Final Wrap-up ~ GRL Update by Christine with Giveaway #TeamPrismGRL

The suitcase has been emptied, and laundry is in the washing machine. The swag has been dumped on the bed and then stuffed back into Continue Reading →

Saturday and Summary ~ Saturday GRL Update by Lirtle with Giveaway #TeamPrismGRL

This will be a combination Saturday and Summary post. Hopefully I don’t forget anything! Let’s start with Saturday, shall we? It was more fun readings Continue Reading →

Paisley’s Big Adventure – Made it to GRL! ~ Thursday GRL Update by Paisley with Giveaway #TeamPrismGRL

My big adventure started today. It’s been 15 years since I have traveled away from my family. Last winter I said to my hubby that Continue Reading →

Friiiiiidaaaaay ~ Friday GRL Update by Lirtle with Giveaway #TeamPrismGRL

So, Friday started early (stupid body clock!) despite bedtime not occurring until 1 AM. What?! I know… I took a more relaxed approach to today. Continue Reading →

Spotlight on Authors ~ Friday GRL Update by Christine with Giveaway #TeamPrismGRL

Paisley and I attended a wonderful Q&A session featuring Kaje Harper, Kindle Alexander (yes, that’s two authors!), and LC Chase. They shared their writing styles, Continue Reading →

Wow, what a day two! ~ Thursday GRL Update by Lirtle with Giveaway #TeamPrismGRL

The day started with breakfast thanks to Riptide and a lovely walk with Becky Condit… Yup, some yummy morning goodness thanks to Riptide, who is Continue Reading →

Shenanigans and why I am boring ;) ~ Thursday GRL Update by Brandilyn with Giveaway #TeamPrismGRL

So, I am doing this without graphics because the internet here hates pictures… Yesterday was officially the first day of GRL, so panels, Q&A’s reading, Continue Reading →

First Day… Long Day! ~ Wednesday GRL Update by Lirtle with Giveaway #TeamPrismGRL

I made it!! LOL And who was the first person I saw, not even five minutes after walking into the hotel? Brandilyn! 😀 and a Continue Reading →