Bitter Legacy by Dal Maclean ~ Book Review by Karen

bitter-legacy-coverTitle: Bitter Legacy

Author: Dal Maclean

Publisher: Blind Eye Books

Cover Artist: Kanaxa

Rating: 5.00 of 5 Stars

Publication Date: 10/04/2016

Length: Novel (~ 50K-100K)

Genre: Mystery/Thriller



Detective Sergeant James Henderson’s remarkable gut instincts have put him on a three-year fast track to becoming an inspector. But the advancement of his career has come at a cost. Gay, posh and eager to prove himself in the Metropolitan Police, James has allowed himself few chances for romance.

But when the murder of barrister Maria Curzon-Whyte lands in his lap, all that changes. His investigation leads him to a circle of irresistibly charming men. And though he knows better, James finds himself enticed into their company.

Soon his desire for photographer Ben Morgan challenges him to find a way into the other man’s lifestyle of one-night stands and carefree promiscuity. At the same time his single murder case multiplies into a cruel pattern of violence and depravity.

But as the bodies pile up and shocking secrets come to light, James finds both his tumultuous private life and coveted career threatened by a bitter legacy.

My View:

How do you write a review when you don’t want to give anything away ? With great difficulty !

One of my great reading loves is a good mystery and one of my others is romance, but it’s really difficult to get the balance right, the mystery over powers the romance or the other way around- or the mystery is so easy to solve you can write down the name of the murderer in the first 3 chapters. None of that happens in Bitter Legacy, the thriller part is thrilling, I genuinely guessed who did it at about 75%, but I didn’t guess exactly why. The clues are there throughout the book, but it’s clever, while you’re focused on the romance you miss clues. Several times I went back to re read paragraphs.

James and Ben’s romance is difficult to read at times, because they’re coming from really different places, and seem to want different things, but it was so intense and I found myself rooting for them. Both have issues, and cover them up in very different ways.

All the supporting characters are well rounded, the neighbour, the colleagues.

I read this when I was off work with flu, and it’s over 300 pages and I read it almost without a break, there are no punches pulled here, the writing is top notch and its a terrific read. This goes in my best reads of the year, and without a doubt I’ll read this again, as I’m sure I missed details along the way.


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I would like to thank the publisher for providing me with the eARC of this title in exchange for my honest opinion.

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