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Title: Naughty & Nice: Three Holiday Treats

Authors: Ruthie Knox, Molly O’Keefe, & Stefanie Sloane

Publisher: Random House Publishing Group – Bantam Dell

Pub Date: 5 November 2012

ISBN: 9780345544360

Pages: 210

Stars: 3.5/5





From the Publisher:

’Tis the season for romance with three original holiday-themed novellas! Unwrap this festive eBook bundle and discover why these authors are quickly becoming the biggest names in the genre. Ruthie Knox tells a heartwarming contemporary story of first loves given the gift of a second chance; Molly O’Keefe releases the ghosts of Christmas past with a prequel to her novel Crazy Thing Called Love; and Stefanie Sloane weaves an irresistible Regency tale of fiery passion that burns deep on a cold winter’s night.

ROOM AT THE INN by Ruthie Knox

Carson Vance couldn’t wait to get out of Potter Falls, but now that he’s back to spend Christmas with his ailing father, he must face all the people he left behind . . . like Julie Long, whose heart he broke once upon a time. Now the proprietor of the local inn, Julie is a successful, seductive, independent woman—everything that Carson’s looking for. But despite several steamy encounters under the mistletoe, Julie refuses to believe in happily ever after. Now Carson must prove to Julie that he’s back for good—and that he wants her in his life for all the holidays to come.

Maddy Baumgarten and Billy Wilkins are spontaneous, in love, and prepared to elope the day after Christmas—that is, if Maddy’s family doesn’t throw a wrench in their plans. After all, Maddy’s barely out of high school and Billy’s a notorious bad boy. Maddy doesn’t care about Billy’s rough past—all she cares about is living in the here and now. But after Maddy’s mother stops speaking to her in protest, and a Christmas Eve heart-to-heart with her father leaves her with butterflies, Maddy starts to get cold feet. She loves Billy, but is she taking this big step too soon?

After being jilted by her fiance, Jane Merriweather turns to her dear childhood friend, the Honorable Lucas Cavanaugh, for support—and unlocks the smoldering desire simmering in the man’s troubled heart. Frightened by his newfound feelings, Lucas flees to Scotland. But when the Christmas season brings them together again, one glance is all that’s needed to reignite his yearning. If Lucas can convince Jane that his intentions are as pure as the falling snow, they’ll turn a dreary December into a joyous Yuletide affair.

My View:

Three tails of Love lost and Love found, all with the backdrop of the holidays.  Three very different tales, but all hot in their own right.  Read more to find out about each.

ROOM AT THE INN by Ruthie Knox

The first novella in the series is the longest of the 3.  It concerns Carson Vance who returns home to the town from which he has spent his whole life running, and the girl who has had his heart for 16 years. For Julie’s part, she does everything she can to resist the magnetic pull that has always been present between herself and Carson.

Room at the Inn is a sweet tale of lost love found and coming home to somewhere you didn’t know you missed.  It is fast paced with a surprisingly full and well detailed back story, something often missing in novellas.  Of course the story takes place at Christmas time, but there isn’t a lot of stock put into the “magic of Christmas” or anything like that, never the less it was a nice read for the season.


Billy and Maddy have been in love most of their lives and want to marry on Maddy’s 18th birthday.  Billy’s family is useless, but they hope for acceptance from Maddy’s parents.  When that support does not seem to be forthcoming, Maddy’s faith begins to waiver.  Can Billy and Maddy overcome their less than ecstatic reception from her parents?

All I want for Christmas takes place over the four days surrounding Christmas in 1996.   I never figured out why it had to be 1996, this story seems like it could take place any year.  As with most novellas, there isn’t a whole lot of background, but there really doesn’t need to be for this type of story.  It is a tale of love and faith overcoming doubt, of course with the background of Christmas.  It has some angst, but as most Christmas tales, ends with a Happily Ever After.


Set in Surrey in 1813, this is a Historical Romance novella.  As such, I can’t do justice to a review because I just do not get into Historical Romances, they just aren’t my genre.  I did read it.  It is a nice tale of love lost and found in a friends to lovers format.  Jane and Lucas were childhood friends. When Jane and her fiance fall apart, Lucas is there to pick up the pieces.  The new found feelings cause Lucas to run.  The holidays, however, bring them back together in more ways than one.


Naughty and Nice is a fun read and not too expensive, a great add to your holiday reading list.

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Thank you to Random House Publishing Group – Bantam Dell and NetGalley for providing me with an eARC in exchange for my honest review.

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