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Generally, new years posts are full of resolutions, help for resolutions, or goals for the coming seasons, but I figure you’re seeing a lot of those around the internet and could use a break. So here instead is a list of some of my favorite media I’ve been consuming in the last year.

I’ve changed a lot of my consumption in the last year as a direct result of friend suggestions and social media. I also don’t have cable TV, so I pick up my entertainment from a bunch of other outlets. But I like the direction things have taken! Let’s get started.


Princess Princess Ever After – Free Online

I have to put this adorable YA F/F story at the top of my list not the least because the art is gorgous. I adore every panel of this comic. Also: dragon. I’ll never say no to a dragon. But seriously, this is some beautiful work. The story starts classically: a princess is stuck in a tower and needs someone to rescue her. Fat positive, female main characters, and the best illustration. It’s free to read and I highly recommend you do so!


Thor – Comixology or your local comic shop!

I’m generally not a fan of the traditional hero comics. They’re largely male-gaze written and consumed, which just doesn’t do it for me. However, Thor has recently made a major change that I’m really starting to love. In this recent series Thor is a woman (although which woman of the Thor universe, you’ll have to read to find out!). The usual Thor suspects make an appearance: Odinson, Odin, Freja, Loki, Heimdal. It’s action-packed and excellent.


Monstress – Comixology or your local comic shop!

The first Monstress volume is a double one and I’m glad, because it gives new readers a nice beefy look into the world. After the very first issue I was sold! Monstress takes place in a world full of power and people seeking to exploit it. The main character is a woman with a mysterious origin, and a dangerous power inside of her. Recommended for the eldrich fan!


Moon Girl And Devil Dinosaur – Comixology or your local comic shop!

AAAAH, I love this comic so much. Moon Girl is a new-generation hero comic being produced by marvel. I picked it up because there’s a giant T-Rex on the cover and they’re basically dragons. But what’s EVEN BETTER is the hero of this tale is a middle-school black girl and in one of the recent issues was just named the Most Intelligent Person EVER. The smartest person in the entire marvel universe is an excellent little black girl with a pet T-Rex. Smarter than Tony Stark (Iron Man), T’Challa (Black Panther), and kid-genius Amadeus Cho (The Hulk). Why aren’t you reading it already?!


Yuri on Ice – Playstation VRV or Crunchyroll (currently free!)

If you haven’t at least heard of YoI you must be living under a rock! Yuri on Ice is THE most popular anime right now. It’s phenomenally beautiful, hilarious, and absolutely a must-see. Generally, anime come to the TV screen after their print-versions (manga) have become quite popular. YoI is unique in that it has no Manga, it was made for TV only, yet it’s more popular in only 12 weeks than some anime that have built their followings over years. Yuri is a figure skater who has lost his love of the art. His idol suddenly becomes his skating coach and a lovely yaoi (M/M) romance follows!


Beyond the Boundary – Playstation VRV or Crunchyroll

I’ve just recently started watching BtB on the recommendation of a friend on twitter, and I’m glad I did. It’s a beautiful, intense anime with an interesting paranormal story. The characters all have secrets, which of course lead them into trouble, but there are plenty of humor moments, too! I don’t want to give too much away so I’ll just say: watch the first two episodes. The first one will just leave you with questions. 😀


What are your favorite media of the past year? What are you looking forward to in 2017?

~Tami Veldura

Title: Learning to Want
Author: Tami Veldura
Publisher: NineStar Press
Publication Date: 11/21/2016
Cover Artist: Natasha Snow
Genre: BDSM, Gay, Gay Fiction, Gay Romance, Romance, Science Fiction


Khoram is an enforcer, a bodyguard, but his boss has just betrayed him. Now he’s stranded on a desert planet he’s never heard of, chained to the only other human around.

Atash grew up in the cracks of Dulia’s complex social structure, where dominance and submission are a man’s worth. He’s struggled for years on a lower caste but Khoram could be his ticket to a better life if they can find common ground.

Atash wants to teach Khoram the art of submitting by choice and maybe make a name for himself along the way. Khoram, however, isn’t here to play Atash’s political games. He’s going to escape, if his former employer doesn’t see him killed first.


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Tami Veldura is a reader, editor, and author of LGBT work. She’s a petite dragon who hordes purple things and prefers the title Mx. Track her down on twitter or find her books on Amazon and AllRomance. Bring your best pokemon and cat videos.

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