Michaela Grey on Broken Halo ~ Interview

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Title: Broken Halo
Author: Michaela Grey
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Cover Artist: Angsty G.
Genre: BDSM, Gay Fiction, Gay Romance
Release Date: 01/30/2017


Micah Ellis is an affluent businessman, comfortable in his life and work, as long as nothing happens to shake up his routine. Which is exactly what one Devon Mallory does, with his bright blue eyes and dirty skin and the forceful personality that’s everything Micah desperately needs but is too afraid to ask for.

Micah and Devon enter into a Dom/sub relationship and navigate the world of BDSM and Micah’s crippling insecurities as they gradually fall in love. But Micah’s past is coming back to haunt him, and they must face it together—and that means learning acceptance and discovering that they both deserve love their way and on their own merits.


We are here today to talk about Broken Halo.  What can you tell us about it? Thank you for having me! Broken Halo is my first foray into the world of BDSM, dealing with self-hatred, learning to love yourself, and finding your purpose in life, set against a dominance/submission backdrop.

Please tell us more about our main characters. Micah Ellis is a headhunter for a top firm in Toronto. He’s successful, driven, and neurotic. Devon Mallory is a mechanic, as laidback as Micah is uptight, and he’s everything Micah needs but doesn’t know how to ask for.

What do you want to tell those who may be new to the series (if applicable)? Micah is a mess, and kind of an asshole at first, but I hope you’ll give him a chance to make you fall in love with him.

What about Broken Halo makes you the proudest? Micah’s journey through battling his fears and neuroses and learning to love himself was a very personal voyage for me, and I learned a lot during writing it.

What is next for these characters?  Is there more to this series?  If so who will we hear from next? Next up is a spinoff novel called Broken Rules, featuring Sanyam Desai, a Dom who you will meet toward the end of Broken Halo. In Broken Rules, he and Sterling Reynard meet and sparks fly as they struggle to adapt to each other.

If you could give one piece of advice to aspiring writers, what would it be? Keep writing. Read as much as you write, and never stop writing. No one is good when they first put pen to paper. Keep going. I promise it’s worth it!

What part of a new story comes to you first? Characters? Plot? A scene? A theme? Or does it vary from book to book? Almost always, it’s the characters. I’ll start with a rough outline—sometimes I’ll see someone onscreen and think “oh, he’s pretty, I want to write about him” and spin an entire story around him. Other times, I’ll start with a list of characteristics—germaphobe, terrified of intimacy, lonely, and prickly so no one gets close. The story grows from there, as I flesh out backstory and introduce characters.

What was your inspiration for this story? A book was released a few years ago that I felt gave BDSM practitioners a bad name, framing abuse and stalking as “romantic”. Broken Halo was my answer to that, in an attempt to show that while obviously, abuse can happen in this world, D/s can also be done in a healthy way and promote intimacy and communication, and a good Dom listens to their sub and respects them. (A/N: if this is too obvious a reference to The Series That Shall Not Be Named, feel free not to use this answer.)

How important are secondary characters to your story telling? Do you actively try to have women characters in your M/M to balance the male focus of the MCs? Secondary characters are vital to a good story, and I do my best to give my MCs a host of supportive female (and non-binary) characters with their own individual quirks and foibles. It’s so important to show loving platonic relationships and not just focus on the romantic as the be all to end all.

What do you keep in your bedside table? My Kindle. It has all my books on it and the games I play that help reset my brain when I need a break from writing.

If you could have a conversation with any famous author, who would you want to get writing tips from and what skill of theirs would you like to emulate? Neil Gaiman, and his ability to bring the macabre to life in such a vivid, fascinating way.

If you had to be a cat, dog, or a rat, which would you choose and why? Cat. Because cats are awesome. Cats insist on respect, they love without measure once they’ve bonded with a person, and they’re the best at cuddling. Also, they can sleep anywhere. Gotta admire that ability.

What are you reading right now and what is next on your to-be-read list? I’m reading When to Hold Them, by GB Gordon. It’s another D/s novel, and I love the way the Dom realizes just how dominant he is and embarks on a journey of self-discovery to come to terms with it and reconcile his gentle nature with his need to dominate. Next up is finishing The Raven King, by Maggie Stiefvater.

