Why Traditional Books Are Still Ideal For Babies’ Use (Guest Post)

I would like to thank Amanda Dean for this insightful post!
The availability of gadgets likelaptops Kindle, and even smart phones spurred the creation andpopularity of highly technical reading materials like electronicbooks. Gone are the days when you have to go to an actual bookstoreto browse through some good titles which you have to get from theirshelves and pay for at the cashier. Now, most books can already bebought and downloaded from the Internet. It is very easy to readbedtime stories to your babies because all you need to do is openyour laptop or electronic tablet and read from the screen.

No matter how seemingly advantageousand convenient these “reading” gadgets are, it is stillrecommendable to use traditional, paper-printed books to babies. Why?Because they have lots more perks to offer than the electronic oneshave. Here are some benefits of using traditional books as learningmaterials for babies as opposed to the modern ones:
  1. They don’t harm babies’ eye sight.
If you allow yourbabies or kids to develop a habit of reading from a computer orgadget screen, you are increasing the chances of your childrenacquiring vision problems. Research shows that frequent exposure to acomputer screen can surely impede someone’s vision. Letters,characters, and images from a computer screen look different comparedto the ones printed in a page. It is not as crisp or precise so theeyes will have to constantly adjust in order to grasp the images. Asa result, vision has the tendency to be impaired easily.
  1. They are easier to grab and peruse.
Stories in theelectronic book format need to be retrieved from a computer or anyrelated gadget. This means you need to open the gadget each readingsession with your baby. Compared to opening the page of a traditionalbook, turning a reading gadget on requires more effort, and evenelectricity, which is more tedious and time consuming.
  1. They last longer than the modern ones.
Some people mayargue with this statement but think about it. What if your electronicbook files suddenly gets corrupted with a virus? Traditional bookslast longer. You don’t need to worry about stuff like computer bugsand viruses. You just need to place them in a secured place so theywill be well-protected.
Books are the mind’s best friends.All parents need to introduce the love for books to their kids. Dothis with the use of traditional, paper-printed books. Forgetdownloading those ABC and nursery rhyme reading materials online.Grab a book from your nearest bookstore and read them aloud to yourbabies the next chance you get!

Amanda Dean is a writer and editor and loves watching films and documentaries. She works for Promopeddler.com, an e-commerce recommended promotional items company. Visit her Twitter page at http://twitter.com/amanda_dean.


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  1. I totally agree with this post. I couldn't imagine a child growing up without actual books. I guess it is common nowadays that people just use ipads and kindles to read to their children, but I would worry about their eyesight. Thank you for a great post.

    Jennifer Hedden

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