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My name is Greg – I study Truth.


I’m new here, so I should at least say Hello.


My name is Greg Tremblay, and I am many things – an American, a father, a foodie, a husband, a singer, an actor, a narrator, a blacksmith, a guitarist… and above all a Truth seeker… or as people before me have called them simply: an artist.

I have studied so many fascinating things in my life, talked with amazing people. People who fly in mathematics to peer into the heart of the universe.  People who grow succulent crops on family lands to feed us. People who save lives with their hands, who unearth the lost history of animals and humans with trowels and brushes.  People who study the acts of the past, and the workings of the mind.

Not a single study I have dabbled in, or seen is a wasted one.  They are the studies of craftsmanship, of the universe, of creation.  The studies of healing, of nurturing, of rearing.

One study, however, is often derided as being a frivolous one… the study of Art.

Artists come in as many flavors as there are humans on earth, because that is what we study.  Human Essence.  Human Truth. We are writers, and singers, actors and painters, poets and dancers.

Mine is the art of the spoken word.

I lean heavily on the writers of those words, crafters of astounding talent who reach into the turbulent messy exasperating aether of their souls and haul out a story in painful fits and starts. They mold it, refine it, push and shape it, and ultimately abandon it to the untender mercy of the world, knowing as all artists do that they could not perfect it, but that further effort will only make things worse.

I do not create their art, I sing it to the universe for them. I peer into the heart of their artwork, and let the truth I find there sing out.  Sometimes those truths are lies, created because the truth is that people lie. Sometimes those truths are love, because we are a species unbounded in our ability to love. Sometimes those truths are pain and hate, because we are also unbounded in our ability to distort.

Then, I take that song and release it in my own turn. People hear the song, they connect with parts or reject them. They are moved in some way by my singing of the writer’s Truth I hope. They may hate the way I sing that truth, or they may be moved to feel it more deeply.

I say all this because we have entered a time when there is truth in the world which does not wish to be spoken of. More of it than usual at any rate, for there is always truth which wishes to hide itself in lies. There is dismissal of the importance of those of us who reflect this truth, and by extension those of us who observe that reflection. There is denigration of whole swaths of people whose truth has been long buried under another more dominant truth.

None of that matters to truth; to those of us who seek it.

Truth is not a single image. Truth is a thousand shards of mirror.  One shard will show only a tiny piece of the universe, one view on the world. We can become, like Narcissus, obsessed with that reflection of ourselves as we peer into the tiny shard; but to do so shows us only what we wish to observe.

A thousand shards, set all about, show us the depth of truth. The reality, sometimes uncomfortable, of it. They are impossible to take in all at once. They are painful to observe, dizzying in their flood of information.

And Every. Single. Shard. Is vital.

Speak your truth. Look at as many truths as you can. Surround yourself with truth, with ART, and see the world in as much detail as you can. Truth without observation is nothing. Observation without content is nothing.

Be uncomfortable. Be inspired. Be confused and enlightened and angered and comforted.

Be art.

Keep reading, keep writing, keep listening and keep sharing your stories.


~Greg Tremblay

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