Goodbye, Farewell, and Amen ~ Outside the Margins with Shae Connor

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On February 28, 1983, CBS aired the series finale of the comedy classic “MASH.” In those days, we didn’t have VCRs in most homes, much less the DVRs, On Demand, and online viewing we have now. You either watched a show live, or you waited months for a rerun to air. The night of the “MASH” finale, more than 100 million people across the United States watched live, still a record total for the finale of any series.

My mom, a huge “MAS*H” fan, wasn’t among them. Granted, she had a valid excuse—a wedding shower for her sister, who got married two months later—but it’s more than just that. She never watched the finale at all. To this day, she’s never seen it.

Why? Because to her, if she never watches the finale, then it never ends.

This month, we say another fond farewell. For the past several years, Prism Book Alliance has been carrying a banner for GLBTQ+ literature, and especially for M/M romance. Brandilyn and her staff have kept us supplied with blog posts, reviews, giveaways, and all sorts of support for authors and readers alike. Brandilyn recruited me for Outside the Margins two years ago, and it’s been so much fun writing these posts. I’ll miss the regular outlet, though I’ll try to transfer some of that energy over to my own site and blog more often there.

It’s been great fun to meet up with all of you here, but I know the story doesn’t end here. We’ll skip the big finale and keep the series going elsewhere. Instead of goodbye, farewell, and amen—I’ll just say “see you soon.” 🙂

~Shae Connor

Title: Graphite & Glitter
Author: Shae Connor
Publisher: Self Published
Publication Date: 02/27/2017
Cover Artist: AngstyG
Genre: Contemporary, Lesbian Romance


All that glitters might just be gold.

Adrienne Michaels’s best friend is getting married, and Adrienne’s not feeling it on the night of the bachelorette party. Then she meets Tessa Smith, bass player for an all-female glam rock tribute band. After a one-night stand worthy of the hottest rock star fantasies, Tessa surprises Adrienne by asking her on a real date, and Adrienne soon finds Tessa’s side gig pales in comparison to the down-to-earth music geek beneath the glitter. Tessa even helps Adrienne through a family loss, but when Tessa gets a sweet job offer in another city, Adrienne has to make a choice: let her go, follow her halfway across the country—or become part of the reason for her to stay.


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About Shae Connor

Shae Connor lives in Atlanta, where she’s a lackadaisical government worker for a living and writes sweet-hot romance under the cover of night. She’s been making things up for as long as she can remember, but it took her a long time to figure out that maybe she should try writing them down. She’s conned several companies into publishing her work and adds a new notch on her bedpost each time another story is unleashed onto an unsuspecting universe.

A member of the Romance Writers of America and the Rainbow Writers chapter, Shae was first published in 2010 and has a lineup of short stories, novellas, and novels available from Dreamspinner Press, Wilde City Press, MLR Press, and Amber Allure.

Shae is part Jersey, part Irish, and all Southern, which explains why she never shuts up. When she’s not chained to her laptop, she enjoys cooking, traveling, watching baseball, and reading voraciously, and she’s an annual volunteer for the Dragon Con on-site publication, the Daily Dragon. You can find her hanging out on Twitter most any time @shaeconnor, but for the more direct route, you can email her at or visit her website at

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  1. Wonderful post. I never watched a MASH episode in real-time, only in reruns, but it was great just the same.

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