Poison Tongue by Nash Summers ~ Book Review by Karen

poison-tongue-coverTitle: Poison Tongue
Series: Afflicted Souls #1

Author: Nash Summers

Publisher: Dreamspinner Press

Cover Artist: Natasha Snow

Rating: 4.25 of 5 Stars

Publication Date: 08/10/2016

Length: Novel (~ 50K-100K)

Genre: Paranormal


Levi Bell can see a person’s soul just by looking into their eyes. In Monroe Poirier’s eyes, he sees the devil himself.

When Monroe moves back to the small Southern town of Malcome, Levi is repelled by the darkness of the stranger’s soul. But Levi is cursed to love things dark and wicked, and he’s seduced each time he looks into Monroe’s eyes—and drawn to the swamp behind the old Poirier house.

As strange occurrences begin to happen when shadows and visions visit him in the night, Levi sees a flicker of something good in Monroe’s soul. But the need to submerge himself in the swamp’s murky waters grows stronger as Levi’s desire for Monroe becomes unbearable.

In his struggles to help Monroe save his soul, Levi will have to decide if it’s worth losing his own.

My View:

Ages ago someone asked me if I liked Southern Gothic, and I said what ? Anyone who is in doubt what a southern Gothic book reads like should read this, in fact the sense of place and culture I found to be the most powerful part of the book.

Levi can see people’s souls, and he is also seduced by all things dark, when he meets Monroe, and sees his dark soul he is torn between running and trying to save him- Levi’s sleep walks take him to the swamp near Monroe’s house so the two are in a weird kind of contact loop simultaneously attracted and then pushing each other away. Something has to give, and it does.

This is quite dark and twisty, and told very beautifully, the flashes back to Levis Gran, the founder of the family’s abilities,  his mother, sister and Ward who lives with them all are well done, Levi himself is a charming character, other than this one ability engagingly down to earth. Monroe I found rather one dimensional, his existence in the book was to be saved, and so he lacked substance in places.

I felt that this could have been a little darker, and perhaps a few loose ends, and a whisper of darkness at the end would have pleased me  That being said it was a very enjoyable read, with a few surprises along the way.



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I would like to thank the publisher for providing me with the eARC of this title in exchange for my honest opinion.

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