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Here’s the thing. I have this little quirk of deciding what characteristics best suit the way I want my character to develop and then drawing on star sign detail to develop them. Not all of it is relevant, but I certainly take some of the good and bad bits when bringing my men to life. It’s also a lot of fun and sometimes I’ve done it the other way around. Written the character then seen how well they fit into a certain star sign, not by design, just by accident.

Here’s a quick run- down on the main men in my life from some of my stand-alone novels, their Star Signs and a couple of little details about them.


  • Shane Templar – Gemini – incessant talker, multi dimensionally talented, mischievous. He loves the adventure and game playing involved in out-thinking other people. Loves variety and excitement.
  • Matthew Langer -Taurus – Security-conscious, resolute, sensual, dependable, faithful, secure, proud, obstinate and decisive









  • Alexander Montgomery – Libra – Refined, social, artistic, vacillating, intellectual, communicative and concerned with relationships. Soft, graceful, a dreamer.
  • Christopher Sage – Sagittarius – Curious, magnanimous, honest, expansive, generous, reckless, extroverted, proud, larger than life, free







  • Nick Mathers – Capricorn – Loving, susceptible, sympathetic, sensual, faithful, instinctive, charitable, over-reactive and moody
  • Owen Butler – Pisces – Loving, sensitive, intuitive, spiritual, idealistic, victimised and moody, spiritual, empathic









  • Quinn Fairmont – Leo – Original, imposing, inflexible, motivated, ambitious, loyal, physical, charitable and majestic
  • Cade Mairston – Scorpio – Secretive, passionate, resolute, insensitive, steadfast, painstaking and stubborn








Anyone who has read my books and knows these men will understand a lot of the characteristics above and say, ’Oh my goodness, that is so Shane/Owen/Alex’ At least I hope they will. If not, why not read all of my books, meet the men themselves and make up your own mind.

Here’s a link to the full detail of these personalities and characteristics. PS I’m a Capricorn.



~Susan Mac Nicol

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