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Title: Change of Address
Author: Jordan S. Brock
Publisher: Riptide
Cover Artist: L.C. Chase
Genre: Contemporary, Drama, Gay, Gay Fiction, Gay Romance, Romance
Release Date: 10/24/2016


Air Force sergeant Michael Baldwin wanted nothing more than to escape his family’s political ambitions, but his dream of freedom was shattered by an enemy bullet to the head. Two years later, he and his service dog, Kaylee, resist his father’s demand to join him on the campaign trail—where a photogenic “wounded warrior” is always an asset—and instead return to the family’s summer home on Hartsbridge Island.

There Michael and his beautiful German shepherd capture the attention of Josh Goldberg, co-owner of the local bagel shop. Josh has a knack for business and a killer repertoire of his bubbe’s recipes. But lack of education undermines his confidence, and Josh’s father doesn’t share his ambition for the restaurant’s future.

Chicken soup and bacon might be the way to Michael’s heart, but he and Josh need time to learn about everything that comes after—lessons that Governor Baldwin and his relentless ambition will do anything to thwart. Letting someone in is a tall order for two men who can’t trust themselves, but if they have any hope of a future together, that’s exactly what they’ll need to do.

East Coast Love

I live in Arizona, but my heart belongs to the East Coast. In a world that’s hot and desert brown, I miss the snow, the green of forests and lawns, the danger and majesty of the Atlantic Ocean. That’s why I ended up creating Hartsbridge Island off the coast of New Hampshire. As I sit at my desk, air conditioner turned low, blinds closed tight against the glare of the sun, my imagination can walk along forest paths and rocky beaches.

Here are the top five things I miss about living back east:

  1. Pizza! Real New York pizza is an amazing combination of crispy crust with a thin layer of soft dough nestled under a blanket of spicy sauce and molten cheese. Add a generous sprinkle of oregano and red pepper, fold, and eat without a care for burning the roof of your mouth. Perfection.
  1. Bagels! The only place I’ve found with bagels close to New York quality is Florida, where all the transplanted New York Jews go to retire. Fifteen minutes from my dad’s house outside Fort Lauderdale, there’s a bagel place that has amazing bagels and potato knishes. It’s like a little slice of home, only at ninety degrees and ninety percent humidity.
  1. Museums! Growing up, I found an excuse to go to the American Museum of Natural History at least once every year or two, if not more often. I didn’t make it to the Smithsonian as often as I would’ve liked, but my family did a couple of drives along the coast, visiting all sorts of museums and historical sites.
  1. Snow! It didn’t snow a whole lot on Long Island, but occasionally we’d get an actual blizzard. Even a little snow was worth celebrating. Here in Arizona, I have to watch the weather and drive two hours north just to take the dogs to play in the snow.
  1. Ghosts! Well, not really ghosts, but spooky history. The East Coast is packed with historical buildings, abandoned hospitals and asylums, and old graveyards full of chills and inspiration for the best sort of ghost stories. In fact, I have ideas for a ghost hunter romance, one of these days…

Do you still live in your old hometown? If so, what do you like most? If not, what do you miss?


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Local Giveaway

To celebrate the release of Change of Address, one lucky winner will receive a stuffed United States Air Force bear and $15 in Riptide credit! Leave a comment with your contact info to enter the contest. Entries close at midnight, Eastern time, on October 29, 2016. Contest is NOT restricted to U.S. entries. Thanks for following the tour, and don’t forget to leave your contact info!

About the Author

Coffee-fueled author Jordan Brock writes engaging contemporary romance with a deliciously pan-romantic sensibility and an emphasis on consent, respect, and, of course, love. Her characters are constantly surprised by the way love’s slow burn sneaks up on them.

Jordan’s children are all four-legged and furry. They love to be oh-so-helpful with her writing. She can usually be found hiding from the sun with her service dog and her puppy-in-training. (She tried the training thing with cats first, since cats are so much smarter, but it was a no-go.)

Before she was published, Jordan worked as a tech writer in the semiconductor industry. She’s also created labs and learning materials for auto, diesel , and motorcycle mechanics. The technology was the easy part; the hard part was trying not to slip in pop-culture snark.

Jordan lives in the desert outside Phoenix, Arizona, despite the fact she turns into gray goo and blue hair dye when exposed to heat. For fun, she hunts scorpions in the backyard, with a blowtorch, and a crowbar. She’s chronically unavailable for at least a month after new game releases from Blizzard. She’s an unapologetic fangirl and has been known to write an occasional fanfic to prove Bucky Barnes is not a villain. Oh, and she crochets the cutest amigurumi ever.

If you’d like to learn more about Jordan, check out her blog and website at

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28 thoughts on “Jordan S. Brock on Change of Address ~ Guest Blog Local Giveaway

    • Aw, thank you! I’ve since moved into another house (just a few miles away) with significantly fewer scorpions, thankfully, though I still have my blowtorch and crowbar close at hand. They’re sneaky!

  1. Oh wow! I love hurt/comfort stories, and when you throw in home-cooked, family recipe food? Awesome! I would love to win that cute bear and a chance at that gift card so my maxed out book budget could let me read your book. Congrats on your new release!

    • I really liked the Museum of Natural History in LA, but that’s the only one I’ve visited out there. Here in Phoenix, I was unfortunately bored by every museum we have, though the Science Center is sort of fun. A bit too kid-focused for my taste, but a good outing for a service dog to get used to noise and crowds.

  2. I don’t live in my hometown anymore. What I miss about it is being close to the ocean and also close to San Francisco (my favorite city). We love to travel and for our big trip each year we always find ourselves traveling to the West Coast or East Coast.


  3. I live on the east coast and still live in the city I was born in. I don’t think I’ll ever move but who knows. Thanks for sharing what you miss.
    humhumbum AT yahoo DOT com

  4. I now live back in my home town in Lincolnshire I left when I was 6 months old moved to Essex and then to Bedfordshire then back home. Funny that I miss living in Bedfordshire the most you could jump on the train to London or access the airports easily and the shops were better there. Saying that it nice and quiet here and the air much cleaner.


    • A Brit! My husband was born to an American dad and British mum and grew up outside a British air base. He joined the US Air Force so he could see the world and somehow ended up in the Arizona desert, but he misses the UK. It sounds lovely where you are!

  5. I spend a lot of years travelling and living away from my home town. But some eight years ago I decided to come back and settle down here. I did it because my parents are here and I wanted to be near them but I miss the excitement of discovering new places… Sometimes it gets boring here.

  6. never really had a hometown as I lived on a sheep station for the first 6 years of my life, then we moved home multiple times over the next 5 years. I have been living in the same area for 40+ years now


  7. I currently live about an hour from my hometown & there’s nothing about it I miss. My parents still live there half a year so I do miss them when they’re not home, but we talk plenty when they’re snowbirding. Thanks for the post.

  8. Congrats. I love the shore, in fact my family is from the Eastern Shore of MD, so I love my crab cakes! And I can see my getting into this story.
    Purple Reader – TheWrote [at] aol [dot] com

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