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Title: Better with Bacon
Author: Matthew Lang
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Cover Artist: L.C. Chase
Genre: Contemporary, Fiction, Gay, Gay Fiction, Gay Romance
Release Date: 02/22/2017


Author Matthew Lang tells us a bit about his travel bucket list and ends up talking a bit about food. We actually asked him over to talk about travel and promote his book a bit, but he really seems obsessed with food. Okay, his book is called ‘Better with Bacon’ so that might be part of it, but really.

Better with Bacon – Author Matthew Lang talks travel

I’ll never get enough of travel. Ever. It’s a change to visit old friends, make new ones, try new foods and experience a culture completely different to your own. Also food. Did I mention food?

Anyway, in no particular order, here are the top five places currently on my travel list, as well as a bit about why I recommend you check them out yourself.


This is a slightly people squishy panorama shot of the gate at the Meiji Shrine. Looking at it you wouldn’t think it’s right next to the busy shopping district of Harajuku.

Tokyo was the first place I’ve been to where I worried about my ability to communicate. And sure, my lack of Japanese is an issue, but well, sometimes I can get help from either helpful locals or friends who live there—assuming they can get time off work in a workaholic culture. And despite the language barrier, Japan remains one of the friendliest and most awesome places I’ve visited. There are vending machine menus for late night ramen, capsule hotels and amazing aquariums – one in Osaka has Whale Sharks, and honestly, that’s probably the closest I’m going to get to one anytime soon. Last time I was in Japan, I randomly visited the Sumida aquarium – and you can see some of what I saw in the video here – I mean, check out the garden eels.

[embedded video:]

Japan is also the place where I found a temple in a park in the middle of a capital city with trees tall enough to block out the skyscrapers, and the damp rich smell of the jungle next to a shopping district with people queuing for a popcorn shop.


This is the best shot I took of the beavers inside the Montreal Biodome – Not the clearest, but I still think it’s the best one.

Okay, so my best friend from high school is Canadian, and I owe him a trip now. We’re trying to make it less than 8 years between trips. That said, he and I have the sort of friendship where we can just pick up where we left off – which was interesting when I met his wife and we hadn’t really talked since university. Anyway, Canada is at the top of my list for places I’d consider living if I was to leave Australia. But Canada’s great, the people are awesome, they have almost everything foreigners like about America without the guns, and they also have poutine. Okay, so my home town of Melbourne is starting to serve up Poutine, but I’ve yet to find one that uses proper cheese curd. I also have very fond memories of trying to get from Montreal to Quebec city in the November snows (don’t do this, trust me). We took the 9 AM bus because we wanted to sleep in and arrived 3 hours late – 30 minutes after the 6 AM bus pulled it.

I was also lucky enough to be there during one of the Insectarium’s insect tasting events, which sadly, I found out they no longer run. Turns out I’m fine with stick insects and crickets, but I’m not really sold on the smoky aftertaste of queen ants. I know Canada has more for me to discover, and I’m looking forward to it. I’m also looking forward to going and seeing another hockey game. The current deal I have is take my friend to a Jazz bar, and take his wife clubbing. Probably on different nights given someone has to mind the kids.


Image: Castle Neuschwanstein. Caption: Castle Neuschwanstein by Konrad Kurzacz (Own work) Pimke e-mail: Own work CC BY-SA 3.0 Link

Bavarian roast and cabbage dumplings are terrible for my waistline, but taste amazing. And I’m lucky to have friends in Munich willing to take me out for that food, even if it’s not their favourite food. But honestly I also want to go and see Neuschwanstein, the castle ripped off appropriated by that inspired the Disney Castle. I also understood there’s some natural hostprings up a nearby mountain where you can soak, relax and enjoy looking across the valley at Neuschwanstein, which argually could b better than going there – but I’ll let you know I do.

My friends Mel and Kris have a music school, so me bursting into song randomly isn’t quite as strange around them as around some other people. Mel also knows me far too well. There’s not many friends who wake you up in the morning and announce you’re going to a medieval RenFair complete with Fikers, cider and a wooden ferris wheel powered by a hand crank.

She also showed me a place that makes hemp Gelato, but perhaps shouldn’t talk about that.


3 Country Cairn by Veraldar (Own work). CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons.

One of my all time favourite people in the world lives in Trondheim, Norway. And I need to go visit to see a different country and…look I haven’t done much research on Norway. It’s Scandinavia so I’m assuming cold. I’m assuming I’ll go run around Olso for a bit, go see whatever musical is playing because apparently no one there wants to see them with her. Also, since I’m in the area, I want to the Three-Country Cairn, which is a monument in the middle of lake Goldajarvi (AKA lake Koltajauri) marking the spot where Sweden, Norway and Finland meet. And unlike a number of other tripoint borders, you can walk to this one. And cross into another country. And hopefully position your feet strategically and take a photo and say you’re in all three countries at one.

Wilsons Promontory, Australia

I took this photo on my last trip here. There’s a lot of sky because I wanted it to be useable as a phone background. Next time I’m getting video of the colonies of fiddler crabs at low tide—kilometres of small crabs industriously making balls of sand.

This one might be cheating, as it’s a day trip from home, but I think that’s the point. When we think of travel we often want to go somewhere far away, but sometimes we need to remember that there’s places nearby that are worth a visit. Wilsons Prom, as we call it down here is a national park all the way down past Philip Island (the place Miley Cyrus was tweeting about the environment and getting herself mixed up with Australian Politics). It’s remote, serene, and when people talk about stretches of empty beach, you’ll find that at Wilson’s Prom. It’s several hours drive out of the city, and I’d like to go and camp there for a bit. The views are amazing, the sea breeze is fresh and crisp, and there’s a squeaky sand beach – you step on it and it squeaks beneath your feet. I tried to record it, but the microphone on my phone wasn’t good enough to catch the sound. I was also able to see a wombat just nosing around an empty campsite, and I remember seeing an open meadow on the way into the park, and a few emus just hanging out. Driving out around sunset I saw a number of wallabies foraging, and I was able to stop, walk out, and get fairly close to them…no walls, no fences, just the knowledge that if I got to close I’d get kicked or they’d run away. If you do drive in and find that meadow, watch out for animal poop. It seems like a very popular foraging ground and that makes it a fairly good place to get muck on your hiking boots – or transferred into your vehicle.


Anyway, that’s me. I could go on for longer, but then this post would be way too long. Just remember, wherever you go, bring an ebook reader. It’s a really good way to not have your entire library weighing you down, and you’ll be able to fill it with books without getting their pages damaged inside your bag. I’d still bring one for when you don’t have power, but not having to bring six really frees up your weight allowance. And if you like my travel rambles, check out my website and pre-order Better with Bacon. It’ll keep me travelling and writing, even if it’s a camping trip out to see the wombats and wallabies.


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Matthew Lang writes behind a desk, in the park, on the tram, and sometimes backstage at amateur theater productions. He has been known to sing and dance in public and over-analyze the plot of any movie he sees. He has dabbled in film, machinima, and is suspected of running roleplaying games for fellow nerds. When not travelling the world, Matthew has been accused of frequenting libraries and hanging around in bookstores. His therapists believe he may be plotting some form of literature.

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