Scary Day…

I have been a parent for 4 years 7 months and 6 days (approximately).  In that time I have gone to the Emergency room a total of 0 times.  Even with 3 pregnancies, I have never gone to the ER or even to L&D without being sent there by my OB after an appointment.  I can count on one hand the number of times I have needed to take one of the kids into their pediatrician for something other than a well check.  Today that all changed.

My mom, 3 kids, and I were all prepared to have a nice relaxing lunch with a very dear old friend of the family when the unthinkable happened, and then happened again… I got my 6 month old out of the car and strapped her into the beco as usual, then proceeded to get my 2.5 year old out of the car and turned to unbuckle my 4.5 year old. My 2.5 year old decided to run into the “Street” (We were parked along the main entrance to a shopping area).  I yelled for him to return to me, but he just laughed and ran on down the street.  So I went after him.  I reached for him and just barely got hold of his shirt, next thing I know I am falling face first to the ground.  Baby Girl in the beco on my front.  I hear her head hit the pavement and I realize I am laying full on top of her.  Baby boy (well not so much a baby, but I still call him that even at 2.5) is also on the ground.   My mom and a perfect stranger who had just come out of Barnes & Noble story time with her young daughter looked on in horror.

I am still not exactly sure what happened, but I knew that I had to get baby girl to the ER.  Her head was already red and there was blood, luckily not a lot, but it was still there.  With the help the the stranger, we got all 3 kids buckled back into the car and were off to the ER.  I wanted to go to Children’s but my mom convinced me the closest ER was a better option (it was only about 2 miles away).  I called my husband and couldn’t stop crying.  Everyone at the ER assured me that baby girl looked great and was showing none of the head injury warning signs, but they wanted to get a CT to be sure.

To say that they do nothing fast in this place would be an understatement, but the waiting gave us time for hubby to get there from work and for me to finally calm down.  Finally hubby took the big kids home to get them some lunch and get baby boy cleaned up (his face is scrapped up, but nothing major) while I waited with baby girl for the CT.  She needed her momma, all she wanted to do was cuddle mommy, and all mommy wanted to do was cuddly her.  Finally we get to the CT and while we are trying to get her calmed down they ask when I was going to get a CT.  I knew I had bumped my head, but didn’t really think much about it.  I told her I was fine and just to worry about baby girl. So we try holding her down for the CT and with the help of the CT tech we make it through.  By this point an odd calm has finally come over me.  I realized that baby girl has been crying and reactive, intermixed with napping on mommy’s shoulder (it was her nap time after all), and the pace with which the ER was working meant it couldn’t be too bad.

Five or 10 minutes later the nurse, the Doctor, and the Radiologist all walk into the room.  Talk about panicking a mom… They didn’t get clear enough images, though the ones they could see looked “good”.  They wanted to try one more time before sending us by ambulance to the main hospital where they could sedate her.  So back to CT we went.  We tried to get her to lay calmly, but for a hurting, over-tired, hungry 6 month old, it was just way too much to ask.  So they wrapped her up in a sheet like a tight papoose.  With the CT tech and a nurse, they get their images.  While we are waiting I decide, baby girl falls asleep, and I decide to assess my injuries.  There is no mirror, so I grab my phone and take a pic of myself so I can see my forehead, which ever nurse has mentioned to me, I figured it must not look to good.  I also snap a few pics of baby girl.   A little over an hour later we are finally told that we are free to go.  We are sent on our way with explicit instructions to watch for signs of concussion and head injury… for both of us, as well as instructions to make liberal use of Tylenol and ice packs.

All in all it could be worse.  I think in the end I took the worst of the 3 of us.  My knee is banged up, I have a nice lump in the vicinity of my left eyebrow/lid, my glasses are toast, and I have aches and pains emerging by the minute.  Baby girl has some abrasions on her head and neck, the spot is obviously tender, but she has been her happy, gregarious self since we got home!

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5 thoughts on “Scary Day…

  1. I’m glad to hear it wasn’t anything more serious but I can completely understand how scary it is. My youngest at 4 months old fell about 5 feet to the ground and landed face first. No gushing/flowing blood or broken bones, just some swelling. Two ambulance rides later (we were in a fairly remote area at an event so the first ambulance took us to the main road and the second transported us to the city’s ER) with my husband following us with our oldest in the car, we got there. They said no sleeping because of the head trauma which meant lots of crying especially being strapped to that board. I was breastfeeding at the time and I was able to get them to lift up the board so I could still breastfeed. The CT showed nothing 🙂

  2. I am so sorry to read this, but so happy to hear all are okay! We have had more ER trips than I care to count!!! Hugs to you and prayers that everyone recovers quickly!

  3. Im so sorry to read this, but I am relieved and happy to know that you and the precious baby girl are going to be fine. I pray that you all get a speedy recovery and everything goes back to normal. I have 1 toddler, she is 21mo old and Im grateful that we havent made an ER trip yet. Fingers crossed!!

  4. Poor You!! That was a scary day!! I just cringed reading the events before the trip to the ER. I think that is every moms worst nightmare, seeing your child running near traffic or the street and they ignore you, thinking its a game. Praise be to God that your little ones are safe and only have a few scrapes & bruises, things could have turned out much worse. You did good mom!! Despite the unfortunate accident.

  5. That sounds like it was so scary!! I don’t have any children yet but I remember all of the things that happened to me as a child. I’m surprised I never gave my mom a heart attack and that includes getting hit by a car while she was with me. I was 13 and crossing the street and the light turned green for the cars and I was hit, I guess she didn’t see me. I ended up being fine but I bet it was scary for my mom. Glad everyone was okay and I hope you don’t have a scare like this again.

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