7 Things you can change to eat healthier

I do not claim to be a nutritionist.  Actually far from it.  I am was a lover of all thing comfort food.  I looked at most diets and thought “no way could I eat that” or “no way that would fill me up” or a myriad of other such defeating thoughts.  The truth is, if you are mentally prepared for the change and you jump into it with your whole heart/body you CAN do it.  I am proof. 

Here are 7 changes anyone can make to improve their health:

  1. Don’t drink your calories, especially when they are empty.  Soda, “energy drinks”, fancy coffees, and even juice are full of sugars and empty calories that do nothing but make you crash later.  As a former caffeine addict, I actually contend that anyone can give up caffeine if you want it bad enough.  I gave it up cold-turkey in 2004 and haven’t missed it (well not after the month or so… I actually had to work midnight shifts for a week only 1 week after giving it up… )!  The one exception to this rule is Smoothies… As long as you they are made with REAL fruit and no added sugars (be careful of “smoothie” shops I can think of quite a few that break both of these rules).  You can also use a smoothie to sneak in some veggies and extra protein or fiber (with whey or casein protein powder, ground flax, spinach or a myriad of other things).
  2. Avoid all things “fake” sugar.  If it says sucralose, Splenda, aspartame, NutraSweet, Equal, saccharine, Sweet n Low, etc don’t eat or drink it!  Actually this goes for fake colors and fake flavors as well…
  3. If you eat white bread, switch to whole grain (make sure it says 100% whole grain).  If you already eat 100% Whole grain, try Sprouted grain (look in the freezer section under the name Ezekiel or Genesis)
  4. Skip the Mayo/Miracle Whip.  Sub in Mustard (preferably dijon or other whole seed, but yellow if you must).  One thing I have found is fabulous on a turkey sandwich is Hummus (made with olive oil)!
  5. If it is sold in the “center isles” of the grocery think twice before buying!  In general you should be “shopping the perimeter”  that is where you will find the Dairy, Frozen, fresh fruits and meats, breads, cheeses, etc.  The center isles are pretty much all processed crap!  There are a few things I go to the center isles, for… Organic Tomato Sauce in Jars (only until I get my veggie garden going, though), Whole Wheat Flour, spices, etc.  Now just because it is on the perimeter doesn’t mean it is good for you, but you will find a higher percentage of them here.
  6. Skip the coupons!  I know this one is controversial, especially among my extreme couponing and deal finding blog peers but hear me out!  Most of the coupons you find in the newspaper (and on the web) are for the processed crap devoid of nutrients and high in refined sugars and flours.  There are some sources for whole food coupons like company websites (Stoneyfield Farms, Cascadian Farms, Horizon Dairy, Kashi, and a few others have coupons on their website regularly) also I find Kiwi Magazine usually has a few good coupons in it as well.  The coupon itself isn’t evil, it is the food you purchase with them that is the problem.
  7. Clean out your pantry/cupboards/refrigerator/secret stash.  If it is in your house you will eat it!  Remove temptation and clean out all candy, sweets, etc from your house.  If you already have done that, go one step further and clean out all the processed crap as well.  Those “convenience” meals and items you keep around “just in case”.  Donate them or freecycle them.  As much as I hate the idea of spreading around processed foods, there are plenty of people that will be very appreciative of them.

My challenge to you is this: over the next 7 weeks choose 1 of these items each week and do it!  That is it one a week (but keep it up after you make the change 😉 ).  Comment here with your progress or, if you blog, talk about your progress on there and leave me the link.  I would love to know how you are doing.


I got this idea from a post I read on Dustin Maher’s blog.  As you know, I am currently a part of his Mommy Blogger Weight Loss Challenge for February.

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8 thoughts on “7 Things you can change to eat healthier

  1. Sorry, I wasn't done! The easiest one for me to do is to not drink calories. I mainly drink water but will have other things once in a while. I also buy whole grain bread. I'd like to get rid of temptation but it's hard when DH doesn't have to worry about it and often snacks on chips or candy. For the most part though, I don't eat chips or candy.

  2. Ironically, I started eating much better after I started clipping coupons! 🙂 You're totally right, it's not coupons themselves, it's which ones you use. Thank you for sharing all these tips!

  3. Awesome tips. I do need to give up coffee or at least so me of it. I drink WAY too much. I know the calories are high, but I am always on the go and need some of the pep. I know I should be drinking more water and eating better. Thanks for sharing, this makes me feel a need to kick myself in the butt

  4. Love your list! The only thing I do differently is skip the bread (and all grains) altogether. For me they cause inflammation and problems, so I'm way healthier without them in my body:-) Love skip the coupons, for the most part they're for processed food we don't need anyway. There are a few good ones if you know where to look…

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