The Real You by NJ Nielsen ~ Book Review by Caroline

31410715Title: The Real You
Series: Wardens of the Guild Book 1

Author: NJ Nielsen

Publisher: Pride Publishing

Cover Artist: Posh Gosh

Rating: 3.5 of 5 Stars

Publication Date: 10/04/2016

Length: Novella (~ 15K-50K)

Genre: Gay Romance, Menage/Poly, Paranormal


The age-old war between good and evil is bringing changes and with change comes fear—especially the fear of what is to come.

Isiah Gillis and Claudius Reynar are twins in every sense of the word. No one can tell them apart, yet they’re not related. Since meeting, they’ve learned that they’ve become the subject of a legend, something neither of them wanted.

Hatred from their past lives comes knocking and tries to kill Claudius and Isiah by turning Mitch into a weapon against them. Instead, Mitch now shares his body with Remi, a powerful demon lord, who enters their lives—a demon Lord who claims them for his own.

Not everyone is happy that the legend has been fulfilled and they will do everything in their power to tear apart the strong bond the four men possess. Laramie realizes he has to separate from Mitch or risk losing one of his mates so completely it could break them all.

When old and new enemies alike step forward to destroy who they are, Isiah, Mitch, Claudius and Remi gather family and friends to fight in the war to save them all. Can things be set to right before evil intentions win?

My View:

Paranormal with a twist is how I would describe this one.

Isiah Gillis and Claudius Reynar are carbon copies of each other even though they are not related and are lovers. It all comes down to when they ‘changed’ and became vampires and an age old prophecy that some believe in and some are plotting against. Their lives aren’t easy – they need a day warden as the last one was hell bent on killing them and most people tend to avoid them because the fact that they look identical yet sleep together freaks people out.

Mitch needs a new roof over his head and it seems the easiest way to get that is to agree to watch over Isiah and Claudius by becoming their new warden. There is an instant attraction between the three men and oddly Mitch is the only one in their small circle of friends that can tell them apart – more to do with the prophecy it seems. Just as the three men are starting out all hell breaks loose when the old day warden throws the heart and soul of a demon into Mitch and suddenly he has a double personality – enter Remi and three become four- kind of. The prophecy appears to be coming true but of course there are sinister forces to deal with along with a supposedly dead demons body in the freezer.
The Real You is a book that would have definitely benefited from a further proofread – there were some simple errors that could have been easily cleaned up especially the misspelling of character names which always throws me out of the story. Overall though this story was fun, a little bit different with some novel twists and turns and I would love to see where the author takes the story next.


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I would like to thank the publisher for providing me with the eARC of this title in exchange for my honest opinion.

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