Zahn: The Games of Triska by Patrick Fillion ~ Book Review by Queue

Zahn-Cover2Title: Zahn: The Games of Triska

Author: Patrick Fillion

Publisher: Class Comics

Cover Artist: Adam Graphite

Rating: 4.0 of 5 Stars

Publication Date: 11/15/2016

Length: Comic/Graphic Novel

Genre: Action/Adventure, Erotica, Fantasy


Every year, the men of Triska choose a champion of unsurpassed might to face off against a warrior from the demon realm of Mograh in the great Games of Triska. The stakes are high. Hundreds of lives hang in the balance. Losing is not an option.

In an attempt to ensure his people’s victory, LUFFIS, the king of Triska orders ZAHN captured. The Son of Winter is forced to face off against the dreaded RAKKH the Accursed, a demon as cruel as he is monstrous. Zahn could easily best the creature with his elemental powers… if only he were allowed to use them.

Powers such as his are against the rules of the Games, and so Zahn is temporarily stripped of his abilities. The Son of Winter will need to rely on all of his skill and physical prowess to compete against the massive demon brute. And that’s where the fun begins.

Lavishly illustrated by ADAM GRAPHITE (“Greek Love” Sticky Graphic Novel) and written by PATRICK FILLION, ZAHN: THE GAMES OF TRISKA harkens back to the classic Silver Age comics of barbarians, sword and sorcery.

Available exclusively as a Class Access Easy PDF Digital Comic, ZAHN: THE GAMES OF TRISKA is a 12-page mini comic that also includes a massive 24-page behind the scenes gallery of Adam Graphite’s gorgeous sketches and artwork making it 38 pages in total!

My View:

Zahn is one of my favorite Patrick Fillion creations and Class Comics character and I love every adventure the hero has.

As the title indicates Zahn takes part in a set of games called The Games of Triska. His opponent is a demon creature called Rakkh, the Accursed in a life or death set of tasks.

Zahn loses the first challenge and is nearly devoured by a tentacle monster. (What is it with Fillion and tentacle creatures. I swear there’s one in every issue.) But Zahn takes the win in the second challenge involving the insertion of things into their cocks because Rakkh  fears having things stuffed into his slit. (Imagine that!)

The third fight involves sex, of course. The winner is the one who makes his opponent ejaculate.

Zahn knows full well the stakes that hang in the balance. His cock engorged, harder than ever it’s been. He prepares for the final take-down of his equally determined nemesis.

Zahn emerges the victor not through brute strength but because Rakkh is apparently so horny and taken by Zahn’s endowment that he forgets the point of the challenge.

Harder! Fuck me harder, little snowman!

I’d be remiss if I didn’t quote this gem:

As Rakkh’s sticky nut butter erupts from his throbbing dick, Zahn realizes he’s won the day for the men of Triska.

Seriously, how often can you use the term nut butter and have it work?

One of the joys of reading comics isn’t in knowing what happens but seeing it transpire. Adam Graphite provides some amazing art here.

If you like sword and sandal fantasy with some hot erotica and nut butter than this is the issue for you.

Note: Zahn: The Games of Triska can only be purchased at the Class Comics website.


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I would like to thank the publisher for providing me with the eARC of this title in exchange for my honest opinion.

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