Krane by Nicole Colville ~ Book Review by Caroline

32202973Title: Krane
Series: Knights to Remember

Author: Nicole Colville

Publisher: Hidden Pleasures

Cover Artist: Kellie Dennis

Rating: 4 of 5 Stars

Publication Date: 09/25/2016

Length: Long Novel (~ 100K+)

Genre: BDSM, Gay Romance


Prepare to be ruined for every other man who comes after Krane
At the age of thirty-seven, local giant and semi-professional rugby player Krane Buchannan had spent his life hiding behind a tightly locked closet door with a wife as a shield and a gut full of regrets. Coming out may not have been his choice, but ending his marriage was. With an ugly divorce looming and a vindictive soon-to-be ex-wife making his life a living hell, Krane finds his once comfortable life in the small Scottish village changed forever. Unprepared and unwilling to admit the truth, Krane has some tough decisions to make

For years he’d felt dead inside, going through life but never actually living. He’d given up all hope of ever finding that one special person who would make him feel complete, but when he meets an attractive brunette with legs to die for at his brother’s BDSM club, Krane’s world is tipped upside down.

I’m going to ruin you for every other man. You’re mine. I own you.”
The heat and passion ignite instantly, scorching them both, and in the space of a few hours, Bailey became much more than a one-night stand. Every touch from Bailey was branded onto his skin, forever imprinted like the intricate ink-work covering his body, something which couldn’t be washed off or forgotten, but worn forever.

“Bailey was showing Krane how life should be.”
Coming from entirely different worlds, both struggle to overcome their worries and fear of becoming part of each other’s life, but the searing white-hot heat which builds between them with every look can’t be ignored. With hesitant steps, Krane enters the secretive world of BDSM and Bailey cautiously re-enters the world he’s tried so hard to forget since the death of his lover and Dom. The world outside the club.

“Krane screamed power. Bailey could sense it simmering across the room and filling his lungs with his alpha aroma.”
There’s a sadness which clings to Bailey, and his unwillingness to open up about the dark secrets in his past makes Krane doubt everything, but he’s had enough of giving up and is prepared to fight for what he wants, and what he wants is Bailey. He just has to convince Bailey he wants Krane in return.

Krane is a standalone book included in the Knights to Remember series. Other books include:



My View:

I would highly recommend that you read Dominque before you read Krane as there is a cross over and I had a few ‘aha’ moments remembering some of the scenes.

Krane is a huge character in all ways. A tall, wide and tattooed Scot who at the age of 37 has given up on his farce of a marriage and has plans to finally be honest about who he is but even that is taken away from him to some degree by the horror that is his ex-wife. Fearing what his small community will think of him he escapes to London to visit his brother for a few days. If you have read Dominque you will remember Krane’s brother Jacob and his very Dominant personality.

A visit to his brother’s local BDSM club, the diehard fans will know who owns it, brings him face to face with Bailey and BOOM do things get hot from that point forward – indeed from that very point as the bar scene is explosive!

Although the sex is good and there is that immediate connection they don’t have an easy time. The last thing Krane was looking for was a relationship but he can’t even begin to imagine Bailey as a one night stand. Bailey is a mess – having lost his previous Dom he hides likes a ghost in the club and has become a shadow of his former self. Krane awakens something long buried in him but he is fearful of loving and losing again. Another big issue for the pair is Bailey is inherently submissive and very much into the BDSM lifestyle whilst Krane has no idea where to start and is fearful of how much he wants to learn.

Their journey is often fraught and tense – there are secrets that spill that could very well drag them apart but there is also a frenetic attraction that keeps drawing them together. Nicole is a master of damn good and very dirty sex scenes that fit fluidly into the story – there were a lot of cheesy lines when this pair got down to it which I’m not a huge fan of but there were also a lot of tender moments that I was fully behind.

One last thought – Loch Krane Monster – hilarious!


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I would like to thank the publisher for providing me with the eARC of this title in exchange for my honest opinion.

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