Rapid Fire Time

  • Neville or Ron? Neville!
  • cinnamon or maple? Maple
  • Larry or Sterek? Sterek4life
  • Light saber or a Sonic screwdriver? Lightsaber (fanfic on AO3!)
  • Alone or At a Party? Alone, please
  • Rock or Country? Rock
  • Call or text? Text
  • Cook or eat out? Order in
  • Kirk or Picard? Gotta be Picard
  • Butterfly or Lady bug? Butterfly
  • Favorite flower? Magnolias

What are you working on?  What is next?

Right now I’m working on the third in my D/s series. Broken Rules is the second, and Broken Trust will be the third. It features Dominic, a software developer, and Farid, the replacement for Dom’s secretary, who’s going on maternity leave. Dominic has a hard time letting anyone in, and Farid is hiding something that may break their relationship before it has a chance to really begin.

Thank you so much for having me on your blog, and I hope you enjoy Broken Halo!


Micah very nearly turned around and walked right back out, but Devon had already seen him. Micah squared his shoulders, gave Devon a quick nod, and followed the perky hostess to a booth only a few yards from Devon, who was watching him but hadn’t otherwise moved.

Micah slipped into the booth, rested his elbows on the table, and covered his face. Dear God, who did I piss off so badly in a past life?

He gave the waitress his order and then sat quietly, praying Devon would finish his meal and leave soon. He was entirely unprepared for Devon to slide into the booth opposite him, set his plate and coffee cup down on the table, and smile at him.


Devon shrugged. “I feel like I owe you an apology. I was rude to you this afternoon.”

Micah gaped at him. “Are you serious?”

“Yes?” Devon said, his brow furrowing. “I kicked you out of the shop. I told you we didn’t need your business. I was rude to you, and I’m sorry.”

“I basically called you a muscle-bound idiot, and you’re apologizing to me? Micah demanded. “Do you apologize to your dog when it bites you too?”

“Depends on if I provoked it, but probably,” Devon said, and Micah snorted a disbelieving laugh. “Or I would, if I had a dog. Anyway, I’m not saying you weren’t rude too, because you were. But I’m the only one responsible for my actions, and I’m sorry I was rude to you.”

Micah sat back against the cracked vinyl of the booth and considered him. Devon’s eyes were earnest, his broad shoulders hunched as he gazed at Micah.

“I’m the one who should be apologizing,” Micah finally said. “I was a total asshole.”

Devon shrugged, and his blue eyes danced.

“You don’t have to agree,” Micah said, but a smile tugged at his mouth, and the sick feeling that had plagued him all day slowly lifted.

Devon’s lips were twitching. “We were both dicks. Can we start over?” He held out a hand across the table and then jerked it back. “Shit, you don’t like to shake hands. I’m sorry.”

“It’s the dirt that… upsets me,” Micah said. “And you look… clean.” Devon did too. His brown hair was still slightly damp, and his skin glowed pink, probably from a recent shower. Micah held out his hand, and Devon accepted it. “Micah Ellis,” Micah said. “It’s nice to meet you.”

“Devon Mallory,” Devon said and smiled at him, punching the air right out of Micah’s lungs. His eyes were bright with mirth, dimples appearing in his cheeks and his white teeth flashing. Micah couldn’t breathe. Devon’s smile slipped. “Micah? Are you okay?”

Micah feebly waved a hand. “You have no right to be so damn attractive,” he informed him, “especially after the way I acted this morning.”

Devon’s smile widened again. “You think I’m attractive?”

Micah opened his mouth to change the subject or distract him long enough to make a quick getaway, but he was rescued by the waitress who appeared with his huge stack of chocolate chip pancakes piled high with whipped cream.

Devon’s eyes went wide as she set the plate in front of Micah, and Micah reconsidered the possibility of making a run for it. A guy who looked like Devon surely didn’t have to struggle when he got up from an overstuffed couch.

But Devon wasn’t judging him. “Dude, that looks awesome,” he said, and he caught the waitress’s eye. “Can I get a stack of those too?”


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About the Author

She told stories to put herself to sleep since she was old enough to hold a conversation in her head. When she learned to write, she began putting those stories down on paper. She and her family reside in the Texas hill country with their cats, and she is perpetually on the hunt for peaceful writing time, which her four children make difficult to find. When she’s not writing, she’s knitting while watching TV or avoiding responsibilities on Tumblr, where she shamelessly ogles pretty people and tries to keep her cat off the keyboard.

Tumblr: http://greymichaela.tumblr.com

Twitter: @GreyMichaela

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/GreyMichaela

Email: greymichaela@gmail.com

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