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I write romance, and I’m a big fan of happy endings (in every sense 🙂 ). I adore the Happy Ever After stories, where the main couple feel so solidly in love, in that final scene, that nothing on earth will ever shake them, till death do them part. Sometimes I need that heartwarming belief in forever. My husband and I will celebrate 31 years of marriage soon, and I hope it remains our HEA.

But I also write and read a lot of HFN – Happy For Now endings. I think sometimes, in books and in life, we don’t give enough value to a short-term good thing. When I read second-chances stories, I look hard for the ones without the evil ex. I like seeing stories where people are able to look back on a relationship and see value in it, even though they later grew apart, the good faded, and they moved on.

I also love books where a lost, dead lover isn’t eclipsed, but complemented, but the new guy. Where the new sex is maybe different, also good, but not suddenly better than ever before. Where the people left behind in memory can still be a positive part of the main character’s history and life.

This is my last post for “Outside the Margins” and that’s sad, because I haven’t done many. I’ve read excellent author posts here and I’ll miss participating. However, an ending doesn’t take away all the good stuff that came before it. The M/M genre has had a lot of real-life endings in the past few years. Some were messy and bad, others were as good a wrap-up as could be managed, to mark the closing of a good thing. This is one of those.

Blogs are a wonderful part of our community outlets for our voices, promotion for our books, a source to find the reading that sustains us in tough times. They are also a huge labor of love. And they don’t have to last forever to be a success. So congratulations, Brandilyn, on the wonderful success that has been Prism Book Alliance. (And thanks to Queue and Katie for all you did to keep it going.) Best wishes to everyone involved, moving forward to new, successful adventures.

And thanks to everyone who writes the M/M I love with either HEA or believable HFN happy endings. Thanks for giving me some stories where life includes changes that are not good or bad, but just different books that reflect joy and warmth and love without requiring it to be forever, to be real. The ones with second chances that don’t tear down first chances.

There’s room for all kinds of stories in romance. One of the things I love about M/M is that we seem able to explore a wide range of plots and elements, and to escape some of the stereotypes. And maybe that range can spill over into life, reminding us to be open to all kinds of definitions of love, and success, and happiness. For some readers, the comfort of a solid HEA in each book is what makes romance their genre, and that’s fine – M/M has many such stories. For me, I appreciate a reminder to take the success of each day and savor it, and count it as a win, come what may. Prism Book Alliance, and Outside the Margins, count as a real-life win, despite now winding to an end.

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March 2017


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3 thoughts on “Celebrating HFNs ~ Outside the Margins with Kaje Harper

  1. I admit to being solidly a HEA girl for series… but the HFN definitely has it’s place. In reality, all HEA’s are really only HFN’s because life does continue after the story, anyway, but we romanticise the ending of a HEA to just that.
    Some of the best tales have been second chances or new love; I’m particularly a fan of the new love when the other has passed away… The idea that you can love again, that an older protagonist can find/re-find love it a nice counter to the oh-so-many hot young love (oft trope-tastic) tales.
    On another note, 31 years, congratulations and hopes for many more, with a side of more wonderful stories from your mind to the reader.

  2. Such a nice post, Kaje. I love my HEAs as well, even my HFNs because I understand sometimes you have to continue working on things to reach your HEA. I’m going to miss Prism as well…

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