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Title: Insight
Author: Santino Hassell
Publisher: Riptide
Cover Artist: Kanaxa
Genre: Gay, Gay Fiction, Paranormal, Romance, Thriller, Urban Fantasy
Release Date: 03/13/2017


Growing up the outcast in an infamous family of psychics, Nate Black never learned how to control his empath abilities. Then after five years without contact, his estranged twin turns up dead in New York City. The claim of suicide doesn’t ring true, especially when a mysterious vision tells Nate it was murder. Now his long-hated gift is his only tool to investigate.

Hitching from his tiny Texas town, Nate is picked up by Trent, a gorgeous engineer who thrives on sarcasm and skepticism. The heat that sparks between them is instant and intense, and Nate ends up trusting Trent with his secrets—something he’s never done before. But once they arrive in the city, the secrets multiply when Nate discovers an underground supernatural community, more missing psychics, and frightening information about his own talent.

Nate is left questioning his connection with Trent. Are their feelings real, or are they being propelled by abilities Nate didn’t realize he had? His fear of his power grows, but Nate must overcome it to find his brother’s killer and trust himself with Trent’s heart.

  1. We are here today to talk about Insight. What can you tell us about it?

INSIGHT is the first book in The Community trilogy, which follows Nathaniel Black—an empath with limited ability to control his own power. He’s from an infamous family of psychics who have a long history of dysfunction. At the start of the story, we see Nate coping with his miserable life in a small Texas town and his frustration with his gift, but then he finds out his estranged brother has mysterious died in NYC and everything changes. Nate abandons his job and apartment go to on a cross country road trip to find out what happened to his twin. On the way he meets Trent—an engineer who is on his way home from Cal Tech. They bond during their journey, and Trent becomes his rock as Nate arrives in New York and discovers there is an entire psychic community he never knew about. A community with as many secrets and as much dysfunction as the family he left behind.

  1. Please tell us more about our main characters.

Nate is a 21-year-old empath who grew up in a small town outside of Houston. His entire family is made up of psychics, but they’re well known to be… strange. The town weirdoes, the town drunks, the family known for random disappearances and other unfortunate events—that was their reputation. It wasn’t easy for him growing up with that on his shoulders, so he became shy, insecure, defensive, and very untrusting of others. It also led to him hating his gift because knowing what other people felt about him wasn’t always the easiest thing.

Trent is in his early twenties, an engineer who is going to school at Cal Tech, and probably the most level headed character I’ve ever written. He wants facts and reasons, and doesn’t do anything without a logical decision or plan. When Nate gives him proof about the existence of psychic powers, Trent goes from skeptical to simply trying to help Nate uncover this mystery. He also keeps Nate’s eyes wide open about the shady people around him.

  1. What do you want to tell those who may be new to the series (if applicable)?

Well, everyone is new to this series so I’ll say this—there’s an over arcing plotline that extends through the trilogy but each book has a full romantic arc with a HEA. Books 2 and 3 will have different MCs.

  1. What about Insight makes you the proudest?

The world building is pretty neat, I think. The idea of a community of psychics that was created with the sole purpose of protecting their own, but is now kind of infiltrated by people who have their own motives. Also the dynamics between psys and voids (people without psychic powers), and the social hierarchy within the Community.

  1. What is next for these characters?  Is there more to this series?  If so who will we hear from next?

I can’t tell you who’s next because that will spoil some of the plot. 😉 The good news is—the blurb for Book 2 is in the back of Insight.

  1. What part of writing a book comes the hardest for you?

The ending. I have a tendency to wrap things up way too fast and the pacing doesn’t jive with the rest of the book.

  1. Do you ever abandon a draft partly written and just move on? Do you keep a file of plot ideas?

Interestingly, that happened with this book. I abandoned it years ago because I couldn’t decide what direction to go in, but started working on it again after Sarah Lyons saw an excerpt I posted on Facebook.

  1. If you could be one of your characters who would you be and why?

In The Community trilogy, I’d like to be Chase. He’s a side character in Insight, and this bad ass snarky guy who talks shit to everyone and has zero qualms about it. He’s also an extremely powerful psychic. And a suspect.

  1. In Harry Potter, what one spell would you have written in that JK Rowling didn’t?

The ability to go invisible at will! There was no need for that cloak.

  1. Rapid Fire Time 

Pickup Truck or Sedan? Truck
Hawaii or Colorado? Colorado
Ice Skating or Ice Hockey? Ice Skating
West Wing or Friday Night Lights? Friday Night Lights
Australia or England? Australia
Read or writing? Writing
Shifters or Vampires? Vampires
Red Heads or Blondes? Red heads
Dogs or Cats? Cats
World of Warcraft or Everquest? WoW

  1. What are you working on?  What is next?

In May, there will be another book in the Five Boroughs series (Ashton’s story), book 2 in The Community in early summer, and then the first book in my football series in late summer.


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About the Author

Santino was raised by a conservative family, but he was anything but traditional. He grew up to be a smart-mouthed grunge kid, then a transient twentysomething, and eventually transformed into a guy who spends his days and nights writing romance with an edge.

Santino is a dedicated gamer, a former fanfic writer, an ASoIaF mega nerd, a Grindr enthusiast, but most of all he is a writer of LGBT fiction that is heavily influenced by the gritty, urban landscape of New York City, his belief that human relationships are complex and flawed, and his own life experiences.

Connect with Santino:

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  1. Excellent first book in a new series was an excellent first book in a new series. 😉

    Mazingergirlie (at) gmail (dot) com

  2. Insight is a fabulous start to this new series. Loved Nate and Trent and this world of psychic powers.Already looking forward to book 2. I wonder if Chase is getting his story in book 3?

  3. Aww, no hockey? Oh, well. I’ve only read one book involving an empath, so this sounds cool.


  4. Psychics are an interesting and different choice for paranormal characters. Bravo for not falling into trope traps. I admire you all the more for it, and for following your own mind. Congrats on the new series.

  5. I am fascinated by the concept of psychic phenomena, so this sounds like a series I will enjoy! Thanks for the interview, great to get more insight into the story. elewkf1 at yahoo dot com

  6. I absolutely loved Insight! I’m really looking forward to reading book two and I gotta mention those beautiful covers for this series (seriously gorgeous) 😀


  7. Fun interview! I already knew a lot about this one so the rapid fire questions were the most interesting. I didn’t realize this was an abandoned ms, though. I’m glad it found its way to us!

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  8. I really enjoyed reading the interview and learning more about Insight. I’m excited to begin reading. Thank you for sharing.
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  9. I’m a huge Santino Hassell fan! Reading Insight right now…great start to a new series. Can’t wait for Concourse and The Barons. 🙂


  10. Congrats and thanks for the post. The book sounds great, and I love gay mysteries and paranormal romances. Like Nate, I’m a transplanted Texan and root for the outcast/underdog as well. The only problem, more often than not, the underdog loses, but when he wins, yay!
    – TheWrote [at] aol [dot] com

  11. I agree with Santino: his world building is great. His characters are genuine and relatable, even for us voids. Bring on the next one! (at)

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