Midnighter and Apollo Book 4 by Steve Orlando; Artist – Fernando Blanco ~ Book Review by Lirtle

Title: Midnighter and Apollo Book 4

Author: Steve Orlando; Artist – Fernando Blanco

Publisher: DC Comics

Cover Artist: Aco

Rating: 4.5 of 5 Stars

Publication Date: 01/04/2017

Length: Comic/Graphic Novel

Genre: Action/Adventure, Alternate Universe/Alternate World, Fiction, Gay, Gay Fiction, Paranormal, Science Fiction


Apollo’s in Hell, and the only weapon that can kill his captor has been destroyed! Does Midnighter have a plan? Why are you even asking that question?

My View:

Closer and closer… in hell.

Apollo is struggling against Neron, while Midnighter has arrived and is immediately annoyed with slimy tentacled skeleton Mawzir.

This issue opens like a highly anticipated episode of a favorite TV series: excitement, dread, that addictive tension that keeps me turning in, and giddy impatience to find out what is going to happen.

How badly will Apollo and Midnighter suffer before they finally lay eyes on each other? What will that reunion look and feel like? For us and for them. Will they both be alive when it happens? Where will it happen?

Also, it must be said (again), Neron is (still) one creepy villain:

[To Apollo] Q: “Make no mistake, your soul is putrid, festering and calcified with a lifetime of foul acts. But there is no relish in taking it… when you could give it to me instead.” /Q

Dun dun dunnnnnnnnnnn! And nasty. And don’tchu hurt Apollo, you glowy-eyed devil. You’ll get yours!

Midnighter’s snark and snarl have wound their ways onto my good side. His methods are extreme in some scenes but I cheer for him. I cannae help it. Mawzir is no match for him and, I’d imagine, no match for many. He does not strike the fear and the goosebumps of impending yet unknown doom like Neron.

The writing is the best of the series so far. Neron, even at his high level of creepiness, has some of the best lines, revealing his skewed beliefs even as he tries to wear down Apollo. He’s of the intriguing evil kind, fo sho. Apollo and Neron are evenly matched in many ways, so what will happen? Who will win out and how? At what price? These are the questions I’m harboring in anticipation of the next issue coming next month.

Oh, and this universe is populated with smartasses. nodding in approval with a smirk

The coloring, and the contrasting tones for each of these storylines – Midnighter’s and Apollo’s – support the emotions and events in each. It feels like just about every component is in sync, creating that tension, determination, and desire within and between the characters. Apollo and Midnighter and their connection are front and center, and their paths are narrowing, hopefully towards each other.

Aaaaiiiieeeeee! A true cliffhanger! I love it. Best issue of this series so far.


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