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Title: When Irish Eyes Are Smiling
Author: Matthew Robbins
Publisher: JMS Books
Cover Artist:
Genre: Gay, Gay Romance
Release Date: 01/07/2017


Felix is in real trouble this time. Not only has he woken up nearly naked in a foreign country—drugged and abandoned as a prank—but he soon finds himself being interviewed by the police after crashing the truck of his handsome rescuer, Ronan Malloy. The only way for Felix to make amends is to work off his debt on the injured Ronan’s shabby, struggling farm.
Although Felix resents having to stay behind as his friends continue their backpacking adventure across Europe, he begins to see farm life isn’t so bad. Ronan’s charming smile and sparkling eyes are just an added bonus. The thought that maybe the sexy Irishman wasn’t as straight as he seemed was icing on the cake.
Felix isn’t sure he’s up to the task of saving the deeply indebted Malloy Farm from calamity and devious plots for its downfall, but for Ronan, he’s willing to try.

Exclusive Excerpt

Before they even got out of the car, Kiva rocketed through Felix’s barely open door. He couldn’t control his sputtering squeals as the ecstatic dog covered his face and neck with snuffling licks. “Hey, girl! I’m so glad to see you too!” He scratched and snuggled Kiva until Garda Redmond cleared her throat.

“See, you’ve already got yourself a friend,” she said with a grin.

Felix encouraged Kiva to get out of the car and he tried to dust off the bits of rock and grass she’d tracked all over him once he himself had exited the vehicle. With one more scratch behind her ear, she was content to happily jog beside them as they made their way to the farmhouse’s side entrance by way of a small courtyard. The house was not overly large, but well built. The stonework was very old, but solid. The wooden trimmed windows housed wavy glass and what appeared to be hand-carved fretwork. His fingers itched to dig into his suitcase for his camera, but his thoughts were interrupted by the door opening. A tall man who seemed to be in his seventies straightened himself up to his full height, frowning in Felix’s direction.

“Mornin’ Garda Redmond. This the little bugger, pardon my language?”

Felix squirmed beneath the man’s inspection.

“Good morning, Lorcan,” Molly said. “This is the young man who’s come to make things right by you if that’s what you’re asking. His name’s Felix. May we step inside?”

Lorcan stepped aside and allowed Felix and Molly to enter. The door opened onto a close but cozy kitchen. There was dust on most of the out-of-the-way surfaces and things cluttered the edges of the counters and table, but he had expected something much more medieval. He nodded his approval. “Nice.” Felix thought he heard Lorcan add a growl to his glare.

“Ronan about?” Molly asked.

“I’m comin’.” Ronan made his way slowly into the kitchen from the adjoining living room. His hands were still bandaged and he had to swing his braced leg in front of himself before limping to catch up. He was wearing an old Siouxsie and the Banshees T-shirt and a pair of athletic shorts. Felix noticed how the solid muscles of the uninjured leg flexed beneath Ronan’s pale skin. He blushed and turned away.

“That’s right, you should be ashamed of yourself,” Lorcan said. Felix realized that Lorcan had misinterpreted his blush, but was further embarrassed that he in fact should be ashamed to have so thoroughly injured Ronan, but instead he was ogling him.

“C’mon, Grandad.” Ronan’s voice was still heavy with sleep. “You’re not helpin’.”

“Lorcan,” Molly said. “I realize what a huge imposition this is for you. It’s not an ideal situation for anyone involved, but you need an able body to work this farm and I’ve brought you one.”

“Able body?” Lorcan boomed. “I’m just as able as this little git.” The finger he pointed at Felix shook, indicating to all who noticed that although fiercely willing, Lorcan was not physically able.

“Grandad,” Ronan pleaded, hobbling toward Lorcan. “He’s here to pay for what he’s done. We can manage, but we can’t let him get away without consequence, now can we?”

Lorcan considered this for a moment before huffing over to the stove. “‘Spose not. I’ll get the tea, then. Let’s figure out what we’re doing.”

Ronan locked eyes with Felix and mouthed the word “sorry”. Felix smiled in gratitude and nodded.


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About the Author

Matthew enjoys writing in the quiet hours of early morning when anything seems possible. When he’s not writing, he loves spending time with his patient and sweet husband Josh or creating anything with his hands—watercolor painting, crochet, wood working. His wacky and loyal clients fill his head with tales of places near and far, adventures mundane and insane, and secrets so scandalous that he can’t help but be inspired as he cuts and colors their hair in a lively neighborhood hair salon. He credits large amounts of caffeine and Neil Dyer’s intense music playlists for helping bring it all together on the page for his reader’s enjoyment.

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