Let’s Talk Hunger Games

I have said before that I won’t read a book that just doesn’t hold my interest.  I am very quick to put aside a book if I don’t think it will be worth my time.  I almost did that recently with the Hunger Games trilogy.  I have heard the reviews, the loudest and most trusted of which came from my husband.  I loaded it up on my Fire and started to read.  I got about six “pages” in and put it aside because I had 3 book reviews pending, I didn’t have time for pleasure reading.  Then things started going wrong and I didn’t want to read something that I knew would be heavy, so I left it to the side and re-read Blaze of Glory (a few times), read a few photography magazines.  My husband however kept bugging me to read Hunger Games.

He rarely is that insistent on anything like this; He even told me that the book brought him to tears in 3 places (not sure if he meant the first one or the Trilogy as a whole), so I heeded his suggestions and picked it back up.  The first 6 chapters literally put me to sleep 4 times (though I don’t know how much that reflects on the book as my mental state at the time).  I actually sat it aside to read Blaze of Glory again after chapter 3 and once again after chapter 6.  (why did I read the same book each time? Because M Garzon created a world I was eager to revisit).  But I tried again.  Mind you I rarely give books a second thought once they have been set aside, much less a third (and in the case of Hunger Games, 4th) chance… Finally the worst of the personal things that took the wind from my sails had passed and I decided again to give it a try.  I am not one to read something just because it is popular… the 4th Harry Potter book was out before I ever picked up the first one, and I only did that out of desperation on a long delayed flight when my traveling companion (it was for work, people) happened to have the first 3 books with him (he was reading them so he could talk about them with his granddaughter), my laptop was out of power, and I had finished the book I had with me.  Of course Harry Potter gripped me very quickly (yes, I am a “Potter Head” now… You never would have thought it if you knew me around the time the first couple of movies were coming out… ).

Honestly, I had no intentions of reading the Hunger Games series.  It just didn’t seem like my kind of book.  But my husband insists that he wants to see the movie in the theaters, which is something we rarely, if ever do.  Seriously, I can easily name the few movies we have seen in the theaters since we were married almost 11 years ago. The last 6 Harry Potters, X-Men, Spiderman, Fantastic Four, Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, and the 3 Lord of the Rings.  So for him to insist that we see it in theaters, well that is a big deal.  But I didn’t want to see the movie without reading the book first.  Let’s face it Hollywood tries, but the movie never compares to the book.  Some movies that is of little consequence,

So I persevered.  After my initial starts and stops, I picked it back up on Friday, somewhere in the middle of Chapter 6.  Then it happened.  It finally did what everyone told me it would.  It grabbed me and wouldn’t let go!  Seriously.   It is now 4:35 on Sunday afternoon and I finished the 3rd book about an hour and a half ago.  I told you it wouldn’t let me go.

The first book stands well on it’s own, but, if you start the second book (Catching Fire), you must be prepared to read the 3rd (Mockingjay), as well.  There is no good conclusion in book 2, there is an end, yes, but not a conclusion.

You know the basic premise from the summary you can find on Amazon or the dust jacket, or IMDB for that matter.   But if you don’t want to know please don’t read any further, just go pick up the book, you won’t be sorry


Hunger Games takes place in a futuristic version of America called Panem, where there is an all powerful Capitol and 12 struggling Districts forced to do the bidding of those in the Capitol.  Each year a boy and a girl from each of the 12 districts are chosen to compete in the Hunger Games, a brutal competition where only 1 can come out the victor and 23 end up dead.  Either at the hands of their fellow competitors, from the beasts and wicked terrain contained within the “Arena”, or at the whim of the Game Makers.  The entire thing is a huge production and is televised, for the entertainment of those in the Capitol, and to remind those in the Districts of their place and who is truly in charge.

Katniss Everdeen is from the poorest and least regarded of the 12 districts.  She is the caretaker of her family after the death of her father in the coal mines of District 12 when she was only 11.  In some districts it is a honor to be chosen as the tribute f0r the Hunger Games, but for Katniss and her fellow District 12 resides, the Reaping is not a day to be celebrated, only endured.  When her young sister’s name is drawn from the bowl on Reaping day, a distressed Katniss volunteers to take her place, to save her sister.  Her fellow District 12 tribute is a boy she vaguely remembers by the name of Peeta Mellark.  She knows it means certain death, as only once in 73 previous Hunger Games was the victor from District 12.


I am going to stop there.  If you want to know what happens next, you will need to pick up the book, or the kindle edition.  Better yet, go ahead and pick up all three.

I will say it was a suspenseful, emotional roller coaster that left you guessing, right up until the end.  I didn’t get teary-eyed as many times as my husband, but I did feel choked up a couple of times.

Have you ever had a book (or series of books) that left you both exhilarated and emotionally drained by the end?


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