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Welcome to the Prism Book Alliance Blog today! Freddy MacKay here—one of the contributors to Outside the Margins. For my part, I write flash fiction pieces for a story called On the Divide. These are not professionally edited but I do try to catch my mistakes. I hope you enjoy.

*Side Note* Today’s entry is a little more graphic in nature.

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On the Divide – Part 28 by Freddy MacKay

The events of the night ran through Cooper’s head as he tried to figure out how they got to this moment. This specific one. The one where Harlan was spread out on his bed, waiting for Cooper to take control. The lazy way Harlan smiled at him. The air of nonchalance. How he could just lie there completely, utterly, devastatingly naked.

He’s even erect.

Which boggled Cooper’s mind. One hundred percent. His dick didn’t care about the current predicament. Absolutely no interest. None.

Okay, maybe a small twitch, but overall, Cooper had the strong desire to clothe Harlan. Something he couldn’t quite act on either. Not with how Harlan smiled at him, or how good he looked, laying there, his eyes twinkling, in Cooper’s bed. He really should tell Harlan to get dressed. Like before he got cold or annoyed.

Instead, Cooper stood at the end of the bed, dumbly, not sure how to react or what he should be doing. His emotions warred in his head and his heart. The intent behind Harlan’s actions were… Commendable. How they actually made Cooper feel? That was another story.

Logically, Cooper understood what Harlan was trying to do. The trust he showed by stripping down and laying there, waiting for Cooper. The actions took a certain amount of confidence and trust.

Being trusted felt good. Cooper liked the warm sensation wrapping around his heart telling him Harlan wanted him happy. Cared what Cooper felt and thought.

At the same time, they made Cooper uneasy. The vulnerable position Harlan put himself in was not something Cooper thought he could do himself. And it didn’t seem fair to him that Harlan had to be the one making himself a target for Cooper’s insecurities. If he hadn’t been so fucked in the head, then Harlan wouldn’t have to do exhibit himself in such a manner.

The wrongness of their situation rubbed Cooper in a bad way. It made his heart hurt. No one should have to make themselves so exposed.

What needed to happen, and what Harlan was encouraging to happen, were two different things. Cooper felt… Well, he thought he should tell Harlan to get dressed. But what if the request got taken as rejection? No way did Cooper want Harlan feeling like he’d done something stupid.

The tightrope on which Cooper had been dropped onto was extremely thin indeed.

Shitballs and monkey fucks.

No matter what Cooper did Harlan would be hurt, humiliated, or used. None of which he should ever have to feel. The idea of making someone as nice, if albeit obtuse at times, as Harlan made Cooper sick to his stomach.

There had to be another way.

Cooper stared, his gaze moving over Harlan. Nervousness made his mouth cottony. His ability to swallow impeded.

Something in his actions caught Harlan’s attention because he smiled. Why would he smile? Then Harlan moved his hand to his chest. Why?

Holy shit.

Harlan had decided to take matters into his own hands. Quite literally. With control ease, Harlan’s fingers moved over his chest—tweaking, pulling, rubbing—making Harlan moan and his chest rise and fall faster with each touch.

Maybe Cooper had a way to do this right after all.

Harlan’s hand moved over his right nipple and pulled on it. His eyes fluttered. He pulled harder, eliciting a groan. A sound sending shivers through Cooper. It also made him need. Shit he needed.

After another tweak to his nipple, Harlan moved his hand down over his stomach. Oh, yeah. The way this hair spread and bounced against his hand definitely sent some illicit feelings through Cooper. His non-interested cock changed its mind.


Cooper tried to swallow again. If he sat down on the bed, made Harlan feel good instead of Harlan having to resort to his own hand, then maybe Cooper wouldn’t feel so trapped. If he made what happened in bed about Harlan’s pleasure, then he wouldn’t feel so confused and worried. Cooper wouldn’t be rejecting Harlan and he wouldn’t feel as though he had taken advantage of him either.

Win-win, right?

Slowly Cooper edged over to the side of the bed, closer to Harlan. The brilliant smile he got almost blinded him and sent Cooper running. Somehow, though, he managed to sit on the bed. Scoot closer to Harlan. Not look like a total spaz. He might have gotten a couple curious looks from Harlan, but he wasn’t told to stop.

Cooper would take a win where he could.

All of Harlan’s brown fur was exposed to Cooper’s touch. His cock stood erect and willing. Those dark blue eyes followed Cooper with interest—what he hope was interest—and patience.

Harlan’s hand had stopped as he watched Cooper. That was all the opening he needed. He reached over and threaded his fingers through the hair on Harlan’s stomach. It twitched under his touch.

Cooper almost drew back but Harlan stopped him. With Harlan’s fingers circled around his wrist, pulling Cooper’s hand toward him and not pushing him away, a bubble of relief squeezed Cooper’s heart. The message was loud and clear. This petting was allowed.

“Touch wherever you want,” Harlan said, shifting on the bed. “It’s okay. I promise.”

Cooper bobbed his head a couple times, but was unable to meet Harlan’s gaze. All his focus had moved to the planes of Harlan’s stomach, how his muscles jumped and twitched as Cooper moved his hand over it. How good the fur felt. How delicious the rasp felt. The intoxicating allure of how Harlan’s skin moved and jump when it came into contact with Cooper’s touch. Like Harlan was excited for it, for him.

