-blah — when I’ll be sharing some of my favorite holiday recipes. Because I’m a rebel and stuff, and no one else does that during the holiday season, right? Hah!




~TC Blue

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