Annual Reading Challenge – Series Challenge Take 2

Actually it is take 3.  Yep I have already completed this challenge twice since July.  I am starting on my third time through.  Though this is geared toward Romance/Erotic Romance, you could easily adapt it to whatever genre you prefer.  This was taken from the Erotic Enchants group on Goodreads.

Without further ado my Sexy Series Challenge Take 3:


Take 6 series of your choice and start at any point in the series:

6 books from 1st series (of your choice)
Bay City Paranormal Investigators by Ally Blue
Oleander House (Bay City Paranormal Investigations, #1)  What Hides Inside (Bay City Paranormal Investigations, #2) Twilight (Bay City Paranormal Investigations, #3) Closer (Bay City Paranormal Investigations, #4) An Inner Darkness (Bay City Paranormal Investigations, #5) Where The Heart Is (Bay City Paranormal Investigations, #6)
5 from 2nd
Whispering Pines Ranch by S.J.D. Peterson
Lorcan's Desire (Whispering Pines Ranch, #1) Quinn's Need (Whispering Pines Ranch, #2) Ty's Obsession (Whispering Pines Ranch, #3) Conner's Courage (Whispering Pines Ranch, #4) Jess's Journey (Whispering Pines Ranch, #5)
4 from 3rd
Enemies to Lovers by Anyta Sunday
Shane and Trey (Enemies to Lovers, #1) St-st-stuffed (Enemies to Lovers, #2) William (Enemies to Lovers, #3) The F Words (Enemies to Lovers, # 4)
3 from 4th
The Ranch by J.L. Langley
The Tin Star (Ranch Series, #1) The Broken H (Ranch Series, #2) The Christmas Tree Bargain (Ranch Series, #3)
2 from 5th
Skyler Foxe Mysteries by Haley Walsh
Foxe Tail (Skyler Foxe Mystery, #1) Foxe Hunt (Skyler Foxe Mystery, #2)
1 from the 6th and final series
Ohio Books by K.A. Mitchell
Regularly Scheduled Life (Ohio Books, #1)


Choose one book from 5 of the following categories – must be a series book but doesn’t have to be the first book in the series.

a.) Ride ’em cowboy (Cowboy Romance) Bareback by Chris Owen
b.) Bondage Baby (BDSM) Bound by Love by T.A. Chase
f.) Contemporary High Line by T.A. Chase
h.) Menage Bound by Law by SE Jakes
i.) M/M Somebody Killed His Editor by Josh Lanyon

Bareback (Bareback, #1) Bound by Love (Bound, #1) High Line (Love of Sports, #2) Bound by Law (Men of Honor, #2) Somebody Killed His Editor (Holmes & Moriarity, #1)


Pick out 5 novellas to read that are a part of a series. The word count for a novella is roughly between 17, 000 and 40, 000 words – or roughly 100 pages or less.

Grown Men by Damon Suede
Talker by Amy Lane
Bound by Deception by Ava March
Finding Home by Cameron Dane
Rough Ride by Carol Lynne

Grown Men (HardCell, #1) Talker (Talker, #1) Bound by Deception (Bound, #1) Finding Home (Quinn Security, #1) Rough Ride


Try out a new series to read from beginning to end – series must be at least 3 books long. If you pick a series that sucks, then pick another series until you find one you like and can complete!

Life Lessons by Kaje Harper
Life Lessons (Life Lessons, #1) And To All A Good Night (Life Lessons, #1.5) Getting It Right (Life Lessons, #1.8) Breaking Cover (Life Lessons, #2) Home Work (Life Lessons, #3)


Try out 3 authors who are new to you – yes, these have to be in a series too!

The Druid Stone by Heidi Belleau finished 10/7
Fireman’s Carry by Charlie Richards
Portrait Of A Kiss by T.D. McKinney finished 10/7

The Druid Stone Fireman's Carry (Carry Me #1) Portrait Of A Kiss (Southern Beaus #1)


Start a series that everyone has been raving about that you keep moving to the back burner.

One Thing by Piper Vaughn
One Small Thing (One Thing, #1)


Finish a series you have started – it can be as few as 1 book , it doesn’t matter as long as you finish it!

Bad in Baltimore by K.A. Mitchell
Bad Boyfriend (Bad in Baltimore, #2)

8.) PUSH YOUR LIMITS (1+ Book)

Read a book that you wouldn’t normally read – take yourself out of your comfort zone, who knows, you might like it! This can be something taboo like incest or watersports or a genre you aren’t particularly fond of – like if you don’t usually like m/m – try one that people with similar reading interests have been raving about.
Sterling Gold (Unbreakable Bonds #2) by Leiland Dale
Sterling Gold (Unbreakable Bonds, #2)

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