The reaction was being caused by Cooper. By him. And if Cooper went by the little huffs and moans escaping Harlan, the caress must’ve pleased him.

“You can go lower… If you want,” Harlan gasped right before he arched slightly.

Cooper glanced down at Harlan’s hard prick. Red. Bobbing. Waiting. If this was about Harlan, then the next logical step had to be jacking him off. He licked his lips, swallowing. Someone normal would’ve already grabbed Harlan’s dick. A normal person would’ve done a hell of a lot more.

But Cooper could only do so much.

Slowly he scrapped his fingernails over Harlan’s abdomen toward his cock. The quick gasp made Cooper smile. That seemed like a good sound. Something positive.

A glance to Harlan’s face showed anticipation—his lips parted and a flush across his cheeks. Good. Making Harlan want, pleasing him, warmed Cooper’s chest.

When his fingertips brushed the base of Harlan’s dick, the pleased moan eased the nervous anticipation roiling in Cooper’s gut. It also emboldened him. He grabbed Harlan’s cock.

“Oooh, yes.” Harlan sounded… Releaved. “Like that.”

Harlan’s hips pumped, pushing his dick through Cooper’s hold.

“Oh, yeah. Squeeze me.”

Cooper sent Harlan a smile and did as asked. “I thought I was in charge.”

“You are,” Harlan growled before stopping his hips. “You are.”


“No, not at all. I’ll wait as long as you need, Coop.”

The response sounded sincere. “I won’t leave you hanging.”

“Thank fuck.”

Cooper pumped Harlan’s cock, getting a breathy hitch to fall from his lips. It was a good sound. An appreciative noise. The moan following it urged Cooper to stroke harder, faster. The need to make Harlan to feel good, wanted, spurred Cooper on. Focused his actions to pull more pleasurable noises from Harlan’s mouth.

The weight and heat of Harlan’s cock in Cooper’s hand gave him a surreal pleasure. It had been a long time. A really long time since he’d touch someone so intimately. Knowing his touch brought pleasure to Harlan filled Cooper with an increasing need to make it as good as possible.

“Feelin’ good?” he asked.

“Mm, ah!” Harlan’s hips pumped up to meet Cooper’s hand.

I guess that’s my answer.

Harlan’s head had gone back, his mouth open as he gasped. The angle made his chest push up. One of his hands played with his nipple while the other grabbed onto the sheets. Lust shone in Harlan’s gaze as he watched Cooper through half-lidded eyes. The flush had deepened into a rosy red.

The weight in Cooper’s hand made his own dick thicken. The heat sent tendrils of desire through Cooper. More. He wanted more. He needed more. It wasn’t enough for the cock in his hand to harden, to pulse with increasing intensity.

Any minute Harlan would orgasm, and that was what Cooper was chasing. Too see Harlan’s blessed out expression. To own his satisfaction. To know it was because of Cooper’s hand he came.

“Ah!” Harlan pumped his hips harder, rhythmically with Cooper’s strokes. “Fuck, yeah. Like that. More.”

Cooper twisted his hand and pumped.

“Ah! Yes!”

Another hard stroke had Harlan gasp. He pinched his nipple and thrust his hips up. Cooper pumped hard, pulling up and thrusting down.

Harlan groaned. “Ahhh.”

White coated his furry abdomen. Eat spurt pulsing in Cooper’s hand, making his dick strain and beat with need. Another thick jet of cum caught Harlan on the chest. He swiped a couple fingers in it and circled his nipple, flicking his fingernail over it a few times. The groans grew deeper with each beat of Harlan’s cock until he stilled, head back, mouth open, and eyes shut tight.

It was a good look on Harlan, and Cooper wanted to see it again.

When Harlan’s eyes opened and met with Cooper’s, a smile crossed his face. Brilliant. Open. Happy.

Cooper hoped it was because of him that Harlan seemed so content.

“Lemme clean you up.”


“Just a second.”


Once Cooper had Harlan wiped down and cleaned up, the desire to hold him stirred deep inside Cooper. So much so he decided he couldn’t ignore it. He derobed down to his boxers and slid into bed, pulling Cooper against him.

“This okay?”

“Do you want to cuddle?”

“Yeah, I do.”

“Then this is more than okay.” Harlan brushed his lips across Cooper’s jaw and slid an arm over his stomach.

Warmth spread from everywhere Harlan touched him, flowing freely through Cooper. Yeah. It was okay.

~Freddy MacKay

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I grew up and went to college in the Midwest where I currently reside with my family. I spend most of my time playing sports and running around outside. And honestly, that much has not changed since I was little, except who is included my activities. I also have a healthy geocaching addiction. It’s so much fun! I enjoy spending my time traveling when I can, and I hold the view that a person should continually to learn about new things and people whenever possible.

My contemporary LGBTQ book, Incubation: Finding Peace 2, won 3rd Place – Best Gay Erotic Fiction in the 2012 Rainbow Awards. In 2013, Internment, won 3rd Place – Best Gay Fantasy in the Rainbow Awards. Feel Me (The Marduck Expanse) was a Gay SF Finalist and Honorable Mention in the 2014 Rainbow Awards.

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