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For my final post on the Prism Outside the Margins blog, I have to say that I’ve been honored to have been invited by Brandilyn to contribute to this blog. She’s done an amazing job with this site, and it will be missed. I am still in a bit of disbelief that I was posting alongside amazing authors I respect and enjoy reading. I hope all of you who have read my posts have enjoyed them over the years, and that we’ll continue to stay in touch on Facebook or Twitter.

For this last post, I’m going to do something unusual and post a snippet from a WIP that has not yet been touched by an editor or a beta reader or anyone else but me. This snippet is the first chapter of the fourth Critter Catchers book, tentatively titled “The Pinesville Devil.” There’s not much more than this, but I wanted to share it with you all to let you know that Demmy and Cody will definitely be back. Even though Wilde City Press is closing down, those two still have more animal control adventures to go on. Enjoy the read, and be sure to either friend me on Facebook, like one of my Facebook pages, or follow me on Twitter. Wishing you all the words you need to either write or read, and your very own happily ever after.

If you’re interested in the first three Critter Catcher adventures, you can find them offered by Wilde City Press until the end of March, and then I will be self-publishing them in April. The best way to find any of my books is checking out my Amazon Author Page at this URL: amazon.com/author/hankedwards.

And now, here’s some fun from Demmy and Cody. Enjoy!

The Pinesville Devil – Critter Catchers Book Four

The sun was hot for mid-September, and Demetrius used the sleeve of his Critter Catchers coverall to wipe sweat from his forehead. He stood in place and peered around the tiny, cluttered garage interior that smelled of paper mold, boxes full of musty clothes, gasoline, motor oil, and something disturbingly close to egg farts.

“This is a nightmare,” Cody said from a few feet away. “I mean, this is worse than being stuck out in that swamp in Florida.”

Demetrius looked over his shoulder and frowned. “Worse than the swamp? Where a flesh-eating swamp monster made of moss and logs and evil was stalking us during a tropical storm?”

Cody rolled his eyes. “Okay, fine. It’s not worse than that, but you have to admit this is pretty bad.”

The sound of scrabbling claws from behind a cluster of boxes made them both jump.

“I know they’re not dangerous, but they’re freaking me out,” Cody said in a low voice.

“They’re not werewolves,” Demetrius said.

“Wolf men,” Cody said.

“Or chupacabras.”

“Drug enhanced dogs.”|

Demetrius sighed. “Do you always have to correct me?”

“Say it right and I won’t need to.” Cody grinned. Even with the stuffy environment, stifling coveralls, sweat running down both of their faces, horrible smells, and desperate tension of the situation, the sight of Cody’s grin sent a flutter through Demetrius.

“You’re impossible,” Demetrius said, and turned away to hide his own grin.

“Which is why you love me.”

Before Demetrius could respond, two small furry shapes darted out from behind a stack of boxes. Both critters made a beeline for Cody, and, before he could step out of the way, launched themselves at his legs and proceeded to climb.

“Claws!” Cody shouted as he bounced from foot to foot and waved his hands. “Ow. Ouch! Dammit! They’re like little needles jabbing right through the coveralls. Ow, goddammit!”

Demetrius could not help laughing. He held a gloved hand to his mouth to try and disguise his laughter, but Cody looked up and caught him.

“A little help, please?” Cody asked with a scowl. He had grabbed one of the furry shapes and was trying to pull it off, but its claws were snagged in the material of his coveralls. Or in the skin of his leg.


Demetrius stepped forward. He got hold of the other furry ball of energy and, with careful side to side movements, removed Cody’s attacker. He held the squirming ball of multi-colored fur up and peered into bright blue eyes and a pink nose. A tiny mouth opened, revealing small, sharp teeth before it let out a high-pitched mew of agitation.

“Oh my God, they’re so cute,” Demetrius said.

“Ow, son of a bitch.” Cody finally managed to pry the second kitten off his leg and held it out at arm’s length. “Cute and deadly. You didn’t have their little needle-claws stuck in your legs. They probably gave me hepatitis or something.”

Several hard knocks from behind them drew their attention. The pull up garage door had two plexiglass windows, both smeared with dust and dirt. Through one of the windows, he could make out the blurry image of a face peering in at them.

“Stop fawning over them and catch them!” the figure outside the window shouted.

It was Lucia Durant, tough as nails sheriff’s deputy and one of Cody’s many ex-girlfriends they seemed to continually run into around Parson’s Hollow.

“I’m not fawning!” Demetrius shouted back.

“You are most definitely fawning, Singleton,” Lucia said. “You’re not getting paid by the hour, so cut it out and get back to catching those cats.”

“She’s even worse than usual,” Demetrius grumbled as he joined Cody at the large animal carrier and deposited the mewling kitten inside with the one Cody had added.

“Don’t look at me about that,” Cody said. “It’s been years since she and I dated.”

“Maybe just looking at you riles her up,” Demetrius said.

Cody glared. “If you weren’t so cute, I’d be tempted to stuff one of these flea- and tick-ridden kittens down your coveralls.”

“Good thing I’m cute then. Come on, I hear more of them in the back corner.”

~Hank Edwards

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